By Jessica-Ken:



  A sinister laugh broke out from within as a roar that could send one of its feet took control of me, as I grabbed hold of her gun—the almighty AR-15—her saving grace, and had it pushed to the side while she begged for mercy.

  I hit her countless times with the butt of the gun, watching her breath grow faint, as I didn’t get up until I saw that she was dead. “That’d teach you not to let in strangers!” I said and spat on her, disgusted.

  I left her body lying there, not caring if anyone saw, as I dashed out of the door, continuing from where I stopped. 

  Running for days, and for weeks, I was living off scraps of food I could find in waste bins, avoiding the people that could cause my downfall, and staying off any lane that’d make one suspicious. 

  Soon weeks rolled into months, and yet the police had not found me. I knew if I had a chance, I’d leave the country. But, it wasn’t easy. Not with the security being tight and my name on every lips. 

  It was this one kill that changed everything. The death of LUCAS SANIVARO—such a wonderful man. He was a philanthropist, and a great man as at that. The C.E.O of Sanivaro Imports, who had everything—anything a man could want.

  He had the money. 

  The estate—and was worshipped by all, and was to be the next in line to all the people I had, buried in the earth.

  Lucas Sanivaro, though the peoples’ man, was feared. But I, for one, feared no one.

  “He’s on the move. Follow that car.”

  “Copy that.”

  It was June. I could remember vividly how we planned our greatest hit.

  “Anne. Anne, can your hear me?”

  “Loud and clear, boss!” I replied like a Sergeant taking orders from his superior. “Oh, I have a good feeling that this would be our best so far,”

  My partner’s voice came in on the other line. “Oh, you bet!”

  If only we knew what laid in store for us.

  “I’m going in,” 

  The lead was taken as I followed, trying not to get seen by anyone. We were able to maneuver ourselves, as always, getting completely into the suite where our very special guest was, as we got to business.

  “Tell us where the money is, or I’ll shoot!” came my orders, my gun pointed directly at the frightened man.

  “Pl-please. Please don’t kill me. I’ll tell you anything. Anything.” came his pleas as I chuckled at the fear I instilled. 

  I smiled and leaned forward, running the smooth side of my gun on his face, as he trembled, almost peeing in his pants. “Tell me where the fucking money is, and I’ll let your fucking ass go.” I said viciously, bringing my tongue closer to his face as I made to have a taste.

  “I-it’s over there,” he pointed shakily to the mirror on the wall.

  I growled, feeling played—raised myself up and turned around to have a look. A mirror? Really? I looked back at him and yelled in his face, “You fucking with me now?”

  He trembled, saying not a word.

  Not wanting to waste anytime, I signaled to Daniel to guard him while I went to have a look.

  “Interesting,” I said, taking notice of the holes on each side. “You’re really one smart man.” I acknowledged, sliding my hand as my fingers struck something hard. Smart… indeed! I smiled with heart bursting with joy.

  “Oh, we’re going to be rich.” My partner enthused as I got busy, taking the mirror out of its place, a shiny, iron safe standing out as majestic as nothing I’d ever seen.


  “Ooh, yeah!”

  The happiness I felt was one I hadn’t felt in years. Can’t believe this is it. So can’t believe it—I kept telling myself until the howling sirens snapped me out of moneyland. “Oh, shit!” I cursed, taking my hands off the safe.

  “What’d you fucking do?”

  I joined to question him, getting ahold of my gun. “You asshole!” 

  The filthy bastard began laughing.

  “You fucking called the police? How?”

  “I’ve got eyes everywhere.” He laughed harder, making me punch him.

  “Oh, you’re so going to pay for this—”

  Daniel got in front of me, the panic in his eyes not hidden. “Anne, what’ we gonna do? We ain’t fucking running, are…?”

  I cut in sharply. “We do no goddamn shit.” I said, not blinking; my gun aimed at Lucas Sanivaro’s head; the bullets getting embedded in it.

   “ Dang! I love her!” Daniel exclaimed, a wicked smile overtaking my lips.

  “I hope you rest in hell—” I said with one final look, as we fled.



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