By JessyKen:

🌩️😵Always a Mistress, never the Wife 😵🌩️

      >>> I’m a slutty bitch ❕
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        Rated 18 🔥🔥🔥

  ⚠ Smuts 🔥.
  ⚠ Erotica 🍯.
  ⚠ Extreme 🤯.

  Genre 👉 Romance. 💓🦋.
  Subgenre 👉 Erotic 💦💦💦.

🎶She’s real bitchy 👄;
🎵Fucking horny 💦
🎶Slutty bossy 💅
🎵Smoking hot 👙;

🎶She’s controlling 🎭
🎵Bing bang rolling ⚡
🎶Always sucking 👅
🎵 Dripping wet 🍑💨

  “Bradley? Bradley!”

  “Y-yes, Mistress,” A boy of about twenty appeared in the living room.

  His hands were shaking, as his eyes glistened and rolled

  A seductive smile appeared on his Mistress’ lips as she rubbed her laps, slowly pulling her skirt up. “Do you know what I need, Bradley?”

  “Y-yes, Mistress,” His voice cracked.

  “Goody. Cause what I want now… is for you to eat me out like you’ve never had -” She gave a chuckle and trailed her fingers to her wetness, giving it a slight tease.

  The poor boy gulped and walked towards her, getting on his knees, as a soft moan eluded the air at his touch. “That’s right, baby. Eat that out for Mama!”

  My name’s Andrea Jefferson. I’m almost forty but still not married. I never wanted to be with any man in particular and I enjoyed the fact I was having fun being single. I was bitchy and had already slept with many men than I could count and still looked forward to doing more. My slutty life began when I was in highschool; the day some unknown guys raped me on my way home. And from that day, I swore never to value anything again, and my journey into the world of lust began ‼

  “Hey, hey. Look who started without me,”

  I raised my head, and Bradley withdrew his head, making me shudder as my juices came gushing out. I threw a lustful look at his lips as it glistened with my squirt. Looking up breathlessly, a naughty grin broke out on the hot pink lips of our visitor and I returned the grin, bending forward as I ran my tongue on Bradley’s mouth, tasting myself on him.

  “Want some?” I bit my bottom lip and beckoned to him to come.

  Ethan Vanhel, like other men I had wrapped around my fingers, was one special pet of mine. He could go on for hours, rocking my world and still won’t stop. He was way older than Bradley and could do better as long as it came to satisfying a woman, especially me.

  Bradley gave way for Ethan, and he took the same position as he did, while Bradley watched. I tightened my lubed legs around Ethan’s head as moans of ecstasy filled the surrounding space. I could tell if anyone was listening outside, he’d be able to hear us, but I couldn’t care less. I was enjoying the spurting sound and the warmth of Ethan’s lips on mine, and when he slipped his two fingers into me, and then another, a yelp broke out. I threw my head backwards, letting the rhythm flow as I shuddered, feeling my orgasm arouse as I came really fast.

  “Say, honey. How about we go do this up in your room?” He licked them up greedily and pulled his head away.

  My poor kitty was still craving for more, and I certainly didn’t want it to die of starvation. I nodded in affirmation and got up breathlessly, pulling my skirt down as I turned to Bradley. I found his pants already wet and an idea struck my mind. I made a sexy catwalk towards him, like some runway girl, and reaching for him, I ran my hands on the front, feeling the coolness as I got even crazier. I arched forward, locating his zipper as I pulled it down slowly.  I dug my hand deeper into his boxershorts and brought out his 8-inches dick. I ran the tip of my finger on his bulging head and gave a spat at it, teasing it a little. I drew my head closer, moving my tongue up and down the shaft like a little kid licking an ice-cream cone,and finally took the whole in. I went about working and gagging for about fifteen minutes, as he came really hard into my mouth. I swallowed the whole up, leaving not a trace to be spilled.

  I got up again, looking back at Ethan, as he watched naughtily. I cat walked back to him, my arse swinging in rhythm as I gave Bradley a final look, blowing a kiss at him and left for my bedroom…

  The next day, I went about working at my brothel, giving satisfactions to whoever needed it, as the girls I recruited went about their various biz. I swam in countless oceans of lust and still yearned for more. Thirty-four years has passed and I still saw myself still not being satisfied from the throbbing pain I had for sex. I could take a thousand men in one day and still not stop. My  life was becoming a living hell and when I saw myself trying to stop, I just couldn’t. The driving spirit of sex rode me on, and I obeyed it willingly, leaving young lads and old men at my mercy.

  I had a best friend called Kathleen who wasn’t so different from me. We were simply partners, but her men were fewer compared to mine.

  “Guess what,”

  “What’s that, K?” I fixed my eyes on her.

  “Come on. Guess.

  “You won a lottery?” I arched a brow.

  “Gee. Take a look,” She raised her fingers in the air happily, “He finally did it.”

  “No way -” I got up, feeling jealous inside. “Roland, proposed to you?” My eyes widened. I didn’t know what I was feeling at that moment but I had to be happy for her. “Gosh, I’m so happy for you. Aww,” A forceful smile got released at my embrace.

  My countenance fell as memories of what happened twenty-some years ago came crowding my mind. My face grew pale instantly and a tear rolled down my cheeks.

  “Babe, are you okay? Did I say something wrong?” She questioned, hearing my sniff.

  I faked a smile and quickly dried my face, excusing myself. I made for the bathroom and placed my hand on the faucet as a sharp yell eluded my lips. I stared blankly for some minutes, sprinkling water on my face as I made to go out again. I shouldn’t be this way. I should be happy. I should be, I thought coyly, holding back my tears. You should have been the one with Roland, Andrea. Not Kate… not Kate!

  I remembered that night Roland and I made love, with the softness of his voice ringing with enthusiasm in my ears. I’d thought of being with him, but wasn’t so sure of what I needed until the day I found out I was pregnant with his child. I was devastated, confused. I really wanted to tell him all about it,but how could someone so rich be able to love someone like me, I thought then. I had no option but to conceal the truth and never tell anyone about it.

  “Hey. Are you okay?”

  “Of course,” I gave her a smile. “I’m really happy for you, friend. You deserve the best.” I snivelled and embraced her.

  After the day I had, I wished for nothing more but to be in bed, having someone to comfort me. I rolled from side to side, feeling pretty uncomfortable as I took up phone. Scrolled through the contacts contained in it, I caught sight of a name. I quickly dialed it and in no time, it rang.

“Andrea?” A voice spoke on the other end.

  I licked my lips at the sound of his voice and caressed my legs. “Hi baby.”

  “Andrea, what are you…?”

   “I need you here, baby. I’m pretty lonely.” I found myself saying.

  His voice rang with excitement and he told me his wife wasn’t home, stating that I could come instead.

  I squeezed my face, remembering how his wife Christine almost caught us once, but luckily, I slipped out through the back before she could see me. I reminded him about that and insisted he came instead, but his offer stood.

  “But baby, I want you in my bed… over here. You know how much I’ve missed you these past few months.” I pouted my lips.

  He began saying all manner of sweet rosy things to me and I found myself agreeing to his words. We talked some more and before we ended the call, I’d already found myself wet underneath. A naughty thought crowded my mind as a blush coated my lips. I stuck a finger into my hole and felt my sticky glue encircle it in no time. Slipping it out again, I ran the moist on my lips, the smell and taste taking me to another level.

  I swiftly got up and made toward the bathroom as I got inside, stripping down to my feet. I stepped inside the bathtub, letting the cold water trickle down on my body as its cool form sent tingling feelings on my erect nipples. I ran my fingers on them, giving them a slight tease as I began moving them down to my tum. I carried out this exercise for about ten minutes and began washing myself clean.

  I got out after, got dressed without wasting time, and with a slight make-up and a leg chain dangling from my ankle, started heading out.

  “Ring, ring,” came the doorbell, and in a rush, the door swung open, revealing the maid.

  I frowned at the sight, staring at her with disgust, and stepped in. “Where’s your owner?”

  “He’s up in his room, Madame.” She bowed her head.

  I wiggled the fan between my fingers and gave my shoulders a shrug, as I headed for his room.

  I knew exactly where I was going, so I wasted no time finding it. I ran my palms together, turning the doorknob as the door creaked open.

  “You didn’t tell me Lucinda was going to be around,” I folded my arms and eyed him.

  “Come on, honey. She doesn’t say a word.” He said, and made towards me.

  I still held my mouth in place, pretending not to be pleased. “I know. But… ugh! We should have gone to my house instead. Mm, baby.” I said coyly, and ran my fingers on the hair carved across his chest.

  He gave a slight chuckle, moving behind me as the door got shut. I grinned naughtily, turning around as I wrapped my arms around him, his’ on my soft butt cheeks. I stifled a moan aching to break free as he sealed my lips with a French kiss.

  He took my jacket off, and the rest of my clothes alongside, leaving me bare with just my undies as I was braless. He lifted me up in his arms, making for the bed as he placed me there, spreading my legs apart. He got in between them, running his closed lips on my inner thighs, onto the outside of my V-area as I gasped, tightening my lips. He took them away again, moving up my belly, his tongue circling my navel, as he went up again. I shut my eyes, letting the excitement and pleasure flush all over me as I felt the warmness of his mouth around my throbbing nipples. He sucked on it and circled his tongue on the under side and made for the other one. I was starting to enjoy this and I allowed him take the lead. He went about the foreplay, and in no time, got to the main business.

  I tightened my legs around him, letting him passage into me as my moans filled the air. I dragged him deeper and deeper, and in no time, his creamy sweet came rushing into me as he came slumping.

  “Hope you don’t mind?” He muttered breathlessly, and I smiled.

  “Certainly not,” I rolled on top of him.

  I could see his head still wanted more and I certainly didn’t want to starve it. I positioned myself on top of him, taking the six nine position as I began stroking it, while he ate me out.

  I felt my head spinning and I began wiggling on top of him, his tongue digging deeper into my cunt. I took control of his head and began fulfilling his wishes, as we both orgasmed and came really hard again.

  I was still not satisfied and I could feel my aching clit communicating to me. I obeyed instantly and we went on for another round, and more as the door swung open.

  “Damian!” A feminine voice hollered.

  An angry sigh eluded my lips and I went back to running my slick tongue on him. I heard her whimper and leave as I chuckled inwardly, stealing a glance at Damian whose eyes were glistening with fear. “You’re scared. Let me ease that out for you,” I smiled devilishly, moving down as he jerked up.

  “Andrea, please,” He spoke, the sweetness in his voice vanishing.

  “What?! Don’t tell me you got a mood swing just because your wife saw us -” I snapped.

  “That’s the point, Andrea. I’ve lost the mood.” He sighed and pulled away.

  I looked at him, not believing what he had just said as I pulled the mattress over my body. “Your wife’s such a party spoiler, you know,” I teased, and he glared at me.

  “Can you even look at yourself? We’ve been going about this for years and you never for once thought about what truly would be the outcome if Christine ever found out! And now she does, what do you think will happen, huh? What do you think?” He flared and bit his bottom lip. “You know what, just leave -”


  “Yes, Andrea. Leave! It’s over.” He yelled and out his shirt back on, walking out on me.

  I went home sad, got into my room, and tossed myself on the bed. I cried my hearts out, having no idea why I was doing that. For once Damian’s never gotten angry with me. I didn’t really take him as anyone special but what he said really hurt. “It’s over!” Those words kept on repeating in my ears. Maybe it’s really over, I gave a last thought, getting up as I made for the drawer. I took out a pair of little socks and ran my fingers on it. I thought about my baby and how he would be now, and at that moment, I wished for nothing more to see him. To have him in my arms and to care for him just like every mother would wish for. But this, this isn’t the life I wished for him to see. This life of regrets… this life that have yielded nothing. Oh, baby. How are you? Where are you now? Are you okay? Are you living well? I wondered and sobbed bitterly into the comfort of my pillow, still holding the socks to my bosom as I drifted off to sleep.



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