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Adanne was on her way to the mart the next day, when she saw a haggard-looking girl sitting by the roadside.
She asked, “Why are you here, dear girl? Isn’t the sun too hot?”
The innocent-looking girl replied, having her lips pouted, “I have no home, aunty-no mother-no father.” She said, almost wanting to cry. “And I’m hungry, too.” Adanne pitied her, tears almost rolling down.
Leading her to the car, Adanne asked her to get in; driving swiftly to the fast food nearby, wasting no time getting something for her.
“Eat up. I will pay.”
The girl looked at her, surprised, thanking her as she hurriedly stuffed her stomach, not minding if she was being watched.
Adanne let her into her home; told her husband about how she had met her; and even introduced her to the kids-
Olamma slept in Chimuanya’s room. Each time the little girl was fast asleep she’d go into the empty bedroom next to theirs and lock herself up; no one knowing what she did-
“It’s time you acted out, Nari. Time isn’t on our side.”
Nari acknowledged his presence. “Papa,” she bowed before him.
“Why haven’t you carried out the task you were given? Do you not know that I am a man with no patience?”
Nari swallowed at his voice. “Papa, I am making them trust me first. I cannot strike without doing that.”
“And the boy?” He asked.
“The boy, well, I am yet to have him drained.”
Her father chuckled. “This trust you speak of, haven’t they trusted you yet?”
“They have, papa.”
He thundered, “Then start acting!”
Olamma trembled at his voice as he was no more. She walked back to her room, quietly, shut the door in a way no one would hear and made back to the bed. She noticed Chimuanya wasn’t in the same position that she had left her-this she ignored-and went back to sleep.
The little girl had heard everything and was determined to tell her parents. She woke up and headed straight to their room, as she made to tell and began vomiting.
“Chimuanya!” Her mother jumped out of bed as her father followed.
“Chimuanya, ogini?”
Their child was vomiting blood.
Her mother held onto her, yelling her name, as the little girl gave up right there in her arms.
Chimuanya was gone and was never to be seen again. All the people who came to console them couldn’t hold Adanne, as she grew sick in the process. The entire household was in mourning, apart from Olamma who was happy to see they were in pains.

“I killed her for a reason,”
“You did well, papa.”
“Our plan was going to be ruined…”
“A wise choice, papa.”
“Now you see why you need to act fast?”
“I do, papa.”
“Now, go! May the elders be with you…”
Olamma was taken aback. “Thought the elders were dead?”
Her father’s reply came shocking her— “They still live…”

Olamma went into the master bedroom where Obiajulum and his wife slept. The latter had gone to her mother’s place. She and the kids were going to stay until she had fully recuperated.
Olamma asked her dad, as she called him, if he’d like something to eat.
“What’s the time?”
Adanne answered.
“7:55?” He sprang up to his feet and took up his trouser to dress.
Olamma was pleased that he had missed going to church. This was her chance to strike, she thought sinisterly and showcased herself.
“What’s that you’re wearing?” Obiajulum took notice of the lingerie and shirt she had on, recognizing it to be his wife’s. “Where did you get them?”
She turned around sexily and chuckled. “You like?”
Obiajulum looked with disgust, watching as she found her way to the bed, raising her right leg, so her frontal space showed.
“Will you stop that?!” he barked, not pleased. “Have you no shame?” Olamma licked her fingers and rubbed her lap in an enticing way. “I know you want me,” she said seductively. “I know you want that dick of yours going in and out of my Kitty Sweet!” she moaned, feeling her juices pour as she shut her eyes and threw her head backwards, with lips partly closed. “Mmm-“ she got back up and beckoned him to come, enchanting him with her eyes which glowed red. “Come on, daddy. I know you want me.” She mewed enthusiastically, watching him come to her, as she had him in bed in no time.
Taking the lead, he was hers-Obiajulum was made bare at her mercy, as her slick tongue carved from hell savoured his sweaty skin. “You are mine and mine alone-“ she chuckled, gumming herself on him.

Adanne came back few weeks later to find her husband and the girl she had let in—kissing
“Babe!” she called with mouth agape, not believing her eyes.
She hurried out with her kids, swiftly getting into the car, as she drove off.

****Some Weeks After****

“I can’t believe your husband had the guts… the effrontery—the audacity….!”
“Nnando, please let’s not talk about him. I’m having headache as you can see,” Adanne drank from the bottle in her hand.
“Whiskey?” Nnando shot her a sharp look. “I thought that isn’t healthy for your baby.”
Adanne burped, half-drunk, making to stand. “Why did you have to leave?” she talked to no one in particular, dropping to the floor as Nnando made to help her. “Chiaobi!” she called to Adanne’s son. “Come and help me take your mother to the room.”
“Just leave me here. My late daughter’s coming to take me—” she burped again, bursting into tears. “Why did you have to leave me, my baby? You didn’t think mommy was going to cry?” she clearly didn’t know what she was saying.
Nnando was in pains seeing her friend like this. She wished there was something she could do, other than hug and tell her everything was going to be alright.
“Oh, I want to die. I want to die. Die!!”
Chiaobi countered, “No, mommy, you will not die. You will live to see your children’s children.”
Nnando sealed with an “amen”. ”Amen!”
“Just let me go. I don’t want to live anymore.” The alcohol was taking effect. The bottle she had drunk wasn’t her first—and it certainly wasn’t going to be the last.
“You see why I told you not to drink too much? Now look!”
Adanne started vomiting as they helped her up and dragged her to the bathroom.

Obiajulum waited for his wife but to no avail. The many times he called, her phone never rang. This made him really worried and made him involve the police.
“Please, officer—please, help me find my wife and kids.”
“a so so case dey be for this country. Everyday, find this… find that. Find Marian. Ah-ah! Una no dey rest?”
“I tire o.”
Obiajulum wasn’t concerned about what they were saying. All he wanted was to have his wife and sons back again.

****Another Week****

“Babe, so what are you going to do about this baby?”
“You mean my baby?” Adanne eyed her, looking down at her stomach as she gently rubbed it.
She had great plans for her baby… and her sons. They were going to go back to America and forget all about Nigeria.
“Are you not going to tell him?”
“Tell who?”
“Your husband, of course.”
Adanne retorted. “Never!” she relaxed again; “Besides, we’re leaving very soon,” she made known, “I’ll make sure he never gets ahold of my sons—she smirked—and of course my baby—she ended with fingers clasped on her pronounced belly.


Obiajulum didn’t need a seer telling him that his wife was gone. He searched but to no avail, had countless sleepless nights and ate very little. He would think about the moments they shared and remember their happy home. Oh, how those days they worried not about a thing—he sighed, remembering the devil that had come into their home. If only they had known a simple act of kindness would bring about something dreadful—he sighed again, making to turn, as an evil bird appeared.


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