By Jessica-Ken:


A feast was thrown and all who came couldn’t stop talking about how large the celebration was. Ozoemena and his wife, Ocheole kept their promise as they raised their son in the very way that they knew.
Obiajulum, on his side, remained obedient, respecting everyone and being of help when needed. He was an exceptional child. Growing up with a loving mother and father made quite an impact. He was known wherever he went, and even bested every single one of his mates. Having been raised by two perfect parents and gone through elementary walls, Obiajulum was ready to face the outside world—at least partially.
“Have you packed your bags?”
“Yes, Nnene.”
Ocheole smiled, pulling her darling son into her arms. “I shall miss you.” A tear dropped as she said.
Ozoemena walked in, seeing mother and child both entangled in such emotional state.
He sighed, making towards them, hands ready to find enclosed shoulders, as his wife pulled away. “We will miss the bus if we don’t hurry,”
Ocheole sniffed and wiped the tears from her face. This was only temporary, she consoled. She’d miss her only child. “Obiajulum m,” she called.
Obiajulum couldn’t stop his tears from flowing. He had never been away from home before, and didn’t think his parents would agree to it.
“I want to be here,” he told his mom, looking at his father. “Please let me stay with mother.”
Ocheole wasn’t ready to let go of her son too. Both mother and son were so close. Though Obiajulum loved his father and was a carbon copy of him, he loved Ocheole more and would do anything just to be by her side. He feared he wouldn’t be able to be in a world where not only his mother, but also his father, wouldn’t be—and the doubt about living without them, made him not at ease.
“Please don’t let father take me. I want to stay—”
Ocheole watched her son being dragged away—and with a broken heart, she burst into tears.



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