By Jessy:

A young boy’s existence holds a great threat to the village of Ishekpe – and has to be brought to an end lest the twelve tribes perish. What will happen if they are unable to, and he lives longer than they expect?


  The twelve elders of Ishekpe kingdom were all assembled in Ukpaka shrine. The kingdom of Ishekpe was falling apart, and if something wasn’t done, it would crumble to dust, like they feared.

  “Elders of our land,” the Chief priest spoke. “We are gathered here to honour our ancestors, and make peace offering to the great Ahugwanle! Our people suffer, but no more will they! For today marks the end for a new beginning, which has come at last!” he struck his staff and bowed his head. Cackling as he got it raised again, he inhaled sharply. “god of earth. The great one whose reign has no end! Speak! For your people listen.” he cackled on, the elders getting their heads bowed in silence.

  Voooo — vooo, came the mild movement of the wind as the trees stayed, and leaves talked.

  “He who is to bring together the sun and the moon has being born.” came a sudden voice. “He now walks the earth in the form of a child.” it said… and was no more.

  “He who is to bring together the sun and the moon?” the elders marveled at the message passed.

  “What does this mean?” wondered one.

  “Will our suffering never cease?” wondered another, with no one giving an answer to all their questions.

~ TBC ~


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