Why Did The Wind Fell In Love With Her Natural Straight Black Hair?

By randy bentinck:

The wind loves natural straight black hair, and most women I know hate this love affair the wind has with their hair, and for good reason!
But for most men, the experience is like a scene from a movie. There’s something spectacular about a woman’s sleek hair flowing in the wind after being blown by a powerful gush of wind. It’s a spectacle so lovely that you find yourself yearning to feel those tresses with your hands. If you are fortunate enough to be there with her when the wind blows, the aroma and sight can be breathtaking.

Why do women with natural straight black hair hate the wind?
According to most women, apart from a terrible haircut, nothing else can create more havoc on their hair quite like the wind.

There’s nothing more frustrating for women with straight hair than getting their hair all styled up to perfection, only to walk out the door to be greeted by the loving embrace of the wind. This greeting is seldom appreciated because it almost always ruins everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve, hairstyle wise.

Women with thick, curly hair are more prone to strong tangles and knots that are difficult to remove. Individual strands of curly hair can also become knotted, which frequently results in breakage at the knot’s position when you try to disentangle your hair later. These problems can result in uneven hair lengths, flyaways, and the appearance of thinning hair.

Dryness is one of the most prevalent problems. Wind can drain moisture from your strands, leaving them brittle and dry. This can also cause damage to the cuticle, the exterior covering of your hair which allows deeper damage to the cortex, or the inner protein-rich portion of your hair.

Dryness can also cause split ends, which are where the tips of your hair strands begin to separate up the center. This is not only bad for your hair, but it can also make it look less lustrous and put together.

After reading the above reasons, you can now appreciate why most women have a love-hate relationship with the wind and their hair.

Why should women with natural straight black hair love the wind?
Despite this love-hate relationship between the wind and women with natural straight black hair, some find an unequal beauty that comes from seeing the wind blowing long straight hair.

Though many women find it infuriating when the wind is having fun with their hair, some of us can appreciate the beauty of watching women’s hair blowing in the wind.

The Wind and Your Hair was written in celebration of all those moments. I was privileged to watch women with natural long hair women’s in the wind. This poem is part of the poetry collection, Sultry available on Amazon.

The Wind and Your Hair

i enjoy the way your hair
take flight in the wind
obediently dancing
to every rhythmic beat.

i love the fragrance
your hair releases
to the command of
the whispering wind.

i appreciate the way
the sun finds its way
through each wispy strand
lending rich colour
to your clustered beauty
in every way.

i enjoy the way the wind
play those tender games
with your hair,

one moment it tenderly
toss a few strands
concealing your eyes

every now and again
enough strands
to obscure your entire face,

some strands are even
wise enough
to steal a kiss by
slipping through your lips.

i love the way you slowly
brush those disobedient,
strands away with such
seductive ease.

i love the sight of your hair
blowing and flowing
in the wind.

To all women, take a moment to enjoy the loving side of the wind every now and then. Let’s enjoy the poem.

I know it’s difficult for women who spend so much time getting their hair ready for that special occasion or just for that extra self-love treatment. But watching women with natural straight black hair blowing in the wind is a beauty to behold.

What is your love-hate story with the wind and your long hair?
Share it below in the comment section and share this post with a woman you know can relate to this.

randy bentinck
randy bentinck

r. A. bentinck is a #1 Best Seller author in Caribbean & Latin American Poetry, He is an Artist and Educator with a B. A. Degree in Fine Arts (Hons) and a Diploma in Education from the University of Guyana.

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