Twist Of Love

By Seraphine Michael:

Twist of love,By Seraphine Michael, is a Fictional writing,Which Centers on a life of the Protagonist named Ashlyn
A rich,hot tempered girl,who is faced with a love twist, she got entangled with her childhood friend ‘Jace’, while going to college,she met a famous basket ball player named Drake,
Who became her lover,
After college,they all graduated and parted ways,she went to New York to graduate from Law school
Much years later,Ashlyn became a famous Model and a Jeweler,
She also worked in one of Drakes company
Not knowing ,he’s the owner,
But before meeting Drake again,she met Drake’s Vice President of his company
He loved Ashlyn and did everything to make her his
On the other hand drake did same,
Though he got caught up With his Dads friends daughter Betty, it was an arrange engagement
Betty did all she can to get rid of Ashlyn but she couldn’t ,she died in the process,
Jace,Ashlyn’s childhood friend couldn’t let her go either,
A villain Arianna who was madly in love with Drake did everything she could to get rid of Ashlyn ,but she couldn’t
Now,watch out to see who Ashlyn lives to love and who her heart chooses❤️

Seraphine Michael
Seraphine Michael
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