By Mojisola Josephine Kuwadinu:

Eléyinjú egé!
Her rows of waist ìlèkè,
Making melodious rhythm
As she walks with mincing steps.

Eyinjú Elédúà!
An epitome of beauty,
She outshines other maidens.

Behold! Her smile.
With the èjí between her teeth.
Those teeth lásán,
Flaunting their brightness- inducing whiteness.

Deliberate steps she has,
As she balances an ìkòkò omi on her head.
With sensual swaying of her hips,
She leads the way home.

Her hair?
Afro indeed!
All thick and curly and kinky.
Full around her head like an halo,
The adé orí of her being.

Her skin so soft and tender,
Like the blooming of young flowers.
The òrí applied to it
Gives melanin a luscious sheen.

Oh my! Those cute little cheeks
Set perfectly on her face,
Radiates the natural beauty
That renders plastic surgery to shame.

The negroid woman,
With beauty beyond compare.
I am that woman!
The proud African.

Mojisola Josephine Kuwadinu

Mojisola Josephine Kuwadinu
Mojisola Josephine Kuwadinu

Mojisola Josephine Kuwadinu is a prolific writer and an earnest teacher. She loves poetry and her work has been featured in several anthologies and online platforms like Giant pen and... She has a penchant for music and this has been a drive to delve into the rudiments of music over the years. She has ministered along with different choirs and has also graced the stage with solo performances in classical and contemporary gospel music. She is a lover of God and beliefs "Passion is a cause for result."

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