The Magic of Loving

By Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale:

Butterflies- Day 5

The Magic of Loving

Anike, is it the way our hearts carry thunderstorms from dawn to dusk & not break or the way our chemistry is so heavy & would still float after ten glasses of wine? is it the way a room folds its hands over our bodies & dissolve in our blood or the way we hold ice on our tongues & still burn at the sound of each other’s voice? Is it the way the night opens our souls to a sea of wave & warmth or the way we are faraway like we are near? Is it the way my name is fluffy in your mouth with the texture of scrambled eggs or the way yours is turgid every time I whisper your name with a mouthful of milk & melodies? Is it the way we tattoo red scriptures on our skins & call it God’s word or the way we trace the way home through the contours on our faces? Is it the way we shuffle melting and freezing at the confluence of our bodies or the way the earth becomes empty & void without the matrimony of our heartbeats? Maybe it’s the way you complete me defying the rules of numbers or the way my bones contract at every thought of you.

© Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale
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