By Jessica-Ken:

Chapter One ⚔

Ever heard of a family of superheroes?
Yes! Guess you’ve heard of them.
We weren’t really superheroes…
…we were hunters!
My brother and I were the best hunters Mystic Falls had ever known. They could do without us, but you know, they’d be ridden by vamps.
“Hey, Jer,”
“Hi, Elena.”
“Good morning, my special Hunt!”
Psst. Hunt—hunter!
“Did Mom tell you to check on me?”
“Not really,” I lied. She certainly did.
“Don’t lie, Elena. I can tell that you are.” Jeremy figured. He was the oldest but did things that made Mom leave me in charge. He was just like Dad. Lackadaisical, the both of them. The house could certainly do with more ‘Elenas’.
“Hey, Gilberts!”
“Whatcha doing?”
I certainly hated Dad’s slang. He knew I did; could make out with the way I moved my eyes. “What?”
The ‘Hunting’ bell rang—
Jeremy called to me and I quickly dashed out the door.
I hadn’t given Dad a chance to talk.

“Why don’t you always give Dad a chance to talk?” Jeremy asked once we were outside.
“Oh, please don’t start,”
Jeremy knew how grouchy I could be.
I was a delinquent—could bark at anyone, and have my way—if need be!
“You really think I haven’t been giving Dad a chance?” I stopped.
Jeremy looked at me and nodded slowly; could make out the sadness in his eyes. Maybe he’s right—
Swoosh! My ears popped up.
“What’s that?”
Another sound came. “Someone’s coming,”

The steps hastened as Jeremy drew closer. “A vampire?” One pounced on him and I yelled. “Jeremy!” I raised my crossbow to a length and fired two arrows—as he groaned. “Ah!” I fired another one; this time into his chest the moment he turned.
The man dropped dead, and I dropped my crossbow at the sight of the blood. “Jeremy!” Jeremy was bleeding; his neck glistened as hot pants escaped his lips.
“Jer. J-Jer, please stay with me,” I pleaded for him to stay.
A man appeared, dressed in a brown cloak. He was clasping a staff; fully bearded, and barefooted.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“I am Stevan!”
“Stefan?” He walked towards us and crouched. The white-bearded man smiled, and laid his hand on my brother’s neck, as I watched the bitemark magically heal.
“But you can call me Stee,” the bearded man disappeared.
Jeremy surprisingly got up and looked at me with eyes widened. “I think I know who that was,”

“Your great Gran Stee was a healer,” Dad explained when we were done narrating to him. “a powerful one, and a witch as at that.”
Archaic way of calling a man who practised witchcraft.
I really wanted to know why the healer’s gift was never passed…
“How did we end up as hunters?”
Dad got up from his favourite chair. “That is all I can tell you, Lena.”
I frowned.
I looked at Jeremy and sat on Dad’s chair. “Maybe one of these books can tell us about Gran,”
“You mean Great Gran Stee,” Jeremy corrected.
We got searching, and one with the name ‘THE GILBERTS’ caught our eyes. It was certainly going to have intriguing facts; I, for one, looked forward to reading it…
“Sheriff Forbes?”
Jeremy quickly opened the door.
“Jeremy. Elena. You have to see this.”
Jeremy and I raced out the door as Sheriff F led the way.
“Another attack?”
Care was standing beside the body. “So it seems—”

“So you mean to tell me that an animal did this?’ I asked, not believing.
We examined the body; the bitemarks, the likes of an animal. The body was still fresh. It certainly would have happened that morning. “You think a Vamp did it?”
“A werewolf!” Jeremy coughed.
Werewolf?” I asked, doubting. “ Werewolves don’t walk during the day…”
“Certainly can’t be one…”
“A hybrid!”
We looked at Care. “Huh?”
“Hybrids are the only ones who change whenever they want,”
It was starting to make sense.
“Niklaus and his minions must have killed this local,” Caroline opined. “He must have found a way to break the curse…”
“But how?”


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