By Jessica-Ken:


“Dad’s other woman…”
“…Katherine!” Caroline completed.

Caroline was a folklore geek. How she knew about this was no surprise. She could have been digging her head into one of those library books. Possible.
“Um, who are you?” Sheriff Forbes had her gun pointed at the teenage girl.
“I’m her father’s daughter,” the girl replied.
“That’s impossible!” Caroline yelled. “The book never mentioned Klaus having a daughter,” she said.
“Well, that’s because he adopted me. From my Uncle Marcel?” she waved her brown hair. She had perfect arched brows and a chiselled nose; her lips extra glossy and fitted on her face.
“I’m Hope,”
“Wait. Hope Andrea? “Caroline vividly remembered. Or so it seemed—
“Okay, never mind,” she said again. “It can’t possibly be…”
“Yeah, Andrea!”
Caroline’s jaw dropped.
Her name rang a bell, no doubt. Caroline’s coz would always come home and complain about some bossy classmate.
“So you’re Winnie’s Andrea? Caroline asked, agape.
“Yes… and no. Who’s Winnie?”
Winnie was Caroline’s cousin… like I said. She was yay high, a little bit reaching my shoulders, part blonde—and had green eyes. What was Klaus’ daughter doing in Mystic Falls?


“I came to visit my uncle’s tomb. My Uncle Henrik.” Hope said.
We listened as we drove in the Sheriff’s car, intrigued by the way she drove comfortably with us.
Guess a Mikaelson is a Mikalelson, after all…
Her voice interrupted my thoughts. “Well, I must warn you guys,”
I looked up.
“My father’s minions are coming in tens…”
“And you’re telling us… why?” Jeremy asked.
“Cause you need to protect your people. I am nothing like my father,” she said. “He’s brutal… and cruel!” her eyes shone.
I clasped Jeremy’s hand as fear gripped me. Not wanting to think of battling hybrids, was just what I wanted—
The book ‘The Gilberts’ caught my mind, and I heaved, feeling a certain comfort.

Jeremy and I brought the book out once we got home, and Hope and Caroline helped with the search, as we dug deep.
“The white oak—” Caroline brought to our notice. “Legend has it that the Mikaelson brothers burnt every stick.” she went further to say; her voice gruff.
“Now our chance is lost!” cried Hope.
“I still don’t get it,” Jeremy said. “How is it that the daughter of a hybrid would want no one other than the Gilberts to help?”
Caroline sighed. “Are we still going to go about this or set out to do what every brave man would?”
I agreed with Caroline. I dug deeper in search of another weapon…
“Every magic has a loophole!” I read happily and shone my eyes.
“A loophole?” the three gathered around me.
“The blood of the beloved, spattered on a stake!” I said out loud, as they gasped.
“No way!”
“Well, that’s great,” I said. “Where are we going to get the blood of Klaus’ beloved?”


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