By Jessica-Ken:

💕💕 TEARS 💧🍃✍

©Jessica Duru ✍❣

Chapter Two 💕💕💕

Arabel no longer thought about Oliver or cried over him. She was healing, that she ensured. Busying herself with school activities, she made certain that her mind was put at ease and she didn’t have to think of anything.

I was happy with the new development; I no longer thought about my ex or spent many nights, crying and wishing he was there.
Thanks to Sylvia. And, of course school, I was getting back on my feet and even getting out more, making sure I got busy with whatever thing school gave.

“You’re cheery,”
“I am?”
“More than ever,” came her response. She asked me what the deal was and I said ‘nothing’. She didn’t want to believe, forcing me to talk, as I could only take out a cracker and nibble, getting saved by the bell.
“Oh no!” a voice I could recognize came in. “What is he…?” I got slammed shut, letting my eyes do the work while Sylvia made to answer with a devious look. “Stanley?” I could hold my breath no more, seeing him standing there. “S-Stanley—” next my lips quivered, cold feet trembling as dazed eyes danced.
His sturdy looks was one to die for. His snazzy wear one to—
I had done it again.
“Hey, Arry,”
I felt soft lips kiss my cheek. Did he…?
“Arabel!” a second call made me snap out.
“I did it again, didn’t I?” I looked at Sylvia, forgetting Stanley was right there. “Oh, my gosh, Stanley—” my voice hung.
I couldn’t believe he was the one standing there. Wasn’t expecting him in anyway. Sylvia, what did you do? I gave Sylvia the look, as she gave me a smirk.
“Well, hope now’s not the bad time?”
I coughed slightly. “Kinda is,” I mumbled, hoping he didn’t hear.
Sylvia certainly must have invited him over for some reason. I bet—
My rumble-jumble thoughts were interrupted again.
“Bet you guys wouldn’t mind if I go grab some things… hm?”
I squeezed my face, knowing Sylvia’s plans. “You’re not going far, are you?” I wanted to be sure.
Her moves seemed suspicious. She was going to get it from me if her plans worked! I thought with nose twitching.
Sylvia left and we began talking.
The first few minutes was a bit awkward. I couldn’t stare him in the eye or move my lips; the air was getting pretty hot with him by my side.
“So, you’re doing well?”
“Can see that, alright—”
I got my legs partly crossed, trying not to seem nervous.
He could tell already that I was. Though not showing it, I could tell with the way his eyes moved.
This is awkward, I found myself almost saying.
I couldn’t make eye contact with him, this he noticed, making him ask, “Are you uncomfortable having me here?”
I replied with one word. “No.”
He smiled. “Well, that’s good.” His voice made butterflies flutter in my tum.
No, Ar, you can’t! I chided myself.
Looking slightly at his abs which showed despite having a shirt on, I couldn’t help moaning, as he looked at me with lips curved. “You are definitely going to make a hole on me with those eyes if you don’t stop,”
I laughed nervously, tucking a strand of my hair back where it belonged.
He looked charming wearing that smile. One could mistake him for an angel if ever they saw him on the road.
“Gosh, you’re cute,” I muttered unconsciously, regretting why I did.
“You say something?”
Sylvia walked in. Always in time to save me from tight situations. Thank God!
“You guys didn’t miss me? Huh?”
I stood up immediately. “I should be going,”
Stanley arched a brow. “Now?”
“Um… um… yes,” my voice trembled.
I hadn’t felt so nervous in my life. Gosh, what is this? I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling so.
Well, I did figure,
It was Stan—


😋😋 Ooh-la-la. Arry’s found herself a new papi 😁😄😄


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