SHORT STORY 3 – The Woman

By Jessica-Ken:

A woman ran in with a sleeping child. The child was feeling unwell and almost without breath. Her mother’s cries filled the room as she pleaded for her child to be saved. “Please… please, Reverend Father, save my child. Save my baby—” Her baby was slowly leaving. The priest looked at her, and down at the child, as he carried her, saying a few words of prayer.
The child gave a sharp cry—and next a woman appeared, unclad, claiming the child. “She’s mine!” yelled the unclean spirit.
“She isn’t yours!” the priest forbade the child to be hers, and planted a kiss on her tender cheek.
“No!” the demoness cried. “No!”
The priest rebuked her. “You do not belong here, daughter of the seven seas—” the demoness was no more.
The child was free, and the priest handed her to her mother. “She is free—”

~God’s wonderful work

**Can continue, but you know, shorts 😁


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