By JessyKen:

  “Let me go, Friedrich… let me go!” Maddie Petrograd cried.

  He held onto her hands and bound them to the bedstead “Stay still, now. It won’t be long.” A naughty grin broke out on his lips as he got in between her legs.

  He took his belt off, ignoring her as he went into business, driving his hard head into her walls; a piercing cry eluding the air, as moans of pleasure took it all in.

  She watched, as her 18-years old stepbrother grunted and thrust with lust in his eyes. It was one tragic night for her, and she wished it was never a reality…

  “Wakey-wakey.” A voice rang happily, and a kissing sound came.

  Maddie’s eye lids rolled open slowly and she tried to get up. “Wh-what did you do to me?” She muttered weakly. “What did you do?!” 

  “Oh, don’t be such a sissy.” He shrugged and got in bed. “Dad’s going to be home soon. So you better get dressed.” He caressed her face and made hickeys on her neck.

  “Don’t touch me.” She whimpered.

  “Mm. You’re really beautiful, Mi Amor.” He ignored her and went on.

  “How could you?! What did I ever do to you?” She spoke in a tearful manner. 

  “Oh, be quiet,” He hushed and raised her chin. “Now, listen,” He started. “Don’t you go about telling anyone about this… not even that precious mommy of yours cause if you dare, I’ll make sure you don’t live to see another day.” He gritted his teeth, and she spat on him.

  “Rot in hell!”

  “You bitch… I’ll make you…!”

  “Friedrich? Maddie? Where are you, guys?” A feminine voice called from downstairs.

  “Ooh, mama’s home.” He laughed and put a finger across her lips.

  She threw an angry stare at him, as he bit her lower lip. “I hate you!’

  “And I love you.” He smirked and got up. “Get dressed.” He tersely said, and made for the door. What a drama queen, he shrugged and turned the handle; giving her a final look and stepped out.

  Madison was a 16-years old brunet. Her father died when she was twelve and her Mum had to marry again. Her step dad was so kind, and he never for once treated her differently, making Maddie love him even more. His son Friedrich was just the opposite of him and she wished he wasn’t so different from his father.

  “Hey Steph.” Friedrich greeted with a peck.

  “Oh, son. How are you?” She smiled.

  “Never been better.” His pretentious tone came.

  “Is your Dad home?” She asked.

  “Nah. Not yet.” He shook his head and turned around.  

  “Oh, Maddie. Come here.” Stephanie beckoned to her daughter, as Friedrich took the grocery bag from her.

  “I’ll take that.”

  “Oh, thank you.” She handed it off.

  “Welcome, Mum.” Maddie greeted.

  Her mother gave a welcoming smile and she wished to be in her arms at that moment.

  “Are you okay, baby? You don’t look so…”

  “I’m okay, Mommy. Just read all night.” Maddie faked a smile.

  “Really, my love?” She eyed her suspiciously. 

  “Yeah, Mum. There’s no need to worry,” 

   “You know, Mum,” Friedrich chimed in. “Maddie’s being really hardworking these days. She even refused to watch a movie with me just so she could read.” He looked at her.

  “Mm. My baby really wants to get those grades for mama.” Mrs. Wilson laughed and squeezed her shoulders. 

  “Heh.” Maddie gave a nervous laugh and pulled away. “I’ll go set the table now. Be back in a minute.” She hurried off, her heart beating really fast.

  How was she going to tell her Mum that her stepbrother raped her? She sulked as a tear rolled down her face. 

  “Get yourself together, will you? You’re not the first girl in this world to be laid.” Friedrich’s voice startled her.

  She turned in his direction, her fist clenched really tight as she flared, biting her lower lip so hard.

  “Hey. Keep it down, you, or Steph’s going to hear us.” He tried to quieten. “And by the way, what would make you think I’ll stay away from such a pretty swan like you?” He licked his lips and drew closer.

  “Now don’t you dare come near me, Friedrich Wilson. You’re a devil!” She snivelled and rushed out.

  The next day, her mother and stepfather left for work, leaving her and Friedrich alone. It was a no-school week and there was no way she could go out. Not like she knew nowhere, but her Mum was really strictly when it came to that. She had no option but to lock herself up in her room and cry her heart out. I miss you, Dad. I wish you were here, her tears flowed nonstop, wetting her palms.

  “Maddie. Maddie…” 

  “Go away!” She yelled and buried her face in her palms again.

  “I just want to apologize, Maddie. I know what I did was wrong. And I’m really sorry. I’m sorry I hurt you. Please forgive me. I didn’t know what came over me.”He spoke softly. 

  “I said go away. Please…!” 

   “Look. I’m sorry. Okay? I really am. And I… Ah! Maddie!!” He screamed wildly, inducing terror in her.

  “Friedrich?” She called. “Friedrich…?!” She called again.

  She panicked and got up, not hearing his voice. “Oh God!” She breathed and rushed towards the door.  She quickly turned the door knob as a guffaw broke out. “No! No… No!!” She yelled and made to shut the door.

  “You won’t get away from me, Maddie Petrograd!” Her stepbrother bellowed and kicked the door, as she lost balance.

  “Friedrich, no. Friedrich…!” 

  He gripped her by her ponytails and threw her on the bed. “I’m going to teach you a lesson, my little slut.”

  “Friedrich… Friedrich…” She struggled, smacking his arms. 

  He pulled a knife out of his pants, and her eyes grew wide. “F-Friedrich… F-Friedrich…” 

  “Shut up!” He slapped her hand, and with the blade, cut open her top. 

  She cried uncontrollably, feeling the weight of the monstrous beast atop her. 

  “Now, moan for daddy, my bitch.” He grinned, and gave her pantie a sniff; the smell driving him crazy. “Oh, look how wet you are for me.” He ran his slick tongue on it and tore it off, finding her sensitive part as his teeth grazed it.

  A high-pitched cry eluded her lips. And she watched as he had her way with her, leaving her with no choice.

  She became the submissive slave her stepbrother wanted her to be. And as the years went by, she became a pro. And in no time… a stripper!

  “You’re late.” Mrs. Wilson got up from the couch and eyed her daughter.


  “Care to explain, young lady?” She arched her brow and raised her voice. “I mean, look at the time. It’s 4:15 in the morning and you left me worried here. What were you thinking?”

  “Just lost track of time at my place of work.” She frowned and tossed her bag on the couch.

  “Maddie, did we not talk about this? You working at that hotel isn’t going to give you any good. Your father and I can take care of you, you know?” Her mother said concernedly.

   “I can take care of myself, please. Besides, I’m a full grown woman.” She shrugged her shoulders and took off her shoes.

  “A grown woman?” Her Mum’s forehead wrinkled. “You’re only twenty, Madison.”

  “Mum, can we not talk about this now? I’m really tired.” She made to leave.

  “Hey… hey! Don’t you dare walk out on me, young lady or I will…”

  “I already have.” She shrugged her shoulders and climbed up the stairs.

  “Maddie… Maddie!” Mrs. Wilson called out to her and watched as her daughter left. My goodness! What has come over that girl? She wondered, and slumped onto the sofa.

  Madison cried up in her room, remembering the rude remarks she made earlier. I’m really sorry, Mommy. I didn’t mean to talk that way to you, she drew her breath, her head placed on the silky pillow. I’m such a failure. This is all your fault, Wilson, she gritted her teeth and placed a hand on her belly. “Now what am I going to do? She thought, as a knock came on her door. “Just leave me alone!”

  “Maddie? It’s me. I heard you come in.” Her stepfather’s voice came.

  “D-Dad? Dad -” She quickly wiped her tears off and rushed to the door.

  “Your Mum told me everything.” He started as he walked in. “You know, she’s kind of right. This work isn’t suitable for you I’m anyway. It can distract you from focusing on your studies, and not just that…”

  “I know, Daddy but -” She gulped.

  “What’s wrong? Is there something you want to tell me?” He asked, staring at her.

  “No,” She shook her head.

  “Well, okay. You know your mother and I really love you very much and we don’t want you making choices that’ll affect you later. You understand?”

  “I understand, Dad. But I still know my obligations, too. And besides, I’m way past eighteen, but Mum doesn’t get it.”

  “I know. I know. Just don’t be so hard on her, okay? She loves you very much. And I, too.” He smiled and kissed her forehead.

  “Thank you, Dad.”

  “You’re welcome. Now get some sleep. I know you must be very tired.” He said to her, and left.

  Maddie thought about the things her stepfather said and shrugged them off. This was her life now and there was no going back, she made her decision. 

  She locked the door properly and made for her wardrobe; pulling it open, she brought out a mini box and made back to bed. She carefully opened it and rolled her eyes at the things enclosed in it. She took out her vibrator and a favorite porn CD of hers and inserted the latter into her laptop. She lubed the head of the bulging vibrator, and with legs spread wide, began doing what she knew best.

  Her adventure into the masturbating world started when Friedrich left for college and was barely available for her. She became a sex addict and could literally let in anything with just a point inside of her… horny or not.

  She waited for Friedrich to come to her room that morning but he didn’t, leaving her horny still. And she was left with no choice but to go off to sleep, with only her imaginary friend keeping her company in wetland.

  “Where have you been?” She questioned the minute the house was empty.

  “Oh, there she is.” Friedrich made to kiss her.

  “Don’t.” She frowned and put a hand between them.

  “Awe. Come on. Don’t tell me you’re angry because of that.”

  “I’m pregnant.” She released the bombshell.

  “What?!” He shouted. “Didn’t you take the pills I gave you?”

  “How was I supposed to know you were going to come in that night?” She eyed him.

  “God! Maddie, I gave you them pills so you’d be taking them all the time.” He struck his palm.

  “I’m sorry. Who’s the one always wanting it raw?” She clinched her teeth.

  “Okay, okay. We got to think. We really have to think.” He paced up and down the hall. “Wait. Hold on -” He stopped, looking at her. “How am I sure it’s not one of those club geeks that got you pregnant accidentally?”

  “You’re unbelievable!” She boiled and made to leave.

  “Hey,” He held her arms. “Come on, baby, don’t take it that way. I was only teasing.”

  “Then quit teasing and come up with a plan!” She spoke irritably. “This is my fifth pregnancy and there’s no way I’m getting rid of it.”

  “What?! You have to.” His eyes grew wide. “You know fully well that we can’t have Mum and Dad know about this. And even if you went about telling them, they’re never going to believe you.” He chuckled nonchalantly.

  “God! I can’t believe you’re this heartless.” She gaped at him. “Do you know the pains I have to go through, watching those scissors and clipping things cut through me? And here you are laughing like it doesn’t mean anything to you! Ugh. I can’t believe your attitude right now.” She sobbed and made for her room, as Friedrich followed.

  “Maddie… Maddie, I’m sorry.”

  “Just leave me alone!” She yelled and shut him out.

  She never believed this day would come. The day she’d finally have to tell everyone the truth; about the secrets she and Friedrich have being keeping for so long. It’s all your fault, Madison. You should have run away when you had the chance, she cried bitterly as she blamed herself.

  In no time, she got over it, and went back to her usual work at the casino.

  “Hey girl. Table three’s waiting.” Victoria, a working girl said to her, as she wiggled her barely covered ass and gave her a wink.

  She headed for the table and found two looking gentlemen already seated. “Hey handsome-s. Whatcha in need of?” She licked her lips and sexily pushed her butt up the table.

  “You didn’t tell me you were bringing me to this kind of place,” The gentleman seated at the left whispered to his friend.

  Madison gave a chuckle, hearing him as she inched closer, taking his collar in her hands. “You look a bit tensed there, love. Want me to rub it off you?” She licked his face and brought her strapless wear down with the other hand.

  “Pablo, meet me outside!” Her new acquaintance got up, throwing a disgusting look at her.

  She felt embarrassment flush all over her, as she watched him leave. This was one guy she didn’t know but she could tell he was different.

  “Don’t worry about my friend. He’s just not used to all this kind of stuff.” His partner spoke.

  “I… I’m sorry, but I’ll have to use the bathroom.” Her lips quivered and she hurried off.

  She looked at herself in the mirror and saw an entirely different image she couldn’t recognize. I shouldn’t be here. I don’t belong here, she panted for breath and turned on the tap, sprinkling the warm water on her face.

  She walked out again, a hand gripping her this time. “F-Friedrich?” Her eyes shone. “Friedrich, what are you doing here?” She questioned in an unfriendly tone.

  “Came to check up on you. I missed you, you know.” He got behind her.

  “I don’t need anyone checking up on me.” She gave her eyes a sharp roll and pulled away. 

  “Is that how to treat your baby Daddy?”

  “Oh, now you know the baby is yours,”She gritted her teeth, and he gripped her.

  “Now you listen,” He dug his fingernails into her. “If you dare utter a word about that thing inside your tum one more time, I will make sure you…”

  “Hey! What’s going on there?” Someone spoke as the duo looked up.

  That man, Maddie’s countenance fell.

  “Heh. Nothing, bruh. We’re all good here. Right sis?” He looked at Maddie, as she gave a slight nod.

  “Doesn’t look like it to me,” He drew close.

  “I said we’re good,” Friedrich snorted and tugged at Maddie’s arms. “Come on. Let’s go home.” 

  “Hey, hey. Take it easy…”

  “Or what?!” Friedrich tightened his fist and took a step forward.

  “That’s enough, Friedrich. Please don’t make a scene.” She got in between them. “I… I’m sorry, Sir. Please forgive my brother.”

  “Are you begging him? What’s his fucking business anyway?!” Friedrich continued.

  “I said… Take Your Hands Off Her!!”

  “Say that again…!”

  “Friedrich, please…”

  “Get off me, bitch!” He roared and pushed her roughly as she tripped and fell.

  The whole place became filled with screams, as Maddie laid sprawled on the floor, getting the boys panic-stricken.

  “She’s still breathing. Pablo, come here!”

  “Maddie?  Oh, non Maddie…”

  “Take your hands off her! You’ve done enough.” The young man scowled and brushed Friedrich aside, carrying Maddie in his arms. Oh Lord. Please save her, he prayed silently, rushing out.

  The hospital reeked so badly of disinfectant, with a whole lot of things gaining entrance into several nostrils. A beeping sound echoed in the room, as a steady breathing could be heard.

  “Who is she to you, Mr. Sanchez?”


  “Baby -” The door swung open. “Oh, my baby. OH!” An older woman rushed in, as two other people followed behind.

  “Ah, you must be the girl’s parents.” Doctor Harry turned and moved his glasses a little.

  “Yes, Doctor.” Mr. Wilson replied.

  “Our son told us that our baby’s being rushed to the hospital, so we got here as fast as we could.” Mrs. Wilson breathed as she stared at her daughter with pity eyes. 

  Sanchez gave Friedrich a scowl at the sight of him, and he glared back.

  “OH. Good. We were able to keep her stable, ma’am… and the baby, too. They’re perfectly fine.”

  “T-the baby?” Mrs. Wilson’s eyes glistened in disbelief. “There must be a mistake somewhere, doctor. My daughter can’t be pregnant. Are you sure of this?”

  “OH. I… I see she hasn’t told you yet.” Doctor Harry’s mouth tightened.

  Friedrich grew pale instantly, and Sanchez threw a suspicious look at him. “Why so tensed, punchy?”

  “Mind your own business or I’ll punch that pretty face of yours.” He hissed.

  “Friedrich!” Mrs. Wilson hollered.

  “Dear, take it easy. This is not a good time for this.” Mr. Wilson held her.

  “Your husband’s right. We’ll still have to run some tests on her. We’ve done the MRI and it’s clear…”

  “Some tests? Oh God!” She exclaimed, placing her hand on her mouth. “Will she be okay, doctor? Will my baby be?” She panicked.

  “Calm down, madame. We’ll make certain that nothing happens to her.” The doctor reassured.

  Mrs. Wilson stood at Maddie’s bedside, her hands clasping hers. “You must be the fine young man that brought our daughter here,” She gave Sanchez a look.

  “Yes, ma’am.” Sanchez nodded.

  “We really can’t thank you enough, son.”Mr. Wilson cut in, and Friedrich scoffed.

  A smirk broke out on his lips and he averted his gaze.  “Aunt. Uncle. I’ll be going now,”

  “Awe. So soon?”Mrs. Wilson raised her head.

  “Yeah, Aunt. But I promise to be back later. Hopefully, your daughter will be awake by then.”

  “OH. We pray, dear.” Mrs. Wilson managed to say.

  Maddie was able to regain consciousness in no time, and everyone was glad about that; Sanchez not excluded.

  “Hey. You’re not sleeping, why?” A gently voice spoke as Maddie’s lips broke into a smile.

  “I couldn’t sleep,” She sat up gently.

  “I see. You feeling better? Talked with the doctor, you know… said you’ll be discharged at noon.”

  “Really?” She happily asked.

  “Uh-huh. And look, I got you something,” He showed her the bags.

  “Oh, you shouldn’t have, Sir.” She gave a weak smile.

  “OH. It’s nothing.” He chuckled. “I’ll just keep them here.” He motioned to the rack by her side.

  “So how are you?”

  “How am I?” He arched his brows. “You’re the one not feeling well, and yet you’re worried about me?”

  “Of course. And also because I’m grateful for your assistance, even though you barely know me.”

  “OH. Heh. You don’t need to thank me, you know. Just get some rest, okay? So you won’t be tired.” He adjusted the pillow for her.

  “All right.” She smiled, and he rubbed her arm. 

  “Oh, I forgot. Where are your parents?”

  “They went out to eat. They’ll be back soon.” She replied.

  He rolled his eyes around and got up. “Would you like to eat something? I’ve got snacks here, you know.” 

  “Oh, yes, please,”

  “That’s great,” He got up and took a cranberry juice and some ritz out of one of the bags. “By the way, you don’t need to call me sir. Adrian’s okay… since we’re friends now.” He smiled, and she did, too.

  Maddie and Adrian became really close afterwards and he visited her more often. They were getting along pretty well, and sometimes when he didn’t come, she saw herself missing him.

  On the other hand, Maddie was starting to turn a new leaf. And also tried her best avoiding her stepbrother. Even though he had his way of getting to her. He didn’t care about her or her health, and she saw him for what he truly was.

  No one still knew about the real father of the child she was carrying, as she was scared Friedrich would end up carrying out his threats. She wondered when she’ll be free from this world of secrecy she was forced to dwell in and wished her unborn child wouldn’t end up getting caught up in it alongside.

  You deserve the best, my dear, and I’m going to give that to you. Even though I don’t know how, she sighed, with her hands placed on her protruded belly. She began humming in the wind and allowed the warm breeze brush against her face.

  “I knew I’ll find you here,”

  She shuddered and turned around. “Adrian?”

  “Hi Maddie,” His charming smile shone in the sun.

  “Oh, Adrian. I didn’t know you were here. Have you been standing there?” She asked, a blush coating her cheeks.

  “A couple minutes -” He walked towards her.


  “Uh-huh. What are you doing out here, anyway?”

  “OH. I just felt really lonely inside. So I came outside, so I’d take some fresh air.”

  “Under the sun?” He laughed. “Do you even hear yourself?”

  “Oh, don’t tease me, you. Let’s go inside.” She said, and led the way.

  They talked and chatted happily in the living room, as a sudden question came. “Well, ahem. I hope you don’t mind me asking this, but who is the father of the child you’re carrying?” Adrian motioned to her stomach, and Maddie went dumb.

  Her eyes shook rapidly and she relieved them a bit. “Um… well…”

  “Hold on. Why are there bruises on your right arm? Has your Mum seen this?” He clasped her hand and scowled. “Who the hell did this to you?” 

  “N-no one.” She pulled away.

  “No one? Then why are you talking through your teeth?”

  “I said no one, Adrian,” She rolled her eyes. It’s really no one. I don’t want any trouble.” She bit her lower lip.

  “Maddie,” Adrian called and stood by her side. “I want you to tell me the truth. And nothing, but the truth.” He stared deeply into her eyes.

  Maddie couldn’t hold back her tears anymore as they rolled down her cheeks. “I… I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, Adrian. I can’t tell… I really can’t tell.” She trembled with fear.

  “What do you mean you can’t tell? Who hurt you?” He asked gently, clenching his fist.

  “I… I’m scared. I’m so scared. I can’t. I really can’t.” She sobbed, and Adrian pulled her into his arms.

  He asked her to sit down and had her explain everything to him, leaving no details out. “What?! That bastard did all that and you endured it all?!”

  “Adrian, please. You can’t have him know I told you anything or he’ll kill me,” She sobbed. 

  “Kill you?! What else did he say to you?” He questioned, eyeing her. “What else did he say?!” 

  “He… he -” Maddie stuttered and shook. “He threatened to kill my baby if I told anyone. I’m scared, Adrian. I don’t want to lose my child. She doesn’t know anything. She can’t suffer for the things she knows nothing of.” She went on. “Please promise me you won’t say a word about this to anyone…”

  Adrian’s eyes glistened with pity as he wrapped his arms around her, telling her everything was going to be all right.

  Adrian laid on the couch in his living room, thinking all about Maddie and what she had told him. He couldn’t imagine how heartless men could be. And he imagined the pain she’d being going through under the devil’s wrath. He didn’t just use her, he thought. He rough-handled her, and made use of her over and over again, he shook his head and sighed. “God! What is this?”

  His mind went to the time he’d met her at the casino, and he remembered how innocent and gentle she looked from a distance, only for her to approach their table. He had sighted her that day and wondered why such a lady would be working in that kind of place. He breathed a sigh, picked up his car keys on the shelf, and stepped out into the evening light.

  “Do you remember that girl we met at the casino some months ago?” His aching question came.

  His pal Pablo raised his chin up and dropped his glass on the table. “Which girl?”

  “Come on, man. You gotta think.” Adrian said to him.

  Pablo went into thoughts and memories of that day came crawling back. “OH. You mean the girl we rushed to the hospital? Yeah. What about her?”

  “Well, nothing. I’ve been wanting to tell her something, you know. But I feel it’s not the right time to -”

  “Since when did Adrian Sanchez lose the guts to speak his mind?” His best friend raised an astonished brow at him.

  “It’s not that, man. I just feel she’s got her own problems and I really don’t wanna add to it. You get, right?” 

  “Hmm. You’re really serious, aren’t you?”

  “In a way,” Adrian shrugged.

  “Well, man. If I am to tell you the truth, it’s better you do what your mind tells you… before it’s too late.” Pablo opined. “Come on. If you got anything that’s picking that mind of yours, you better let it out and start working towards it.” He suggested.

  “But what if it doesn’t go the way I planned?” His countenance fell.

  “Oh, man.” He rolled his eyes. “I know you really well. And I know everything goes your way. Any day… anytime.” He optimistically said, taking up his glass again. “To a successful plan.”

  Adrian laughed and raised his’. “To one, my friend.”

  The house seemed pretty quiet, apart from the noise that came from inside. Maddie and Friedrich were in the middle of a steamy argument again, as the latter went on insisting that only he raise decisions.

  “What do you mean I can’t be with my child?!” Maddie questioned, eyeing him.

  “It’s for your own good, Maddie. This could earn us millions.”

  “You’re crazy. You want to sell my baby. And what?! Tell Mum and Dad that she died?” She gaped at him.

  “Maddie, you gotta understand. I’m badly in need of cash, and this baby is all I need to hit the jackpot!”

  “You’re delusional, Friedrich. What kind of a guy are you? You want to sell your own flesh and blood just because of s-some mere cash?” 

  “Well, I don’t care. And I simply do not care about you or that thing!” He pointed at her tummy. “As long as I’m the baby’s real father, I get to decide what I’d do with it.” 

  “It? God! You’re insane!” She spat as the door swung open.

  “What did you say?” Adrian’s eyes grew wide.

  “A-Adrian?” Maddie shook with fright.

  “You animal! What do you think you want to do?!” Adrian rushed towards them, and grabbed hold of Friedrich.

  The two began fighting and Maddie watched, terrified. “Adrian… Friedrich… please! Stop it! Adrian!” Her voice echoed, as tons of blows rained in the air.

  “What’s going on here? Friedrich!” A loud voice bellowed as Maddie gave way.

  “Mum. Dad. Mum -” She rushed into her mother’s arms.

  Mr. Wilson headed for boys as he held them back “You two. Stop it! I said stop it!”

  “Why don’t you ask your precious son, Dad?!” Friedrich yelled.

  “Oh, yeah? Who was the one planning on hurting an innocent child?!”

  “I’m the child’s legitimate father. So I got the right to make a decision about it…”

  “What?!” Mrs. Wilson gasped.

  “I mean…”

  “Maddie, is this true?” Her mother turned to her, as tears rolled down her face.

  “I can explain, Mommy -” A frightened Maddie gulped.

  “Just shut up, bitch. Look what you’ve caused!” Friedrich barked.


  “Leave me alone!” He yelled and pulled away from his Dad. “You’re coming with me.” He glared and gripped Maddie furiously.

  “Hey, hey. Where are you taking her?” Adrian made to hold him, as Friedrich drew out a gun.

  “Friedrich, no!”

  “I said shut up!” He thundered and pointed the gun at them. “Now! If any of you try making a move, or even dare take a step forward, I will have no choice but to pull this fucking trigger! You hear me?!”

  “Son, please… son!” Mrs. Wilson cried.

  “I’m not your son! I was never your son. My mother left me so many years ago and I don’t intend to have anyone replace her.” He spat.

  “Son… Son, listen to me…!”

  “Give me that!” He snatched his Dad’s car keys forcefully. “And stay back! I don’t want to fight you, too, Dad! I never intended doing this, but you leave me no choice -” His teeth clenched, and he pulled Maddie with him.

  Maddie cried for him to let go, but instead, he pushed her into the car and got in, driving off in a flash, a cloud of dust hovering behind. 

  “Friedrich, please. Please stop the car. Friedrich!” She begged, her face turning red, and his barking voice eluding the air.

  He took a sharp turn as he sighted Adrian’s car. “That son of a bitch!” He roared, picking up his gun, as he shut at it.

  “Friedrich… Friedrich, don’t do this.” Maddie shivered nonstop, feeling the heat in between her legs. “Friedrich… Frie… Friedrich -” She breathed, clasping his arm.

  “Get your hands off me!” He pushed her away.

  “Ah-ah-aah!” A sudden scream broke out on her lips. “Ahhhh… Friedrich!” Her legs vibrated as she spread them apart.

  Her stepbrother looked at her and she could see the disdain in his glowing eyes. He jerked the car to a stop, giving her a deadly glare.” This will be the death of you!” He cursed and pushed the door open. 

  He corked his gun and fired in the air, making towards Maddie’s side. “Get out! I said get out!”

  “I can’t, Friedrich. T-the baby…”

  “I said get out!!” He fired the gun again and pulled her out roughly.

  Hang in there, baby… for mommy, she held onto her belly as she felt the contraction get worst. “Friedrich….! Friedrich…!!”

  Adrian got out of the car at the sight of Maddie struggling to breathe. “Friedrich, listen to me. You don’t want to do this,” He raised his hand.

  “And why do you think I don’t want to, huh?!”

  “I know… I know there’s no way you’d hurt your own blood. Please just leave her be,” Adrian inched closer.


  “Father? Father, I’m sorry…”

  “I know, son. Just drop the gun. I’m here. I’m here -” Mr. Wilson drew closer.

  “D-Dad. Dad…”

  “Son, listen… you don’t want to do this. I know you and I know I didn’t raise you to be a murderer…”

  “I’m sorry, Dad. I’m really sorry I failed you.” He said, giving Maddie a final look and aimed the revolver at his head. 

  “Friedrich… no -” Maddie’s faint cry came and her eyes slipped shut. 



  It’s being a year and the horror of June, 1995 still haunted me like it was yesterday. Hannah was growing really fast. I could still see him in her… the man that nearly destroyed my life. I missed him, though. But all the same, I’m really glad I found happiness in the end… if only my past wouldn’t be my daughter’s future!


5,273 words. Ain’t that sweet?


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