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❣ Jessica ✍️ Duru ❣
CHAPTER ✍️ ONE [UNEDITED] (Never wanted to make this a novel but… 😁)

“Mama Amadi, where is that useless son of yours?” Mama Ekene rushed in with her son, showing the boy’s bruised face to the culprit’s mother. “Just look at what he did to my son. My baby—”
“You’re very stupid to have stepped your foot in here.” Mama Amadi came out. “Just who the hell do you think you are coming into my home, accusing my son?”
“Oh shut up, you stupid woman.” Mama Ekene hushed. “Like mother, like son,” she hissed and looked at her son. “Ekene,”
Ekene answered, “Ma.”
“I give you the right to beat the hell out of this woman.”
Ekene gasped with eyes widened. “Ma?”
“I said beat the hell out of this woman or I’ll call your brother—”
Mama Amadi readied herself, spreading her legs to adjust her wrapper.
“He’ll do no such thing!” Mr Okafor came out and walked towards them, as Mama Ekene eyed him, going back to ordering her son. “Ekene—”
Mama Amadi cut her short. “Ekene,” she called the woman’s child. “Don’t listen to your mother. She doesn’t know what she’s saying.”
Ekene’s mother roared madly and beat her chest. “Mua? Mua Ngozika,”
Me, Ngozika—
She looked at her son again. “Ekene, beat this stupid woman up. I don’t know what you’re waiting for,”
Ekene replied shakily, “I can’t, M-Mom. I can’t do that.”
“You see,” Mama Amadi motioned to the boy. “You see!” she stood firm where she was. “Even your son is far more better than you.”
Mama Ekene looked at her with very angry eyes. “Shut up, you ingrate mother of a bastard child!”
Mama Amadi not being able to hold herself anymore, rushed towards her and gripped her. “I’ll teach you a lesson for calling me that.” Both women fell, and mama Amadi’s husband made to intervene, yelling at the top of his voice—
A blow caught his face, and he, too, fell, yelling in his dialect, “Eei! O gbwo lammeee. O gbwo lammeee.”
Oh! They have killed me—
They have killed me!!!
Papa Amadi couldn’t stop shouting, as the women continued.
Ekene rushed out, wasting no time alerting neighbours. They rushed to the scene, only to find the women rolling—and with injuries all over; with one of Mama Ekene’s ears lying on the floor.

°°°·.°·..·°¯°·._.· After the incident ·._.·°¯°·.·° .·°°° ✍️✍️

“You disgraced me today. For what reason?!”
Mama Amadi made to talk as her husband shut her up. “Have you no shame?”
Amadi came bouncing in as his father rolled angry eyes at him. “And where are you coming from?”
Amadi looked at him and hissed, greeted his mother, and asked if there was food in the house.
“Yes, my son. It’s in the kitchen.”
Papa Amadi hollered; “Come back here! Have you lost it?”
Amadi ignored him and left for his room, while his dad watched, completely speechless.
He wondered what kind of a son his wife had birthed, blaming her for over pampering and making him behave in such way. “You had better know what you did to that son of yours.”
Mama Amadi clapped her hands. “So he’s my son… not ours anymore?”
Papa Amadi gave no reply, but retired to his room, not needing anyone to disturb.

➶➶➶➶➶ Chapter Two ➷➷➷➷➷

Ikeme Amadi’s father dozed off and began dreaming. He saw his son being chased by an angry mob; he could see that he had done something wrong for them to want to get him.
Soon they caught up with him, and they placed a tyre over his head, lighting him—as his screams filled the air.
Nwakaego, Amadi’s mother, came rushing in on hearing him scream. “ŋŋą ɱ, ơɠıŋı?”
Ikeme was sweating profusely, panting like one who was about to die.
“ƙɛɖų ıʄơ ŋų?”
What is it?
“ɠıŋı ɱé?”
What happened?
His wife asked at once, as no words came out of his mouth.
Ikeme was breathing heavily, and Mama Amadi was forced to ask again; “What is it?” she was scared to think something was wrong, seeing her husband looking pale. “Did you have a bad dream?” she asked with a worried look, as her husband requested for water, and she rushed and brought a bottle for him. “Now, can you tell me?”
Ikeme raised the bottle and let the water pour into his mouth. “My wife,” he belched, feeling almost better. “You wouldn’t believe what I saw,”
Nwakaego asked with keen interest, “What did you see?” she made to sit, and her husband began narrating his dream.
“Wonders!” she exclaimed after hearing everything. “So, this is what you saw?”
Ikeme affirmed, and went further to tell her what his mind held. “We really have to take this dream serious,” he said, “Our son’s in grave danger.”
Mama Amadi clapped and got up from beside him, “You and your superstitious believe won’t kill me one day,” she gestured with her hands. She made to adjust the wrapper tied around her chest; the poor clingy thing looking already washed from too much tying—as she made to leave, turning to her husband once again. “You better don’t take that dream serious,” she laughed and walked to the door. “Silly mind be conjuring things.” she said loud and clear, and walked out stylishly.
↫↫↫ ~~~ ↬↬↬
Ikeme was on his way to Ichie Onukwu’s house when a man stopped him, and asked if he was Amadi’s father.
He asked the man if something was wrong, telling him he was Amadi’s father; “Yes, I am,” he replied in his most gentle way. “Has my son done something wrong?”
The man chuckled, and fixed his gaze on him. “That son of yours is a great one indeed—” he looked at the clouds, as though searching for something. “He is indeed a great one.”
Ikeme stood agape. “Great?”
The man continued, “The soul of the one haunted before, rests in him.”
Ikeme repeated his words, “The soul of the one haunted before?”
The strange man nodded. “You are not to blame him for anything he does; the one awakened by your grandfather—he smiled—now dwells within.” He pursed his lips together again, as Ikeme went further to ask, “The one awakened?”
The man’s croaked voice grew into an angry one. “Do you not understand the things I say?” he looked sharply at the man beside him, his temper rising, making his body tremble. “Vengeance!” he yelled. “Vengeance!” he backed Ikeme—and disappeared

׺°”˜”°º× To Be Cont’d ׺°”˜”°º×


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