By Jessy:

Christmas – everyone’s favorite time of the year – most especially kids, as they new Santa Claus was going to be bringing presents for them. But this time, there’s no certain he will as Santa was running out of time. He had to get married, else the North Pole would disappear, and all the elves with it. He had until Christmas Eve to find one, and was left with no choice but to leave for the real world. Until then – there will be no Santa Claus.

“Uncle Pete. Uncle Pete!” A little girl came running downstairs.

“Hey, little niece. What’s the rush?” Uncle Pete carried her up on his laps.

“Is Santa coming this Christmas, Uncle Petey? I’ve been nice all year, you know.” she covered her eyes, feeling shy.

“Of course, Zoe. Santa’s going to come to town this Christmas.” her uncle assured. “I bet he wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

He still wasn’t sure it would be. Peter White loved his niece so much, and would go at any length just to see her happy. He knew something had to be done. Nine more days to go, and yet he hasn’t seen anyone – not even his neighbour, Natalie, would look at him. Women are so hard to get, he thought. Maybe he shouldn’t have taken up the Santa job in the first place, he sighed as his niece came down from his laps.

“I’ll be going upstairs now, Uncle Pete. Mummy and I are having a tea party.” she giggled and scurried off.

Oh, that childish giggle, Peter stared in awe, wondering what will happen if his little niece got to know about Santa not coming down the chimney on Christmas Eve – and what would happen to all the elves if Christmas was ruined. “You got to do this, White. It’s now or never!” he breathed in and out and walked to the door –

“Natalie, I just want to say that I’m sorry – I’m sorry ’bout everything that went in the past. I shouldn’t have left… I know. If you’d let me, I promise to make it up to you.” came Peter’s pleas.

“Make it up to me? Since when have you fulfilled your promises?” Natalie’s eyes burned with fury. “The last time you said that, you never came back to Alaska. So why are you here now?”

“I-I’m sorry, okay? I had business to tend to and all, a-and I…”

“Business?!” Natalie growled. “Business, you say? So business made you never put a call through?” Her eyebrows arched up. “And it also made you forget about me for good six months, huh?” She chuckled at his response and rolled her eyes with hurt. “And to think you cared about me. I loved you, Peter. What is it about you that makes you not want me?” She asked emotionally.

Peter knew he had hurt her truly. And he was ready to make it up to her – I should tell her the truth. There’s no time left on my side, and something needs to be done to save Christmas.” he threw a quick looked at his watch and up Natalie. “Natalie,” he called.

“Oh, just don’t say anything, Peter. I’ve had enough of your excuses.” she waved his speech off and slammed the door on his face. “Some jerk!”

Peter could hear her curse.

The magic he had left was starting to wear out. How was he supposed to tell the woman he loved about the one secret he’s been keeping for thirteen years? All this ran through his mind as he headed home, down. This was his fault, he told himself. I should have trusted her with my secret. “I mean, what harm would be done doing so?”

“Oh, so many, old man!”

He raised his head at the sound of a voice – one he wasn’t expecting to hear any time soon. “Beaverman?”

This beaver was much normal than he expected. “What are you doing in the big world?”

“Came to see you, old friend.” he made towards Peter White and hugged him.

“Ho, ho, ho. It’s good to see you. How’s the little world?” Santa lowered his voice as he asked.

Beaverman gave no positive answer to his question and said, “We all miss you, Santa.”

Santa shook his head. “My magic is going away, Beaverman. I can’t find anyone to marry me. The one I love hates me and wishes not to see me again. Oh,I give up.” he slumped onto the couch and placed his legs on the table.

“No friend of mine gives up on anything – especially not Santa!” Beaverman spoke with authority.

“What can I do? Christmas is officially ruined because of me.” A frustrated sigh eluded quivering cold lips.

Beaverman wasn’t happy seeing Santa way. He wanted to help – and he knew exactly how he would so that the Christmas spirit will be kept alive and never be forgotten.

“Knock, knock.”

“Who is there?”

“A partridge in a pear tree?” a silly response rang pleasantly right outside.

“Oh. Who are you?” Natalie looked at the strange fellow. “Are you looking for anyone?”

A grinning beaverman walked in. “You Natalie?”

“I am -” Natalie replied. “Um, who are you?”

“A friend of Santa.” Beaverman forgot about Natalie not knowing about them… yet.


“I mean… Mr. Sans.” he changed the subject.

“Oh. Well, how may I help you?”

“What you should be asking me is, How can I?” Beaverman wiggled his nose as his brows made funny movement.

“Is that mascara, I see?” Natalia looked closely as he pulled away.

“No. No… no. It can’t be.”

“Ah. Well, uh. I think I should call the cops then.”

Beaverman panicked at the sound. “Oh, you better not.” he got in front of her with his arms stuck out.

“You should give Peter a chance.” he said suddenly.

“Peter?” Natalie’s eyes grew. “Oh, I see. Peter sent you here so you would convince me to come back to him?” She chuckled at his speech.

“No, he didn’t. You don’t know Peter so well, and… and I can promise you that you once you get to know him, you’d get to love him.” Beaverman tried to convince, “Just please give him a chance. You have no idea how awful he feels knowing he’d hurt you.”

“Well, if he does, why isn’t he here?”

Beaverman shifted to the side.

“P-Peter?” short gasps escaped Natalie’s lips. “Peter, how did you…?”

“I should tell you something, Natalie. I shouldn’t have hidden it from you.”

“Wh-what do you mean?” Natalie stuttered, her right hand still placed on her mouth.

“I’m…. I’m -”

The words were stuck.

“I’m Santa.” he finally confessed, and Natalie laughed to his surprise.

“You gotta be kidding me -” she couldn’t stop laughing. “Santa’s just a legendary patron saint of children,” she defined. “He’s not real.”

“Well, this guy is.” Beaverman pointed out, reminding them of his presence.

“Don’t ruin the moment.” Santa cut him short, knowing he would take a really long time trying to explain to her.

“I am Santa, Natalie. The North Pole is collapsing. You’re the only one that can save it.”

“Ahem!” Beaver coughed. “Hello, I think you’re forgetting the proposal part.”


“Sorry. Was just saying.”

“What proposal?” Natalie looked at him, confused.

“Natalie, I’ve loved you. I’ve always loved you for as long as you knew. You never knew me then, but I did – I’m truly sorry for every pain that I’d caused you. I never should have left without saying goodbye.” the lump already formed in his throat stopped him from going further.

“Awe, Petey.” Natalie felt emotional at that instant. She never should have been so hard on him, she regretted. She loved Peter so, and nothing would make happier than to have him by her side. “Oh. Peter.” She looked at him as tears welled in her eyes.

“If you don’t kiss him, I will” Beaverman joked, as they laughed softly and got their lips entwined, not wasting time.

It was a happy moment for Santa, as his wish of finding a Mrs. Claus, was finally fulfilled. Christmas was saved at last – and so was the North Pole and all the tiny people in it.

And they all lived… HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

Okay, my lovelies. I know you’ll notice some mistakes. Bear with me. I type really fast, especially when with my phone. I proofread, of course, but then when I see there isn’t any time left, I just scan through once and leave it for another day… depends. It seems my time here will be cut short, owning to the breaking news about ASUU calling off the strike and all. Awe. But don’t worry, I’ll try as hard as anything to be updating here. You can bet on that. That’ll be all now. Have a good night… and a wonderful holiday to y’all (☆^ー^☆)


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