My Village People

By Tushstories:

‘It seems my young nephew knows who is responsible for all the misfortunes in their family’ said the first man dejectedly, worry visibly pronounced on him.

The other man, the older one drew closer, ‘Why do you say so my friend?’

‘It seems he is having some revelations. I think he suspects us.’ He scratches his head.

‘Hmmm. What exactly prompted this thought Cat Eye?’ The older man said softly.

The first man looked around frantically trying to see if anyone was listening to their conversation.

‘Relax, no other person is around Cat Eye.’ The older man assured calling him again by his code name from their other world meetings. His other form was a black cat and physically, his most observable feature was his bulging eyes, the only thing you see when you look at him.

‘I see his posts’ said Cat Eye solemnly.

‘What posts? Does he work at the post office?’ The older asked, confused.

‘No…’ Cat Eye started. It was hard for him to explain himself to the older man who had totally lost touch with the current trends in the world. ‘I mean his posts on the internet… On Facebook’ He continued also demonstrating with his hands.

‘So what exactly does the post say?’ The older man asked not totally sure about what his younger friend was talking about.

‘It’s not just one post. They are plenty. In short, let me read some for you’ He brought out an android phone from his right front pocket and tapped the screen a couple of times.

My white paper ticket was winning me 200k until the last minute… Fear #myvillagepeople Cat Eye read slowly from his phone.

‘What does that even mean?’ The old man was still confused.

‘It means he lost a huge sum of money because of us’ Cat Eye responded emphatically. ‘Let me read another post.’

So not even one question came out from the topics I read last night for my exams today… #myvillagepeople strong o

‘You see what I mean? This boy is onto us’ Cat Eye was looking at the old man who was deep in thoughts. ‘I have been frustrating his father’s life at work. He’s never been promoted. And the boy, this is his seventh year in the university studying Accounting. I think he’s been having revelations. That’s why he hasn’t been coming to the village.’ He finished. The old man remained silent.

Cat Eye continued ‘So what do we do Monkey Mouth?’

It was his turn to look around, then he sighed. ‘Let’s make him come home this Christmas’ He answered.

‘That will be hard.’ Cat Eye said slowly, sadly.

‘No. It won’t be’ Monkey Mouth said smiling mischievously. His mouth was wider than his face.

Cat Eye knew his friend was up to something. ‘Tell me your plan’ He said with a tinge of excitement in his voice.

‘Your father is the key’ Monkey Mouth said with a sense of pride.

‘You want to kill my father? I don’t think that will work. This particular nephew did not come when we buried my sister two months ago’ Cat Eye explained.

‘Hmmm…’ He paused. ‘So what does your nephew like?’ Monkey asked finally.

‘He likes to party. I see #turnup plenty times on his posts’ Responded Cat Eye.

The old man did not know what he meant but that did not matter because he had a plan. ‘Your father is the key’ He said again then continued ‘He is going to run into some fortune and then he will throw a party inviting all his children and their families, everybody’ He said ‘everybody’ as he eyed Cat Eye.

‘Interesting!’ Cat Eye exclaimed.

‘Yes. This Christmas, you nephew must wear those lovely ankara styles and come and see his village people.’ said Monkey Mouth and the laughter that followed was sinister in nature.

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