My Heart Bleeds for Her

By Whitney Wetosi:

My Heart Bleeds For Her
Somedays I look at my daughter
Sleeping peacefully, no frowns marring her face
And then the tears come, as I stroke her hair
My heart bleeds for her
This tiny soul, who has no one else but me

My heart bleeds for her
She smiles back at me each morning
Not aware of the tears I have shed all night
Not knowing I’m so sorry, sorry for she might just grow up without a Papa

My heart bleeds for her
This tiny girl I’m supposed to take care of
Without a source of employment
Sometimes I wish I was still a little girl
Without the responsibilities that come with being her mother

My heart bleeds for her
My beautiful girl, the sun in my world
Someday she will understand
Why each time she asks me about her Papa, tears fill my eyes
My little girl
My heart bleeds for her
For she only has me as her anchor

Whitney Wetosi
Whitney Wetosi
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