By Jessy:


  I watched as my daughter climbed up the stairs. Why did Patrick have to come now? “And what are you doing here, you? I told you Tricia wasn’t going to be home until the semester’s over!”

  “And you lied!”

  “I lied so that this wouldn’t happen,” I growled. “And now, look what your stubbornness has caused!” I put the blame on him.

  “Look. I only wanted to see my daughter. That’s all.”

  “Are you kidding me? I made it clear to you that she won’t be coming home soon.”

  “And she did, didn’t she?”

  My brows shot up at his question. “How did you know that she’d be home anyways?”

  “I didn’t.” he answered swiftly.

  I wasn’t convinced by it but had to let it go.

  “Does she know?”

   I looked at him in surprise. “What is she supposed to know?”

  “That I’m her father!” he made to go upstairs.

  “Wh-what? Are you crazy?!” I tried not to scream.

  “Lucille, you have to tell her!”
  I gasped at his words. “You’re not trying to steal my daughter from me, are you now?”

  He chuckled, annoying me.

  “Okay, just because we’re friends, does mean you can go about making the rules in my home.”

  “I ain’t making any rules here,”

  “You know what I mean!” I shot back.

  He ignored me and walked all the way up. I huffed and followed him, half scared, and also in thoughts about how Tricia would react on hearing him spill everything.

  No. No, I can’t let him do this! I yelled in my mind, running after him. “Patrick please—” I begged. “Don’t do this.”

  “I’m already doing it, Lucille. Tricia is my daughter!” he yelled.

  “And mine too! What do you think will happen when she gets to know? It’d leave her shattered! I can’t have my baby go through that.”

  He stopped and turned. “Then you better let it out now!”

“Patrick, you can’t do this,” I still didn’t give in to the idea. “Didn’t we talk about this? Why are you acting this way?”

  “I am acting this way, Lucille, because you have kept my daughter from me for so long. Maybe you should try being in my shoes, so you could see the pains that I’ve been through all these years.”

  I could really see it in his eyes—and could also feel it.

  Patrick’s right. He also had a right to my daughter. But what am I to do now? God! I have to make things right. “I-I’ll do it.”


  “I said, I will do it,” though the words felt heavy as I spoke, I needed the courage to do what I had in mind. It’s now or never! I took his hand off the handle and turned it myself.

  “Tricia. Honey?”

  “Go away!” my daughter’s angry voice greeted me.

  “Baby, please just listen,”

  “What else do you wanna explain? That you’ve been having an affair with Dad’s coworker? That’s messed up!” she threw her head to the side.

  “Baby, Patrick and I are just friends, and…”

  “And what?!” her head came in my direction, a glare rested upon her face.

  “And… and—” I couldn’t say what I had in mind. I can’t do this. Tricia will never be able to forgive me.

  “You know what, Mum? Just go! I don’t wanna talk to you.” she said, and my breath grew thinner at that moment.

  She doesn’t even want to see me, I gulped in pain. My own daughter doesn’t want to see me.

  “Tricia,” Patrick walked in.

  He must have overheard us talking as I had forgotten that he was just right outside. “Patrick no!”

  “Lucille, we have to tell her the truth,”

  “What truth?”

  The words that came out of Patrick’s mouth, made her stand.

  “What truth is he talking about mother?” she asked, with brows furrowed in confusion.

  “It’s nothing, my child,”


  “I can’t. I really can’t.” I buried my face in my palms and ran out.

  Patrick followed me as my vision got blurred from the tears that kept flowing from their glands.

  I couldn’t believe the truth was going to be out. After all these years—these long long years, my daughter was going to have a reason to hate me!

  “Lucille, wait up!” Patrick called.

  But I chose to ignore, rushing out the front door.

  “Lucille! Lucille!”

  I had no idea what I was doing. But I knew I had to be far away from here—away from my daughter. She shouldn’t know about this. She shouldn’t know…

  “Lucille! Lucille—”

  A screeching noise brought me back to reality, as I came hard on the floor.


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