By JessyKen:


Days passed and there was still no sign of Derek anywhere. I felt miserable, didn’t know why, but part of l wished so much to apologize and make things right once again. Ah. This is frustrating. Why do I say the wrong thing all the time? Why do I always mess things up?!

I rolled restlessly, my towel seeming it was going to roll off my body, right hand stretched to the table, searching aimlessly for my phone. Come on, where are you?

I found it lying on the far side, so I partly got up, took it with me and I swiped it open; logging on to Facebook as my eyes made a thorough scan of the zillion texts that laid in wait.

I groaned, giving a slight shrug as I reluctantly made to reply;




Don’t pass…



“Pas- ” I jerked up immediately, rubbing my eyes. “Please tell me I’m not dreaming,” I rubbed again, bringing my phone a little closer.

Can’t be. Totally can’t be, I went on with doubts, clicking on the text. Three weeks ago, I gasped, rolling my eyes on the screen.

I stopped for a minute, giving a slight thought. No, no, no. I rather call. That’d be better.

Another voice came, Oh, no you don’t, Parker! Remember your reputation. It said.

I curved my lips, burying my face in my palms as I yelled silently into it. I can do this…I can do this.

I took a deep breath, making for his profile as his number stood surprisingly on his wall like it’s being waiting for me to embrace it.


I swiftly put it on the dial as it rang, “It’s Derek speaking. Please leave your message.” His voicemail came.

“Dang it, you!” I groaned, hanging up.

I tossed my phone on the bed, getting up on my feet as I headed for the bathroom, taking up my shampoo by the corner.

I got in, shutting the door as I turned the shower on, the warm water spraying all over my face onto my bare skin. I shampooed my hair for some minutes, sponging my body for about thirty minutes, finally getting off whatever dirt that laid hidden, as I washed the lather off my body, the sweet fragrance of my soap enclosing my nostrils as it covered my feet.

I stepped out, turning the handle as I walked back to my room, tossing my towel on the bed as I stared across where my mirror hung, admiring my pretty curves and glowing skin…one habit I formed.

It was funny, really, but it was something worth doing and I certainly didn’t mind staring at that figure in the mirror all day long.

I stopped the admiration for a moment, moving towards the bed as a name popped up on my screen. “Oh yay. He’s calling,” I said happily.

I gave a slight cough and tried to relax my voice as I answered. “Hel…loo,”

“Hi, Tricia,” His sweet voice rang from the other line as a blush coated my cheeks.

“Oh Phil. How nice of you to call,”

He chuckled, “You sound like you’ve been expecting me,”

“Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes,” I smiled, sitting down as I got my legs crossed.

“I see.”

Guess he was smiling now.

“So…why’d you call?” I asked, making circles on my laps.

Damn! His voice is so hot, I imagined as we talked.

I was so lost in it that I wished he wouldn’t stop talking.

“Guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Mm-hmm,” I answered, nodding like he could see me. “Take care. Byeeee.” I puckered my lips, ending the call.

Wheeee! I fell back on the bed, silly thoughts crowding my mind.

I stayed that way for a moment, the sound of my phone jerking me up as I picked it up. Derek! I groaned, almost ignoring him as I answered.

“Hello? Who is this, please?” He questioned.

“Derek I just wanna say I’m sorry for what I said to you some days ago,” I saw myself saying.



I held my breath for a second, releasing it again. “Yes,”

“Tricia. Oh, man. I’m so happy hearing from you,”

“You are?” I asked, startled.

“I’m dead serious. Whew! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

“You’ve been looking for me?” I repeated, my brows arched at an angle.

“Do you have to repeat everything I say?” He teased.

“I’m just…you know, wasn’t expecting you to be all…”

“Cheery? Hmm?”

“Totally happy-ish?”

I shrugged. “Ye-yeah,”

“Oh, it’s nothing,”

“Cool. Why’d you call?”

“I called? Or you called?”

“Totally wasn’t me,” I denied.


“Hush, hush. Got class now. I’m gonna see you later. Bye-bye. Love you.” I said in a hurry, hanging up.

I made to dress as the door swung open. I didn’t lock that, I realized.

“You’re back,” I eyed Karen.

“Yea, honey. Gosh! Quite a day we had,” She narrated. “Professor Stuart didn’t let us rest. Ugh!” She grumbled, tossing herself on the bed. “Going somewhere?”

“Oh, not at all. Just came back not quite long.”

“Lucky you. I need that shower most.” She got up lazily.

“That’d be great.” I said to her and went back to slipping my shorts on.

I noticed I didn’t hear the bathroom door creak so I glanced over my shoulders, seeing two eyes focused directly on bum as I quickly averted my gaze, hoping she hadn’t notice.

Is she gay? I asked myself, making towards the bed.

“You’re one gorgeous girl, you know?” I heard her say.

I scoffed, getting in bed. “Whatever games you’re playing, you had better stop!”

“Oh, I’m not playing any here, Sweet. You’re really pretty,” She continued, cat walking towards me.

“I got up angrily, “Out of my way…now!”

“Or what?”

“You’re horny, Karen Adako, so I’m just going to leave,” I pushed her aside. “And oh, one more thing,” I turned. “I DON’T DO GIRLS! Read my lips!” I hissed, slamming the door. “Some whore…”


Guys, I’m really sorry for not continuing with this. You know, I started this story eight months ago, and when I was done with all the chapters in the fourth month of writing, I still felt like enhancing it and adding more details to make it sweeter – and so I did. I began doing it, and at a point, I saw myself losing interest. I never had an idea why I felt that way, but now I’m not gonna let anything keep me from fulfilling my wish of 2020; which is completing this story totally. I just need your support and everything, and hopefully, with God on our side, I know we can finish this together!

My encounter with Karen last week still freaked me out. I couldn’t believe she was gay, and all this time she’s being pretending.

I kept on walking, still lost in thoughts as some blind jerk bumped into me.

“I’m sorry,” He apologized.

I gritted and brushed my hair backwards. “Are you blind?!”

“Tri… Trisha?”

I cursed under my breath, “This pervert!”

“Huh?” He arched his brow.

“Derek, what are you doing here?”

He laughed, ignoring me. “I’m late for class,”

My eyes widened as he pushed me aside, and I huffed, throwing a scowl at him. “You’re such a jerk!”

He called back, “You’re no different… oof-oof -” He stumbled and fell backwards.

I laughed really hard, watching him get up again. He’s so cute, I thought admirably. “Wait! Why am I saying that?” I winced and thought aloud, as I heard my name called.

I turned my head in the direction and caught a glimpse of Phil and Chelsea heading toward me. I smiled inwardly and waved to them.

“Hey, chica,” Phil greeted.

Hearing the sound of that made my insides grow hot, and I guess that made Chelsea’s “hey” unheard.

“Um, Trish,” Derek called. “I’ll be going now.” He said, and walked off.

I bit my lower lip, watching him leave, as Chelsea’s voice brought me back to reality. “So… you headed for Keely’s?”

I curved my lips and thought, so that’s where they’re headed? “Um, yes! Keely’s!” I laughed nervously.

“Okay. Let’s go then.” came Chelsea’s voice, and we began walking.

Phil’s hand was partly touching mine and I couldn’t help but blush at the contact. I really felt like holding those smooth arms of his, and prayed he wouldn’t mind if I mistakenly slipped it in – and my, I did. Ohh! I shrieked inside, trying to hide my excitement.

“We’re here!” Chelsea announced, and he broke away.

Chelsea! I groaned inwardly as we walked in.

We ordered for lunch and sat down to eat; Chels so engrossed in her lasagnas, as Phil focused on his. I knew this was my chance, and I wasted no time moving my legs to Phil’s.

“Mm, this is so good,” Chelsea spoke amidst mouthful, showing no mercy to the lasagna in her hand.

I laughed and turned to Philip. “Seems you’re having fun eating that.”

He nodded and smiled. “Aren’t you?”

“I am,” I replied and took a bite out of mine.

We went on talking for about some minutes, and I didn’t know what made me look back, but I did, and, just at the left corner sat James and his friends. “Oh, no!” I gasped, averting my gaze.

I thought about what to do and an idea struck my mind immediately. The bathroom –

“Hey, you okay?” Phil asked.

I smiled nervously and took up my birkin bag. “Can you guys excuse me for a minute?”

They threw a suspicious look at me and shrugged. “Sure.”

I moved very fast, in a bid for his not to see me. Oh, God. I pray he hasn’t.


“That bitch! She’s not going out with that bastard, is she?!” I boiled, clenching my fist.

Trish was really getting on my nerves and I couldn’t stand seeing her with another guy, especially not with some good-for-nothing!

“Relax, bruh. You don’t want to make a scene.” said my best friend Jeffrey who noticed my mood.

I got up, feeling irritated by the sight of the peasant laughing with his friend like nothing had happened.

“Hey, where’re you going? You haven’t finished your drink.”

I hurried off, ignored Jeffrey and my other pals, as I made for the bathroom, locating the ladies’ room in no time.

I felt so furious, finding it empty. “Tricia! Tricia!” I called, waiting for an answer to come. “I know you’re here, Tricia. Come on, there’s no need to hide.”

“I wasn’t hiding,” A voice spoke softly as I turned around.

My eyes glistened with lust, seeing the nylon skirt that barely covered her legs. I quickly shoved the feeling of pulling her into my arms and planting my lips on that smooth body of hers, as anger enveloped me. “Are you avoiding me?!”

“No. Why would you think such?” She let go of the doorknob.

I shrugged and crossed my arms. “I don’t know. You tell me.”

Such an ass, I heard her mumble.

“What did you say?” I drew closer.


“Good. That’s what I thought.” I smiled and rubbed her arms.

I drew closer, making sure there was no distance between my us, as I buried my head on her perfectly curved boobs, running my hands on the downside of it. “You’re so beautiful,”

She purred at my touch, the sweetness in her voice jerking my manhood alive, as I wasted no time lifting her up. Moving backwards, I went into the girls’ bathroom, not minding if it was one, and shut the door.

I quickly lifted her skirt up to her waist, running a finger on the underside of her pants, as her lips gave way for a soft moan to grace the hot air surrounding us.

“Baby, you know we’re in the girls’ bathroom, right?” She breathed, running her fingers on my chest.

“Does it matter?” I laughed and kissed her lips.

“Oh, just don’t stop.” She moaned between kisses and spread her legs for me, granting me easy passage.

“Where have you been? We’ve been looking everywhere for you?” Chelsea questioned, eyeing me.

I had totally forgotten that they were waiting in the cafeteria, while James and I went about our usual sex drill. Imagine if Chelsea had come in at that time? I asked myself, looking at the two. “I’m so sorry, guys. Something urgent came up and I had to tend to it.”

I bit my bottom lip and looked at them, hoping the excuse I’d given sounded convincing.

They totally bought it, and I felt really bad having Philip kept in the dark. Oh, Trish. When will this stop?


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