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  “Why, isn’t this such a surprise?!” His husky voice spoke, as I turned, my eyes looking deeply into two glistening brown eyes.

  Gasping, my eyes shone alongside.  “Derek?”

  “Hello, Parker,” The light-haired lad said to me.

  “H-how are y-you here?” I stuttered.

  For one thing, I could say I never expected to see any of my friends from my old high school here, but here I was, standing not a million miles away from one.

  “How am I here?” He stared at me for a moment. “You do know you and I applied for the same school, right? I remember telling you,” He spoke as I recalled.

  “Hey, Peez. What’s popping?” A savagely handsome, whiskey brown eyes lad approached me.

  “Pass.” I sighed, shutting my locker.

  “Oh, c’mon, Parker. There’s no need for that.”

  “Oh, there is.” I shot back. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll-” I stopped, taking a deep breath. “What do you want?” I asked. “You do know James got eyes on all corners, and boy, he’d be so mad if he saw the two of us talking right now.”

  “Peez, don’t tell me you still worry about that loser?”

  Hearing him call James that got me off steam. “You know, Matthews, why don’t you just beat it, and quit poking at my man at every chance you got! Not like you’re any better.” I scowled, pushing him aside.

  “Hey, hey, hey…. chilax! I’m sorry, all right?”

  “Oh, you better be, dude! Look, I’m late for class, so if there’s anything you wanna say, you’d better spill.” I said to him.

  “Since when do you care about class?” He joked, and I threw an angry stare at him.

  “Oh, fine. I just wanted to ask you if you’d like to be my date to the…”

  “Oh, please don’t say prom.” I cut in, raising a brow at him.

  “I’m serious.” He laughed. “You know Halton’s gonna be out, and I thought maybe – Well, maybe we could….”

  “Oh, you thought wrong! Ciao.” I said, walking out on him.

  “I’ll be going to Campbell next summer.” His voice rang. “Hope to see you there.”


…Ah, those were the days…

  The sound of his voice came yanking me out of thoughts. “Huh?”

  “Oops! I forgot you weren’t listening.” He laughed, placing a finger on his lips, which were quite full and moist.

  Jeez. Am I really noticing his lips? I asked myself as he went on talking.

  “Oh, you still haven’t changed, I see.”

  “You know I’m not the only one.” He grinned. “Where’ you headed, though? Certainly not to class. And certainly not in those.” He laughed, staring at me.

  Ah, jeez!

  I shrugged. “Well, it’s none of your business. Hope you enjoy your stay here. Happy talking.”

  “N-no, wait. Tricia! Tricia!!” He called, but I was already out of earshot.

  Lots better!


  Damn! She’s always doing that, I thought with anxiety, feeling hurt. I sulked inside, forcing myself to walk,  as I succeeded; if only it would be,  when time comes knocking….

  I got home early, and was so worn out from the short, yet tedious class we had, owning to the activities we did, coupled with the one I had previously. I hoped for Philip to come, but he was nowhere to be found and I couldn’t help but miss his presence. I didn’t know why, but a part of me did wish he came, and I couldn’t help thinking something was up somewhere, keeping me in thoughts.

  “You okay there?” Karen’s voice came jerking me out. “You’ve been staring at nothing for a couple minutes, now.” She said to me.

  Karen was my other roommate. She was a Ghanaian, a half and half actually, as her mum was an Australian, and her dad, a Ghanaian. She had such pretty long hair, which she carried in braids, making her look more like an African queen, no doubt. She was slender, beautiful; her body like that of an athlete. She was in the same department with Joan. All this I learnt in one day – So me!

  “Y-yeah. Yeah, I’m fine.” I faked a smile, getting up. “Just need to head out for a couple minutes. I’ll be back.” I announced, walking out the door.

  I strolled the sidewalks, stroking my arms, my head raised up, as I felt the warmth of the evening sun on every part of my body. I hummed a certain tune my mum used to sing to me when I was little, as I walked slowly, inhaling the nice scent of summer’s airy breeze. I felt lost in the sweet melody, as I began singing, not minding if anyone was watching.

  Sunflowers in the meadow
  Red roses in the garden
  One special as the other:
Scent of nature embracing summertime
Bringing to us happy memories

  Memories, I stressed, a smile dancing across my lips.

  “My! Such talent you’ve got.” A voice came startling me.

  “Oh my goodness.” I jumped, panting for breath.

  I turned around, a gasp escaping my lips. “You again?!” I said, my eyeballs enlarged as though they were about popping out from their sockets any minute.

  “Oh, be quiet. I’m not here for you.” He hushed, making to leave.

  I thought for a moment, grabbing hold of his arm, “Wait! Don’t leave,”

  “Oh, how I’ve wanted to hear you say that.” He laughed, turning around.

  I feigned anger, pinching him real hard on his sides, and he gave a sharp groan. “Whew! Damn, woman!”

  “Oh, don’t damn me, man! You following me?”I asked suspiciously.

  “Well, what do you think?” He smirked, making towards me.

  I groaned, taking a step backwards, as he followed. “Oh, don’t you dare….!”

  “Or else what?”

  “Or else -” I gasped, almost stumbling.

  “I got you. I got you. There! There, there now. Steady as you can.” He went on saying, the softness of his voice ringing in my ears.

  It was calmly and very soothing. Not like I cared, really.

  “You okay?”

  “Oh, quit touching me.”

  “Me? You’re the one who came falling. A simple “thank you” will suffice.”

  “You wish. By the way, I’m sorry about this morn.” I said suddenly.

  Like, what the hell?!

  “Oh, it’s nothing. Hold on, did you just…”

  “Zip it, Matthews!” I hushed, rolling my eyes at him and making to leave.

  He held me back, moving in front of me. “Hey, you can’t go now. I still wanna talk to you.”

  “Talk to the trees, then! I’m quite sure they’ve got lots of earplugs with them.”

  “Seriously? Is that how much you hate me?” He frowned.

  “I don’t hate you! I just hate the fact that you’re always there, sucking up every air I wish to breathe alone. You know what, just leave me be, please!”

  Hearing my voice sound that way,  made my heart feel so heavy. And my conscience pricked me instantly like I’ve been stung by gazillion of bees.

   “I…I shouldn’t have said that,” I shook my head.

  “No. No, it’s fine.” He smiled.

  “Derek -”

  “Good night, Parker.”

  “Derek…Derek, I’m sorry. Derek!” I called, but his back was turned on me.

  I watched as he disappeared, and I felt really worse – Worse than ever before….

🦋 •~~~ TBC ~~~• 🦋

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