MISTRESS 2:A Slutty Bitch She is

By JessyKen:



  I woke up late at night, my stomach grumbling really hard, reminding me that I haven’t had a thing since I got home. I was starting to feel really weary by it and I had no choice but to obey lest it continues.

  I got up sluggishly, making towards the door as I pulled it open and walked out. I rolled my eyes around, realizing Bradley didn’t welcome me when I got back and I wondered where he was. “Bradley? Bradley -” I called, heading for his room.

  I drew closer, hearing soft moans erupting from inside, getting me really hot. He’s got someone in there, I realized, and made a swift thought about whether to go inside, or rather just walk back to my room.

  I positioned my hand on the door knob, hearing his grunts and the sound of the lady he had with him, as their voice flowed harmoniously, getting my insides hot more.

   I swallowed hard, gripping the handle tighter as I tightened my legs, feeling the dampness of my pant against my closed laps, the hard notch in between roaring to life. I imagined myself being in the place of the lady inside, with his enormous popsicle driving in and out of me as I slowly parted my legs, raising my gown up to my knees and arched myself slightly, locating my glistening centre with my pointy. I thrust deeply into it, inserting my middle finger as I showed no mercy whilst rubbing my lips. I stood breathlessly, my thumb and middle finger working themselves out as I got no satisfaction doing, and so wanted to barge in and grab the sticking head into my mouth. I dug deeper and deeper, my inner walls receiving the whole of my knuckle and my moans getting louder, as I felt my juices rush out with full force, wetting my fingers. I stood upright again, panting heavily, and trying not to lose balance as I walked back to my room, forgetting all about why I had come out before.

  The following week was LA shorts fest and I was to meet up with a super hot movie director. I dressed to kill and applied everything I could do so he could find me pretty attractive. We had met at a hotel last week and made out countless times that day, before exchanging numbers and parting ways.  And now, we were finally going to meet again.

   It was really exciting thinking about him, and my excitement grew even more as the door bell rang loudly. “Bradley, please get the door.” I said, giving a final stare at the mirror.

  I moistened the tip of my finger a little, and with, relaxed a stubborn hair on my right brow wanting to disgrace me, and was able to give it a finishing touch. I grinned at a job well done, admiring myself for the last time as I headed out, down the long stairs, and into the living room as Mr. Hot came in sight.

  “Honey bun,” My voice rang excitedly as I cat walked towards him.

  He was clothed in a flashy black suit, with a shades covering his eyes, as he graced my lips with a kiss. “Hi baby,”

  “I’m so happy you came.” I blushed, staring admiringly.

  “Of course. I wouldn’t miss it for anything.” He laughed and gave my booty a naughty press.

  I hit his hands playfully and he laughed, unclasping his hand. “Let’s go. They’ll be waiting for us.”

  “They?” I looked at him.

  “My friends. They’re all eager to see you,” He said to my surprise.

  So he’s told them all about me, I gave my lips a gloss, turning to my house keeper. “Brad, do take care of the house while I’m gone, will you? And make sure you lock the doors before heading out.” I instructed.

  “Okay, ma’am.” He nodded, and we began moving.

  Bruce and I walked to the car, his eyes glued on my perfectly model-lish figure that was clearly made visible by the tight-fitting gown I had on, as he gave a slight tease at my ass, not minding if anyone was watching and pulled the front door of his Porsche open for me. I breathed a thank you, sealing his lips with a kiss and got in.

  The festival was a sight to behold, but I couldn’t care any less as I was patiently waiting for the final event – the make out.

  And my, it happened. Bruce’s car wasn’t all that spacious for what we had in mind, but I didn’t mind. We drove to a secluded area and started kissing; doing all kinds of things as the car humped and moved. Call it a curse or whatever,  but this opportunity wasn’t something to come by anytime; having with the honourable Bruce Wilson at your feet. We went on for another hour, and before he could fully come into me the fourth time, I found my body already drenched with sweat.

  I got up from his laps, putting myself in order and placing my embarrassingly huge boobs back into their cups as he kicked the car back on and started towards his house to continue. I spent the night over there, and when the first light came, he drove me home.  

  I got really tired from the day’s activity and slept in. I woke up to the sound of the singing birds outside, getting up lazily as I dragged my feet with me. I went about my regular morning business, scratching my daily yoga routine out, and got myself all dressed for grocery shopping.

  On my way to the supermarket, I caught sight of a boy. His haggard looks made me have pity on him as he was stood drenched with sweat. I watched him offload a van and I took pity on him instantly, pulling over by the corner. I got out hurriedly, taking up my purse with me as I made towards him.

  “Good day, ma’am,” He greeted nicely.

  I stared at him with pity again, looking deeply into his eyes. “What’s your name, boy?”

  “An-Antonio,” came his shaky response.


  “Yes, ma’am.” He nodded.

  “Well, Antonio, why do you do this? You seem very young for this kind of job.”

  “Oh, no, ma’am. I’m just trying to make some money for my sick grams,” He said sadly.

  “Your grams? Oh God. Hold on,” I quickly unzipped my purse, taking out a twenty dollar bill out, and a small card, too.

  I quickly scribbled something at the back of the card and stretched my hand out. “Here,”

  “But ma’am -”

  “I want you to take this.” I smiled at him.

  “I’m sorry, ma’am. But I don’t even k-know you.” His voice cracked.

  “Well, I’m Andrea Jefferson. But you can call me Andrea.” I said to him. “And you see this card, you can call me anytime you want… all right?”

  “OH. Thank you so much, ma’am. Thank you.” He said happily.

  I gave him a welcoming smile, as he appreciated my fine gesture. I looked back at him again, shaking my head as I walked back to my car.

  As I drove, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. All the hardship he’s being going through that he doesn’t deserve. Everything! A tear broke freely from its gland and I quickly tore out a tissue, wiping it off.

  Some days later, a knock came on the front door and, to my surprise, it was him.

  “Good day, ma’am Andrea,” The young bloke at the door greeted.

  I felt really happy ushering him in, and I beckoned to Bradley to serve him a drink. The jealous expression on the latter’s face was nothing to hide. I noticed this and immediately followed him, becoming to our guest to wait.

  “Why that expression?”

  “Nothing, Madame,”

  I gave a disdainful look at him and a forceful smile gave way on his lips. “Mistress,”

  “Good. Now, hurry!” I scoffed and went back to the living room.

  “So… how’s your Nana doing? Is she feeling okay now?” I asked.

  “She’s comfortable, ma’am.” He replied.

  “It’s Andrea, Antonio. You can call me Andrea,” I corrected, trying to ease the tension.

  We began talking and at a point, I asked about his parents as his shocking response came. “I have none,”

  “What happened?” My lips quivered.

  “Grams said they died in an accident when I was still a baby. So I never really knew them,” He clasped his hand, a sad expression flushing all over his face.

  “I’m so sorry,” I breathed, getting up, “Will you excuse me for a moment? I won’t be long.” I hurried off.

  All this while I talked with him, I had a feeling I’d never felt before; a feeling of warmness – A feeling I couldn’t tell. Who is this boy? Why do I feel so drawn to him? These questions hovered in my mind as I paced back and forth.

  I went back to the living room, seeking if he could stay some more with us, and he replied, stating his Grams would get worried. I understood how he felt, so I wasted no time accepting his excuse. It was finally time for him to leave, so I led him out, and bid him goodbye.


  I turned around at the sound of the voice, as Bradley made for me. “Who is he?

  “And why do you have to know?” I asked sharply. “Listen you. I didn’t like the way you treated our guest. You’ve never done that before and I couldn’t help but wonder why you would behave like that,”

  “Cause I was jealous.”

  “Jealous? Ha-oh.” I laughed mockingly, and rolled my eyes at him, “You know, the next time you’re gonna portray that kind of attitude, make sure it won’t be in my house because I won’t tolerate it!”

  “I’m sorry,” He bowed his head.

  I folded my arms, hearing his tone fall and breathed a sigh. “Oh, my pet. I’m sorry, too.” I moved towards him, placing my hands on the sides of his head. “You know mama loves you very much and she understands how you feel…”

  “You do?”

  “Mm-hmm. I won’t let anyone take you away from me, okay? You’re still mine.”


  “I promise -” I laughed and graced his lips with a kiss.

  He tightened his arms around my waist and we got engraved in it, going bare, as we entered into a series of hot make out.

  I tightened my legs around him and he carried me upstairs, into my bedroom as he laid me on the king-sized bed. The sheet rustled underneath us, with our bodies showing it no mercy as I gained charged, getting atop him.

  I took a pair of handcuff from under my bed, binding the pair on him as I licked his face, down his belly, around his belly button, and onto his hard drive as his breathing came.

  “Do you like it?” I grinned, going up again as I bit on his right lobe, running the tip of my tongue on it. I got off him, still leaving him in shackles as I sat down on one side of the bed, spreading my legs apart and began playing with myself, as he watched with lust burning in his eyes – Some habit I used to torture my pets. “This will teach you never to get jealous,” I laughed loudly, letting him feel it, as I arched forward, squirting all over.

  I looked up at him, raising my fingers to him as his eyes rolled and glistened more. I was starting to enjoy this and the fun was only beginning.

  My life was taking a really crazy turn and I saw myself getting even crazier in my unending world. I really wished to stop, but when I stayed a day not having any man by my side, the cravings got worse. My best friend’s marriage was fast approaching and I couldn’t think of anything but how they would react if they ever found out the truth. I had no idea where my son was and I prayed and wished he’d still be alive wherever he was.

  In the later month, I grew so ill. I thought it was some ordinary sickness, till I ran some test and it came out positive. I felt really drastic and my sadness grew to another level. I wandered aimlessly, searching for redemption and also distanced myself from everyone, including Bruce and all the men I had ever known. I locked myself up, weeping all day and night, remembering what my life has been like all this while. I felt true remorse and wished for nothing else than to have my son at my bosom, wishing the hands of time could be turned and my life be rewritten again… just before I leave this earth.

  Antonio on the other hand, started visiting more, and I found myself getting used to his presence, and also missed him when he didn’t come. I never wanted him to know about my past and certainly didn’t want to drag him in alongside. He was too innocent for that and ought to be left that way. Bradley also got used to the idea of him visiting often and they became really close. I was starting to love the feeling of having them by side, owning to the fact they were the only ones I could really trust. His grams also was getting better, and a day came that I wished he’d bring her with him. He got really enthusiastic and I could tell so.

  On the fourth day of August, a knock came upon the front door and I had Bradley help me with it. I walked downstairs slowly, glimpsing two people from a distance; a young lad and an elderly woman, as I walked towards them, wearing a pleasant smile. “Antonio,”

  “Hi aunt,” He greeted with a kiss.

  “Antonio?” The elderly woman gasped as she called.

  “Oh, grandma. I want you to meet the woman I’ve been telling you about.” He led her forward.

  “This is the woman?” Her eyes shone as she moved towards me.

  “Um, welcome, Mrs. Antonio’s told me all about you.” I smiled nervously.

  “OH. Oh, I must be dreaming now.” She shook her head, looking back at Antonio as tears dropped from her eyes.

  I stood dazed, staring at her, as she clung to Antonio.

  “Antonio. Antonio child, this woman… th-this woman is the one. Your mother. Your real mother, Antonio.” Her words trembled, and my mouth dropped open.

  It can’t be. It certainly can’t be, my head spun and tears flowed freely onto my bosom.

  “Grandma, I don’t get you. Y-you said my Mum and Dad were dead, didn’t you? How is she my mother then?” Antonio asked.

  “I cannot forget that day, son. October, 1987.” She said, and my eyes widened.

  I drew closer as memories of that day came crawling back. I shuddered, placing a hand on my mouth as I remembered the day I had placed my son in a basket and dropped him off on the doorstep of Saint John.

  “Antonio?” I moved closer, my tears dropping nonstop. “Son -” I cried and embraced him.

  “You were just a little baby. I was on my way home when I saw a young girl with a basket in her hand,” Antonio’s grandmother narrated. “At first, I didn’t know what she was carrying, but it seemed like she didn’t want to be followed.” She swallowed and looked at me, “I was eager to know what was contained in it, so I waited for her to leave, and then I went and saw the most beautiful baby sleeping peacefully in it.” She sniffed, “You were so young, my child, and I loved you at that moment. I had no child. So I carried you and raised you as my own, Antonio. I’m really sorry I lied to you, son. I’m really sorry.” She took his hand in his.

  Antonio held onto her, “I have nothing against you, Grandma. You raised me well and I’m so glad I got to be with you.” He kissed her hand.

  “Son -” I pulled closer, placing my hand on him, “I’m really sorry for everything, son. I’m sorry for not being there for you. I’m really sorry,” I cried uncontrollably.

  “Mum, it’s okay. It’s fine. Please stop crying.” He smiled, embracing me. “All I want to know is where my father is. Who is he?”

  His question came like a bombshell and my face grew pale.

  “Yes, child. Who is Antonio’s real father?”

  “Mrs. Torres -” My voice hanged.

  “I want to know him, Mum. Who is he?”

  His question made my tears flow more and I wondered how I could tell him his father never knew anything about him. “I was only eighteen when I found out I was pregnant. I… I was so naive then, and your father… well, he… he never knew anything about it.”

  A whole past memory was awaken and I couldn’t help but feel remorseful over everything that’s happened. I could see the pity in Mrs. Torres’ eyes and the eagerness in my child’s. He shouldn’t be having this kind of life. He shouldn’t be caught in the middle of his own mother’s seed. I’m so sorry, my child. I’m really sorry, I sulked inside, holding not a single drop of tears back. The truth has finally revealed itself. Nothing in this life is ever hidden.

  Roland finally knew about Antonio, and he welcomed him wholeheartedly. He and Kathleen got married few months later, and as for me, I was really glad to have my long lost son back in my embrace…




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