By Ifeayin Chukwu Ochonogor:


Little do i know about
the beauty that engulfed my birth,
but I am thankful for the things
we have, for the things we never had
but will soon be enough.

Thankful for the sonnet of wisdom
in the holy scripture that kept us moving.
Thankful for the age of sensibility
when emphasis was laid on emotion and pathos, though, there were lot of boorish attitude.

Thankful, for the true love that does
not thrive on material heritage.
Thankful, for the joy of mother and siblings.
I am thankful for the peace that was not bought with shackles of silver or Gold.

Thankful, for the appearance and reality of subsequent development,
that was a masterpiece of dramatic irony.
I am thankful for finishing a race of three-hundred and sixty five days again.

Crystal E Poet


A young and passion driven African writer, Poet, Historian and Author who belives in the beauty of pen.

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