By Jessica-Ken:

  Kamila Houston sat on the balcony, lost. It had been quite a day; one she wanted to move so fast. She breathed in, inhaling the cranky smell of burnt brownies. “Alissa!” She groaned. She rose to her feet and made back inside, seeing the last person she wanted to see.


  “Kamila, we need to talk…”

  “I don’t want to hear anything,” Kamila halted her.

  “What have I done to you, dear child?”

  The young woman ignored her.

  “Kamila!” Her mother called. The young woman exited the room and slammed the door behind her.

  “Some nerves she has coming here!” Kamila gritted, walking down the stairs. The choking smell came again, this time stronger. It was coming from the kitchen, and Kamila rushed to see what her sister had in store.

  “Alissa!” She coughed as she called. “You little brat! Do you want to burn down the house?” She coughed so hard, grabbing the extinguisher.

  “So much for wanting to make brownies,” the teenage girl laughed. The fire was put out and the brownies were all set on the kitchen stand. There was nothing left, not even a brownie to share.

  “Now you’ve done it,” Kamila frowned.

  “Don’t look at me,” Alissa stuck out her tongue.

  Kamila took a pack of milk out of the refrigerator, moved out of the kitchen, and to the dining table, where she pulled out a chair and helped herself to a glass of milk. “Who invited Mom?” She started, displeased by her Mom’s appearance. Their Mom had left them when she was nine, running off with some man that wasn’t her father.

  “I don’t know,” Alissa shrugged.

  “What do you mean you don’t know?” Kamila sipped her milk.

  The clicking of shoes alerted them, making Kamila stand. She didn’t want to be there by the time her mother got to the foot of the stairs. She dropped the glass and left the dining room—out the back, where she wouldn’t have to face her mother.

  A wholesome thirteen years, she thought. Thirteen good years, she reminisced once more…

  “Mother… mother, please!”

  “Let go of me, you stupid child! I’m leaving you and your father today—“


  Kamila remembered how she had cried that night, being shoved off by her mother. She ran into her father’s arms. The poor man’s heart was heavy, she could tell. Although young, assumed not to know anything, she could tell the love in her mother’s eyes had disappeared.


“What’s a beautiful lady like you doing out here?” Kamila got called out by a soft voice.

   She turned around to see who it was. It was a fine, young man.

  “I didn’t mean to startle you,” the handsome gentleman chuckled.

  “Do I know you?”

  “Sorry,” he chuckled again. “My name’s Huang—“ 


  “Who did you say he’s back?” the commissioner asked, not knowing what the Vice President was saying.

  “Jon,” Kamila answered.

  The commissioner suspended all he was doing, getting up from the shield chair. “You mean Jon is back?”

  Kamila placed one hand on her waist and looked to where Kendra was. “I’ll call you back,” she said. A slight rethink made her cut the call. She moved to Kendra’s side and placed her hand on her. Her body was warm. “Think she’ll be awake soon?” she asked, looking at Lucille. “It’s taking long, don’t you think?” She expressed her anxiety, looking down at her daughter again. “You need to fight this, Kendra. Fight this!” She said with a drop of tears, lowering her chin on Kendra’s knuckles.

  Lucille gulped as she stared at her. If only she could let out what lingered in her mind.

  “Your daughter will be fine, Vice President,” Lucille assured her all over. She moved to her side and placed her hand on her shoulder. Such a drama queen, she thought with a huff, not like she was already dead.

  Kamila wiped her tears and looked at Lucille. She had to leave for work. “Think you’ll be okay?”

  Her worry’s eating me up, Lucille shrugged. “Yes,” she responded, faking a smile.

  Kamila left the private ward, with two of her bodyguards following behind. Lucille scoffed the moment she was out the door and brought out her phone, dialing a certain number.

  “Oh, pick up!” The door of the ward pushed open, alerting Lucille.

  “Oh, dear God, not the file,” Kamila rushed in. She asked Lucille if she had seen any file lying around but she denied seeing it.

  “Are you sure you’re going to be okay being here…?”

  Lucille faked a smile and reassured her.

  The Vice President was out in a flash, and Lucille restricted herself from making the call.


  Huang Zhen Lu Zhang moved to the states at 29. Having lived in China, wanting to be far away, he started anew and strived to build an empire with the wealth he had acquired from his father, and the one he had gained from the little years he left home, taking up the name ‘Huang Jon.’

  Huang had happened to go sightseeing, the day he spotted ‘her’. She had captured his heart that day; the way she smiled remained imprinted in his heart. Their eyes had met, sending a shocking wave through his spine. She was glorious, her ebony skin one you’d want to write about.  The way her eyes rolled, the moment she had thrown him a fiery look, and how she had relaxed, giving him a warm smile, all remained imprinted in his heart. He vowed to have the young woman to himself, though not knowing anything about her. Huang asked her for her name.

  “Kamila,” she replied.

  Huang thought to himself with a broad smile. “What a beautiful name,” he didn’t know when he said out loud.

  “Thank you,” replied the young lady. She forgot all about home, getting interested in this one man. There was something about him that she couldn’t figure out. What was it? She let the thought of him being a stranger slide past her, as she got caught in his web.


   “So, what is your name?”


  “Okay, Kamila. Where are you from?”

  He seemed silly at first asking me. I wouldn’t even tell him if I was given a choice.

  “From around here,” Awkward. I took in a deep breath and relaxed.

~~~KAMILA {Present}

  Lucille wasn’t picking up the call and I was worried. I wanted to know how Kendra was doing but my calls kept getting ignored.

  “Is she okay?”

  I worried, even more, trying not to get suffocated by the fear. “Lucille, pick up!” I muttered, looking at my phone, hoping she’d answer me.


  I was seeing her calls but didn’t want to answer her. She had only left an hour ago, and she was worried. Kamila got on my nerves every time with her worried attitude. She wasn’t the only saint in the world, but she acted like one!

  Kendra opened her eyes to my surprise, making my heart jump; my heart throbbed with joy, seeing her wide awake.


  “Oh, dear child, I’m here. Mommy’s here,” I forgot myself. I put my hand on my lips, hoping she hadn’t heard it, putting a smile back on my face as I made to caress her hair.


  I heard her mention the word ‘Mommy’, could it be what I was thinking?

  I fought hard to shrug off the thought, but it kept lingering.

  The bodyguards were standing right next to me, granting me access to the room. I nodded, not uttering a word, as I held the tray, acting professional.

  “Oh, you’re here, doctor. But I didn’t…”

  “It’s a miracle!” I marched forward, looking down at the patient, as our eyes met and I shifted my gaze.

  “Oh, I’m so happy, doctor. She’s finally awake,” the woman smiled.

  The Vice President’s P.A, I assumed. I dreaded saying a word, for fear I’d say something unprofessional.

  “I can’t wait to call the Vice President!” She said joyfully.

  I nodded my head in acceptance, pretending to search for something in the tray.

  Use your stethoscope, you dimwit, my mind scolded. So much for coming in here, unprepared, I shrugged.


  “Shit! The commissioner,” I suddenly remembered.

  I took my phone and left my desk, swiftly dialing his number as Lucille’s call came in.

  “Now where have you been?” I started the moment I swiped the answer sign.

  “Vice president, you need to come,” her voice came in excitedly.

  My heart leaped with joy, though not paying attention to her words—I didn’t wait for her to say why she wanted me to come, as I aimed for the door and rushed out it.

  Few minutes…

  “Where is she? Where is my daughter?” Kamila rushed in through the door, eager to see her daughter. Lucille had told her everything, and she couldn’t wait to see it for herself.

  The doctor that had come in lowered his face, so as not to be seen, and raised his head back up, hearing her ask; “Oh, doctor. Can we take her home right away?”

  “Sure. Sure.”

  Lucille smiled, looking down at Kendra, as she rubbed her arm.

  “You’ll have to excuse me,” the doctor coughed. He hurriedly left the room, disappearing into the left side of the hall, as he moved into the changing room and took his clothes off before anyone knew…


  I slipped back into my clothes, rushing out of the changing room. I moved by so fast, going out of the building before anyone noticed. The press was outside, getting stopped by the medical personnel. A taxi passed by, and I wasted no time flagging it down. “Roxanne,” I said.

  My phone rang in my pocket, and I slipped my hand into it, getting it out. “Emily?” I said, with my brows raised, answering her.


  “Emily, what’s wrong? What’s with the voice?”

  “You have to come home. The child is sick.”

  I gulped.

  I told the driver to speed. Roxanne was still far. I relaxed my back on the chair, knowing the ride was going to be a long one…


  It was 3 O’clock when Jong-su arrived. Emily was at the door, waiting eagerly for Jong, who had called to inform her that he was near.

  “Is he ever going to reach?” Emily paced.

  Ding dong—

  The doorbell alarmed her, and she turned the doorknob. “Finally!” She heaved.

  “I’m sorry I had to put you through this,” Jong-Su’s voice came in, the moment Emily opened the door.

  “Why won’t you just take her to her mother?” Emily asked. “Look at her, Jong. The child isn’t feeling well.” She said. She pointed at the couch and moved closer to the child. “Oh, poor child,” she sighed. Jong-Su ignored her, squatting beside the little girl. “Hello, Penelope,” 


  “She’s been running temperature since,”

  The child raised her head.

  “Awe, the poor child misses her Mommy,”

  Jong-su stood back up. “Has she eaten anything?”

  Emily shook her head. “She’s rejected every single thing we’ve given her. I’m afraid we might have to see a doctor.”


  Jong-Su made to leave as the child caught one leg of his pants. “I want to see my Mommy,” she whined. “And Kendra, too.” She said to Jong-SU’s surprise.


  Kendra was wide awake now and was served lunch. Kamila took it upon herself to feed her, despite having a lot on her hands.

  She ate slowly, not feeling like having anything, being forced by her mother. The doctor had advised that she had something, and so Kamila rang the house chef.

  “How are you feeling, honey? Does anywhere ache?”

  “Just my head hurts a little…”

  “Oh, you’ll be fine.” Kamila couldn’t hold her excitement, seeing her daughter awake. She fed her with a magnificent smile, making sure she finished everything and left nothing on the plate.

  “I want to use the bathroom,” Kendra said, once she was done.

  Lucille offered to escort her there, helping her rise. They made for the bathroom and she waited outside, pondering on when she was going to let out what she had in mind.

  “Ouch!” Lucille heard. “Kendra?” She called, panic-stricken.

  “What’s it?” Kamila asked. She rose to her feet, watching Lucille rush inside. She placed the plate on the table beside and went to see if everything was alright. “What’s wrong?’

  Kendra held her chest. “I feel awful,”

  Kamila left the entrance of the bathroom and made closer to Kendra. The latter had her hand on her chest, complaining of having a burn.

  Lucille rushed out, swiftly taking hold of the bottle of water that stood on the bedside table. She went into the bathroom again and gave Kendra the bottle, as she gulped down the liquid.

  “Feel better?” Kamila asked.

  Kendra nodded at her mother’s question, moving out of the bathroom. “I just want to lie down,”

  The two women looked at themselves, and then made to help her back on the bed.

  “Do you remember anything?” Lucille asked Kendra as she adjusted the pillow under her head.

  Kendra looked at her. “I remember everything,” she said with confidence. “Everything from when I was kidnapped to when Psi came in.”

  Kamila inched closer. “Who is this Psi?”



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