By Mojisola Josephine Kuwadinu:

Perceived thoughts and obvious sights are tempting snares,
Withholding humans far from their expected plans.
Words heard from the mouth of rumor mongers,
Are barricades to that which our hearts hold dear.
The moment ears become deaf towards fear-instilling words,
And eyes become blind towards fearful sights,
And courage is built up to face our fears,
We will realize how wrong we were,
To believe the root of our fears,
Because what trepidation made us stay up at night,
Were figments of our imaginations.
What we thought existed,
Never existed after all.

Mojisola Josephine Kuwadinu
Mojisola Josephine Kuwadinu

Mojisola Josephine Kuwadinu is a prolific writer and an earnest teacher. She loves poetry and her work has been featured in several anthologies and online platforms like Giant pen and... She has a penchant for music and this has been a drive to delve into the rudiments of music over the years. She has ministered along with different choirs and has also graced the stage with solo performances in classical and contemporary gospel music. She is a lover of God and beliefs "Passion is a cause for result."

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