By Jessica-Ken:

I stared blankly, having nothing in mind. It seemed I was left alone, in my world, to rule. Mother and father had gone to work, leaving me all by myself, bored and feeling lonely. I had lost the zeal to write in my diary, and also didn’t want to play my guitar again.
Why does everything seem so lame? I winced and got out of bed, remembering the hot bath mom had the housekeeper ready for me.
Almost noon—I ought to have had my bathe by now. It seemed as though I was getting even tired of morning showers.
Forcing myself up, I took my nightwear off and tied a towel around my body, dragging my feet with me to the bathroom.
Next I dipped my legs into the bathtub, having no fear of being burnt, as I laid in it and got my eyes closed to meditate. I dozed off not long after, forgetting I wasn’t in my bedroom yet, as I laid motionless in the tub, unaware of everything that was going on around me.
“Should we kill her?” the man in my dream spoke, as my ears captured every word.
“I guess we should.” a wicked grin appeared on the face of the man standing next to him.
I was helpless and bare, as I could see blood gushing out from my private part.
Mm-mm. Mm-mm, I fought hard, but to no avail. He was too strong—and oh, how I could see the edge of the knife he held almost touching my face.
Mm-mm! I was struggling in the physical now. Someone had my face pressed down for water to get in. I tried to free myself, choking and nearing death, as my strength slowly left.
Quickly as a flash, the hand quickly pulled away, and I gasped, moving out, free at last, as I sat totally shaken and unable to breathe, until I’d had a breath of fresh air and gotten over the shock.
Something must have made my attacker not carry out his plan, I thought. Everything happened so fast, that I wasn’t able to see his face.


“So what did you say happen, Miss? The cop who the MacKennys had called over interrogated Lucille.
“Um, she’s not well, officer,” Mrs MacKenny cut in fast.
“Oh, is that so?” the officer adjusted his glasses with a closer look at Lucille. “She looks fine to me.” he observed.
The officer went about his job and asked Lucille a few questions, while her mother took the job to answer.
“She didn’t see him,”
The officer jotted.
“Only she felt a hand on her.”
The officer’s brows arched up at her statement.
“Felt?” he emphasized,
And Mrs MacKenny looked at her daughter. “It’s going to be okay, baby,”
Lucille’s lips curved into a smile.
“Oh, what a lovely daughter you’ve got.” the officer remarked.
Lucille’s Mom smiled partly at him and held Lucille’s hand. “Come on, honey. You should go upstairs.”
The young lady understood the message passed and wasted no time doing as she was told.
“But ma’am,”
“The poor girl’s shaken, as you can see, officer.” Mrs MacKenny countered, and in a convincing tone, added, “I’d say she gets some rest, while I have the rest taken care of.” she referred to the questions, knowing it wouldn’t be long before the cop knew her daughter couldn’t talk.
The officer was left with no choice but to continue as the woman wished. “Is this the first time it’s happened?” the officer questioned eagerly, as Mrs MacKenny responded. “First,” she added, “First time we’ve encountered such.” her hands and feet grew cold at the thought of her daughter being in danger.
“And your husband, ma’am? Where is he?” the officer’s sudden diversion irritated her.
“What has my husband got to do with this?”
A nervous chuckle escaped the cop’s lips. “Absolutely nothing.” he said nothing more and got back to writing.
Mrs MacKenny had the officer assure her that the culprit was going to be caught. She thanked him for everything, and had him seen off in no time.
“The MacKennys will never know what hit them,” a sinister smile ruled crooked lips at the shut of the door.
Meanwhile, the MacKennys’ daughter was gradually bonding with the enemy’s son; she had found it in heart to embrace forgiveness, setting aside all hard feelings, and forgetting about all that he’d done.
The love Anita had for Samuel, was one so hard to conceal—despite the fact their relationship had ended quite early, she still didn’t give up hope that fate would one day bring them back together again.
“Fate has brought us together again, Samuel,”
The charming lad couldn’t help but smile. “I promise not to leave you again, Anita. I love you so much.” he said, and sealed her lips with a kiss.


   So, guys, what are your thoughts about Samuel? Is he a playboy? Does he really love Anita, or he just wants to use her again? Need answers to unlock the next chapter 😊.


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