By Jessy:

 I sat down on the sofa, running my fingers on the seal, as the package came off. I expected to find a bloody knife with a head on a silver platter, as seen in horror movies, instead I got the surprise of my life—an album with pictures of Sammy and I placed on all sides. Sammy must have dropped this off by himself, I thought, looking at the pictures, as they reminded me of how close we were. I wanted to take my eyes off them, but they’d had already gotten my attention, and served the purpose Sammy had in mind.
 “A recorder?” I looked to where the mini device laid, as I said, “I wonder what Sammy has in store here,” I dropped the album and took it out of the box.
 “I ran my fingers on it for a minute, smirking slightly, as I checked it out.
 “Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you… Happy Birthday…Happy Birthday… Happy Birthday to youuuuuu—”
  It was a video of us. I could remember vividly it was Sammy’s eighteenth birthday, and I had thrown him a surprise party, with a few of his pals, and my friends invited.
 I never knew he had kept the video with him all this while. What message was he trying to pass?
 I didn’t know when tears gathered in my eyes as memories of that day came flooding my mind. It was the last birthday party I had with him before we parted ways.
 “Get yourself together, Anne!” I chided myself. “You are way over Sammy now,” I wiped my tears off and placed the materials back inside the box.
 I brought my legs on the sofa and got it stretched, taking up my phone, as I swiped it open to use, a text I wasn’t expecting to see, coming in at that moment.
 “What do you want?” I typed angrily and sent, switching off my phone at that minute.


It’s short, I know. I’m just not getting the inspiration like before. If you’ve got any suggestions, or anything that’d help, feel free to drop; I’d be totes delighted to have you here.



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