By Jessica-Ken:

I sat down on the sofa, running my fingers on the seal, as the package came off. I expected to find a bloody knife with a head on a silver platter, as seen in horror movies, instead I got the surprise of my life—an album with pictures of Sammy and I placed on all sides. Sammy must have dropped this off by himself, I thought, looking at the pictures, as they reminded me of how close we were. I wanted to take my eyes off them, but they’d had already gotten my attention, and served the purpose Sammy had in mind.
“A recorder?” I looked to where the mini device laid, as I said, “I wonder what Sammy has in store here,” I dropped the album and took it out of the box.
“I ran my fingers on it for a minute, smirking slightly, as I checked it out.
“Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you… Happy Birthday…Happy Birthday… Happy Birthday to youuuuuu—”
It was a video of us. I could remember vividly it was Sammy’s eighteenth birthday, and I had thrown him a surprise party, with a few of his pals, and my friends invited.
I never knew he had kept the video with him all this while. What message was he trying to pass?
I didn’t know when tears gathered in my eyes as memories of that day came flooding my mind. It was the last birthday party I had with him before we parted ways.
“Get yourself together, Anne!” I chided myself. “You are way over Sammy now,” I wiped my tears off and placed the materials back inside the box.
I brought my legs on the sofa and got it stretched, taking up my phone, as I swiped it open to use, a text I wasn’t expecting to see, coming in at that moment.
“What do you want?” I typed angrily and sent, switching off my phone at that minute.


She’s not picking my calls. Why isn’t she picking my calls? Nita’s sister Lucille moved tirelessly with eyes glued to the little gadget in her hand.
Nita has been busying her calls all morning. All she wanted was to know if Anita was doing okay. Even though they weren’t in good terms, Lucille didn’t want to give up just yet on getting her sister back.
Their bond was so strong back when they were little. The girl she used to know as her second companion and best friend turned out being her enemy.
Life’s a hard bicce, sighed Lucille as she fell backwards on her bed. Sleep was gradually calling, and she knew in no time she’d finally give in.
Wincing, she rolled on her sides, slowly closing her eyes as the thought of her sister lingered on.
“Who are you?!” a hoarse, unfriendly voice woke Lucille up from her deep slumber.
“Anita?” called Lucille for the first time. Huh? Gasped a confused Lucille. “I can talk?”
A hostile, unfriendly look was directed at her. “Who are you, I ask again?” repeated the lady in front who had her sister looks. Or did she really?
“Anita, it’s me,” Lucile drew nearer so she could feel her, but was greeted with a heavy throw that sent her falling with a thump.
“Ouch!” she groaned.
“W-H-O A-R-E Y-O-U?” the surprisingly fierce lady pinned her temporarily to the floor.
“N-Nita, it’s me,” Lucille muttered under her breath, feeling her back hurt. “N-Nita—”
“S-H-U-T U-P!”
Accompanied by a snarly throw came blurry vision.


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