By Jessy:

Okay guys. This is neither a story nor a poem. Didn’t really know where to keep it, so I chose diaries instead (PLEASE OVERLOOK) When I was reading HIS SON from the beginning, I realized that I made a mistake somewhere, which wasn’t supposed to be. So, since there isn’t an edit button which works on Tush, I am going to fix things up by explaining. The part “CHAPTER SIX” isn’t the main Chapter (ouch) It was going to be SEVEN YEARS LATER, just in the picture above, then CHAPTER SIX (Main) after it, so please take note. And for CHAPTER SEVEN, which there isn’t yet, Nita’s line, where she called Sammy’s name was supposed to come right under the line where she was lost in thoughts about why her soon-to-be boss looked just like her ex. So take note! And for the errors, overlook them please… they are all typing errors, if you’d understand. Still getting ideas for my horror stories, but don’t worry, for I’d make sure it wouldn’t take long. Make sure you comment on my MCL episodes and HIS SON 😍



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