By Jessica-Ken:

A boy named Herald, stood on a hill, with his flock. He ran after one who he had nicknamed ‘Japhy’ and ran back to the others who were bleating on the hilltop.
“Whew. That’s all of you,”
Japhy blared.
“Uh. I know, J. You see, I can’t let you go now. Grandpa will be back anytime,” Herald said. He looked over his shoulder and saw Grandpa coming towards them. “Grandpa John?”
“Oh, Herald boy. I see you’ve had the sheep graze…”
Herald smiled. He hated when Grandpa stressed himself. He didn’t like how he climbed up the hill.
“Oh, Gramps. You shouldn’t have…”
“Oh, no, son. You don’t have to worry about me,” Grandpa said.
The duo walked down the hill, straight to the pen. They had all the sheep in, until sunrise—and made back to the house. “Think the sheep will be safe?”
“Yes, Grandpa. That I can assure you.” Herald said. He sat down to a nice warm cup of coffee and asked his Grandpa if they were having anything else.
“Oh, son. You know how things are now,”
Herald gulped. “Grandpa,” he suddenly asked, “Why do we have to stay here?”
His Grandpa looked at him.
Grandpa John found it hard to answer his question. The one he thought… was the first reply he gave: “Herald, my boy,”
The boy listened—all ears.
“That’s a story I have to tell…
…when you’re older.”


A student of the popular Nnamdi Azikiwe university. A Human Anatomy stud—and a passionate writer, with the hope of one day making the world a better place.
~Authoress Ciara

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