By Quadri Oyerinde:


I know, Just friends we are. How crappy’s that Uhn?
For you, I would have done whatever, girl.

And I just can’t believe we aint together
Then I would buy you ring, and pop the question.

And get away on honeymoon and take a
Dive into cultures and while skiing ardently

In Wroclaw in the heat of winter, wonder
At God’s marvelously perfect scenery.

And sigh- oh Gosh I love this view! Our finger
Clasped. And each night I’ll make us dinner. Stroll

With my crisp palm your phiz, your lips with vigour
And run wet lip to smooch your neck then whole

Of you and linger just above the buns a
Little, and accent thrills your mind-body. I’ll

Watch you hush and watch you groan. And relish in
Notion of your relish. And air stand still

In times we spend together, I will bask therein !

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