By JessyKen:


For you my love,

I shall sing in delight,

And with the sweet wonders of my voice;

Will capture your heart

As you lay lost in my charms

For you my love,

I shall waltz out in the open

And side by side we shall dance

With the candle-light burning aglow,

And the moonlight gleaming in our path

For you my love,

I shall trample on every scorpion and snakes,

And climb every mountain

Just so I can be with you

For you my love,

I’ll sail across the seven seas

And seek every corner of the earth

No matter how much it’ll cost

For you my love,

I’ll conquer demons,

And shall slay dragons at your feet

So no danger can lurk in your way

And for you my love,

I’ll do anything

Anything just to be your side,

And remain yours…

For the rest of eternity.

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