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  • Relationships

    Frederick Okonneh
    10 months ago
    It seems to me that a lot of relationships fail because people refuse to listen to the other person in discussions, which then become unnecessary argumemts. I get that we're all different and have per ...
  • Little Sweet Dove.

    Lawrence Ruth
    3 months ago
    Little Sweet Dove. Then, I was a little Sweet Dove. So meek and gentle at heart With a lucent golden heart. The blue sky and thousands stars Adorn my dreams all night. Months turned years. ...
  • Top 5 Features On The New Tushstories Platform That Will Make Your Mouth Water

    Tushstories Updates
    11 months ago
    Top 5 Features On the New Tushstories Platform That Will Make Your Mouth Water The new Tushstories platform was implemented on 7/11/2018 and it came with a lot of cool features that will help writers ...
  • Dare-to-Care (Valentine)

    Author Enobong Ukpabio
    8 months ago
    Title: DARE-TO-CARE (Valentine)Writer: Author Enobong UkpabioVal-entine with you,Killing times with you,Like I’m Bobby Val-entin-oYou’re a gift of precious stone,Like a merry heart, you do ...
  • TIME

    Author Enobong Ukpabio
    7 months ago
    By Author Enobong Ukpabio Time:Even the holy book describe time in spring and valley,Dead and life,A lazy man’s apologize to it,A brave man make millions out of it,A great man win by managing i ...
  • What About Us.

    Lawrence Ruth
    6 months ago
    What About Us Like free slaves we roam round your street You claim to love and care for us. You said " Am a humanitarian" But each day you pass us by. When you decide to give us You ...
  • Loving You Isn't Enough

    Lawrence Ruth
    8 months ago
    Loving you isn’t enough. I had loved you from the start Until I realized my love for you isn't enough. I search for reasons to hate you Just to only find reasons to love you more What could ...
  • Daniela Carison. Episode 11

    Lawrence Ruth
    7 months ago
    CHAPTER ELEVEN JOINED AS ONE Back to my office in Carison's film, I was busy with my computer, although it's my birthday, but I think it's of no use celebrating it, because I had no one except K ...
  • Aunty Amara

    Lawrence Ruth
    7 months ago
    Aunty Amara, The Prayer Warrior. “ Dera!, Dera!, Wake up!, Aunty Amarachi is here, wake up” Chinwe, my younger sister prattled, tearing her way through my duvet. “ What is it c ...
  • Daniella Carrison. Episode Five.

    Lawrence Ruth
    9 months ago
    ERIC AND KASSANDRO A month latee, after I had a bitter experience with Suzy. I was passing by with my crutches to the campus library when I spotted Orlando and his male friends near the school fiel ...


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