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  • -Imperfections-

    Jason Joshua chigozie
    5 months ago
    Imperfections Things you wish I could but I couldn’t How you wanted it to be but it isn't Don’t force it, it mustn't. Imperfections You tell me my errors daily Even when I try fittin ...
  • ‘Tachi

    Tee Lyod
    11 months ago
    ...Oh 'Tachi What did they make you do...? Were you just a myth? His fictional creation? Sacrifices, For the good of your clan ? For the good of your village ? For the good of your nation ? ...
  • "Another Chapter"

    Jason Joshua chigozie
    7 months ago
    I pledge to Nigeria My loving country To be faithful,loyal and honest To serve with all my strength. Generations in existence pledged to this We're still promising The future generation gonna ...
  • "Hell On Earth"

    Mercy Enujeko
    10 months ago
    Growing up in a polygamous family,wasn't easy for me. Too many people trying to bring you down and make you feel worthless.... My name is Ebelechuckwu,I grew up in a" not anything close to being a pe ...
  • \How A Suicidal Should Pray \How Not To Commit Suicide \Of Frustration And Relief

    Olabisi Akinwale
    3 months ago
    how a suicidal should pray -to say this prayer, rent a room outside your body for the next 105 seconds. give us this day; a reason//to live//to accept the sun as a scorching goddess//& ou ...

    Victor Adakole
    10 months ago
    There's always a cloud; There's always a cycle; There's always a cause; There's always the clock; And fate happens to them all! Try as you may, change your world; Look forward to good times, ...
  • A Long Night

    Rachael Asikpo
    12 months ago
    “GOAL!” Akpan blared in my ears. My shoulders dropped as the first wave of defeat and shame washed over me, like cold sweat. I looked down at my slip and the tears blurred my view. I loo ...
  • A Message From Our EarthMate

    Agatha Johnson
    3 weeks ago
    How can we continue to protect you? You care not for us! For they say '' Actions speaks louder than words'' You may deny it But I am here to prove you wrong! You kill us every day With a weap ...
  • A Mistake

    Ubong Johnson
    12 months ago
    Daddy Tayo with his teeth, dug deep into the apple in his right hand, itsjuices dripping down his face. Mummy Tayo was seated right beside him, ready to amplify whatever things he said. Uncle Kola, Ta ...

    Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu
    12 months ago
    The Yoruba cultures hold within it powerful words, rhythms and strong proverbs that rebukes and at the same time draws you back to it. Teni N Teni slow but sonorous best reminds one of the Yoruba ...


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