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  • I'm Sorry

    Affia Gideon
    5 months ago
    If I'm breaking a heart, Lemme know. It chronically tears me wide apart, the glimpse of you falling down low. I know I've caused you pain and all rude things, You of all should know I've been thr ...
  • Waves

    Vanessa nwosu
    9 months ago
    Slowly in tides, time flows by in a rush like waves. We go through our days like people in the crowd with nothing but fake smiles and our hands in forced waves. We imprison our thoughts in our heads l ...

    Nancy Njihia
    9 months ago
    GOODBYE MY LOVE You promised to be with me In sickness and in health In the good and the bad In wealth or in poverty To love me till your last breath To mend me every time I break But where are ...
  • Innocence

    Davidejiro Obokare
    8 months ago
    I remember innocence It had a sweet taste upon the tongue The companion of the young.. The cloak of naivety.. Though I remember innocence Last I checked.. I don't remember being innocent.. Life ...

    Adeoti Quadri
    9 months ago
    LET US DIE TONIGHT After Solomon Sabastine. i It is true that life was a better heaven for boy's and girl's dying of love. Brokenness of heart is a song I dedicated to the team of star's bli ...
  • Humpty Dumpty

    Davidejiro Obokare
    8 months ago
    "Pop!!pop!!pop!!" Take that lumpy "Pop pop pop" The eggs hit her with the force of bullets from a machine gun.. Kids are vicious animals, Buh she has a thick skin and she is used to this.. Stick ...
  • The Dark Smile

    George Josephine Andrews
    9 months ago
    Three days gone before the incident and I till don't know how is happened,how I met myself in my fathers pool of blood in my room, knowing fully well that it was another attempt of rape. I could not j ...
  • JUSTICE (Tales Of A Widow)

    Goodness Daniels
    10 months ago
    In the days when I was in vernal bloom,When I was the balm that soothed the worries of a thousand admirers,The oil that oiled the skull of a throng of lovers,The pride of my parents. In the days when ...
  • Aliens In Africa Chapter 2

    Alex Lawless
    4 months ago
    Chapter Two Who am I? In the morning, loud drums and trumpets of initiation festivities woke the young prince, he opened his eyes to the inevitable task ahead. Hurriedly he aros ...
  • Daniella Carrison. Episode Two

    Lawrence Ruth
    9 months ago
    It was a cold rainy Friday morning, the heaven has opened it’s door, as rain pattered down the roof, the wild howling wing sends the door banging hard, as thunder crashed across the window pane, ...


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