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  • Dad Was Drunk Again

    Frank Olunga Khange
    15 hours ago
    Dad was Drunk again Life full of abuses Mother's body full of bruises No food we were hungry Hungry and angry No farm no food for storage Days with only porriage These were too much for our a ...
  • But He Is A Boy

    Frank Olunga Khange
    2 days ago
    BUT HE IS A BOY The sun was high High on the sky Like a respectful son And obedient child He was sent And went never to return Second grew old Minutes gave birth to hours Hours after hours ...
  • Silent Love

    Ekene Daniel
    3 days ago
    You left when I most needed you You went silent on me when I needed you to speak Word! Words of love Those things are powerful, you know? It unmakes and Maketh a man For words are like curre ...
  • Black Men Tale

    Ekene Daniel
    5 days ago
    Ezigbo Ezigbo!! His voice roared like thunder. That's not my name replied Ezigbo Coming out in this Levitical attire. A foreign culture, Mazi spate. You think your Forefathers' KULTURE is bar ...
  • Hunted Yet Loved

    Ekene Daniel
    I sort to be loved When in fact I didn’t know what love is So, I flirted with words; Lavishing sweet kind words to hitching ears to win their love- as though it could be purchased. Of ...
  • Enchanted

    Ekene Daniel
    3 days ago
    Remember the other day when you took me aside? And caused me to look into your eyes Our eyes met I remember what I saw I saw burning ice in those eyes. And the eyes wept. My fragile heart wept ...
  • The Graves Were Silent

    Frank Olunga Khange
    4 days ago
    The Graves Were Silent The walls were dark The room was darker Her skin even darker The day she will live to remember It was one of her family member Outside the house two graves One on the r ...
  • Broken

    Pelumi Shotayo
    5 days ago
    Broken What if my heart stopped beating? It's weak after all. What if my eyes went blind It's seen enough already "It's not that bad" you say "you'll be happy again" But what can I ...
  • Mistaken Identity

    Frank Olunga Khange
    5 days ago
    The crowd increasing the pace Tactical he dodges through the space The tarmac is hot with the race The crowd thirsty for blood Thief thief as they advance His legs his only chance Coincidence ...

    Frederick Elumah
    3 weeks ago
    Shattered Night a walk in the woods by dawn,bush parts covered in fogs,hunt for monkey; a merry -meant for my taste for meat. as I walked, pointing gun to tree'sI had missed my stepslipped down the ...


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