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    Mercy Godwin
    2 months ago
    Zzzz zzzz zz... The sound endlessly invaded my consciousness or was it the lack of as I slept on the fresh-smelling red silk sheets, my favorite. I got up with a frown, a slight headache coming up as ...
  • Aliens In Africa

    Alex Lawless
    4 months ago
    Chapter one Who are we? On the west coast of Africa, the southern part of Nigeria, a young boy had grown increasingly fascinated by the world and the beauty therein. Every nig ...
  • Aliens In Africa Chapter 2

    Alex Lawless
    4 months ago
    Chapter Two Who am I? In the morning, loud drums and trumpets of initiation festivities woke the young prince, he opened his eyes to the inevitable task ahead. Hurriedly he aros ...
  • Grave Fields

    Osuagwu Gracious
    7 months ago
    1 Though Pete pleaded, the spade came down on his head. At first, he was still more surprised at the impact of the strike than the blood streaming down his head. The whole world felt so ...
  • The Boy In My Head

    Icheka Ozuru
    2 months ago
    I regain consciousness just in time to panic. I can't see anything, and suddenly every nerve in my body goes into overdrive. My body shakes as I reach out for my father. "Dad!" I cry. I know he's th ...
  • The Boy In My Head Ch.2

    Icheka Ozuru
    2 months ago
    This is the second chapter of my short story. If you have not read the first, you would appreciate the story better by reading that one first. Simply search for Icheka Ozuru and read up on chapter on ...
  • The Boy In My Head Pt.3

    Icheka Ozuru
    2 months ago
    As I near home, I start testing my new tech right away. Dad said this one would have a farther range, so I give a few commands as I get closer to the front gate around our property. The gate springs o ...
  • The Destructive Species.

    Lawrence Ruth
    6 months ago
    My Life My Story Wait, where am I?, Where’s my dad? And,…. Whe…re in the universe am I? Which planet is this? Why’s the air like this, could this be the pl ...
  • The Invasion.....before The Uprising

    9 months ago
    It seemed Earth was under attack, NASA had spotted a fleet of unidentified space crafts rapidly approaching earth. The space crafts were very sophisticated and we'll designed for speed, it was fas ...
  • The New World/ More Than A Dream.

    Lawrence Ruth
    5 months ago
    The New World / More Than A Dream. So I found myself in a weird crazy place. I looked round to be sure of where I was, it was no other place but our planet Earth. Was I dreaming or what? I pon ...


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