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  • A Woman's Laughter

    ThankGod williams PoetLord
    2 weeks ago
    The laughter of women sets fireto the Halls of Injusticeand the false evidence burnsto a beautiful white lightnessIt rattles the Chambers of Congressand forces the windows wide openso the fatuous spee ...
  • Letting Go 3

    Rachael Asikpo
    2 weeks ago
    He finished from work late but did not return to the warmth of his home for another hour as he crawled through traffic. His home was a duplex at Shelter Afrique, a secluded glass and marble retreat wi ...
  • Letting Go, Ep 4

    Rachael Asikpo
    2 weeks ago
    She purposely went to the party an hour later, hoping to avoid the plastered smiles and pretentious eyes. And despite her musings on picking the most drab cocktail dress she could find, she noticed th ...
  • When I Know It Hers

    Daniel Ajayi
    6 days ago
    When I can’t times the time Only if I don’t know the morning breeze It on me to say all, to tell more That if there is a soul I see A voice I heard of, through It read rhymes in my ...

    Wisdom Ahamefula
    4 days ago
    I already knew I had dreamt of today Cause it all went as I thought it would Where my feelings would get an okay And hugs/goodbyes would get-off cold From first time of sight and off sight I kn ...

    Wisdom Ahamefula
    4 days ago
    The stony built heart gets to feel now Impossible, unthinkable, unimaginable Huh! When I see others here somehow I say a 'No' and count them insensible I've been privileged to share discourse B ...
  • Deep In This Deep

    Julius Tunde
    2 days ago
    I remember when I stood on this cliff When I saw distant places in their tiny beauty When everything I saw took the same look And my eyes absorbed nature as artificial, Took what was visible and t ...
  • Jane's Dilemma 5

    Grace Onojeta
    21 hours ago
    Chapter 5 'No she wouldn't do that—she's definitely not a snitch.' I assured myself. I switched off my phone for the rest of that day cause I was tired of all the drama in my life. I began to ...

    Julius Tunde
    17 hours ago
    Hey! Here I am again Reminiscing the days when I felt the pain you sent me through the birds for their chirping told how the story ends but I was too deaf to them, too dull to translate what they ...

    Julius Tunde
    16 hours ago
    Hey, what's up?You look beautiful and perfect.But your lips look strangely positioned....Do you mind me fixing the problem?First, come close and whisper to my lips what the problemis..(THAT'S HOW LIKE ...


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