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  • Love Calls You

    Tamunoemi Iyalla
    4 days ago
    Like the whispering of the wind And the whistling of the pines Love calls you! ♥️ Like the rushing sound of the wind on Pentecost day and the increasing charging level of the battery. ...
  • A Letter To The Twelve Years Old Me

    Nana Hauwa
    4 days ago
    Dear Nana, I know you can't wait to grow up,you can't wait for everybody to stop treating you like a child,you can't wait to be a senior in school,you can't wait to stop feeling so helpless like you ...
  • Oh!my Love

    Oladipupo Joy
    2 weeks ago
    With a melted heart, A dissolved and undiluted spirit, I declare my heartfelt desire, As a result of my admire, Waiting to be triggered, All in the hands of her Lord, As he hovered and hovered ...
  • DOES HE?

    Dickson Chhote Tindi
    2 months ago
    WRITTER: DICKSON CHHOTE TINDI #DOES_HE Does he really love you? Does he really need you? Does he really mean the words he says to you each and every day? Does he even care? I always wonder, Is ...

    Emmiasky Ojex
    6 days ago
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  • To My Other Half

    Ekpo Edidiong
    2 months ago
    I'd be with you from dusk till dawn Through the darkest night and the brightest morn I'm taking this road with you and I'm not turning back You're my light baby, without you it's pitch black W ...
  • Life

    Adebiyi Oluwadara
    2 months ago
    Hey, definitely bored just sitting here with my special white flowered cup in my hand, sipping my tea, just came back from work and already feeling useless, worried about tomorrow 's work and excited ...
  • One Night Stand

    Oladipupo Joy
    2 months ago
    I've been alone all day Waiting hopelessly they say Been looked as one with no brains Only my love could justify this names Where could he be exactly Those chats we had exactly That night we met ...
  • THE ENSEMBLE: Blues And The Orchestra

    Oladoyin Micheal
    2 months ago
    The chubby orchestra conductor chuckles musically As sections appertaining plays the A note, Sonata 14 will soon pludder I suppose. Oh bless me! By the right is the blues band equally, All messe ...
  • Sleepless Nights

    Aniekan Andikan
    She had the best life she could ever imagine. She had the perfect husband, a dream job and the fact that she was expecting her first child. She was the happiest woman on earth in the day but in the ni ...


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