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    Adeniyi Adeyosola
    6 months ago
    She smiled and gazed at his picture in her cellphone for what seemed like the umpteenth time. She wondered how a human being could be so immaculate. Although, she was not certain of how perfect he ...
  • ...Then They Left

    Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu
    8 months ago
    two men walk down a deserted street,rehearsing stories of yesteryearsone told the other about the seaof drunk seamenof drunk semenof island girlsof island galesof itchy groins and yellow skinof comrad ...

    Mark Sule
    7 months ago
    "A KISS IN THE RAIN" A kiss in the rain, An intertwine of pain. A public display of affection, Breeds a public call of attention. But kiss me on dearie, Sooner shall their eyes grow weary. ...
  • "Without You"

    Jason Joshua chigozie
    4 months ago
    Can't do without you ❤ Like the heart without it's beat The night without the moon, Daylight without sunlight.. Can't do without you ❤ Fantasies of you daily What's the cloud without rainfall? ...

    Olabisi Akinwale
    7 months ago
    31 PORTRAITS OF A WOMAN'S BODY . 1 A firefly carves out her face In the twilight in god's eyes. 2 Some nights Heaven is just a turn To the right side of lust. 3 A boy recreated creation In ...
  • 45 MINUTES

    Gift Uyanwanne
    4 weeks ago
    "Shhhhhhhh!" and placed a single finger across his lips. Both our eyes tripled in size. Breaths seized, bodies motionless. "Get up! Get dressed!! My Dad is back!!!" I sprang up, jumped off the bed. ...
  • A Day To Remember

    Obidigwe Christy
    7 months ago
    It was a monday, and the bank was crowded. Everyone there had one transaction or the other to carry out. Melisa was one of the tellers at the customer care department. Slim ,quiet and always calm, she ...
  • A Day To Remember II

    Obidigwe Christy
    7 months ago
    Melisa heaved as the young man lifted a chair and kept it next to her bed. He sat down and smiled soberly. "I am sorry for the injuries you sustained." Melisa forced another smile and nodded. Deep w ...
  • A Day To Remember III

    Obidigwe Christy
    7 months ago
    Three months later... Melisa stared at the system before her, trying her best to concentrate. It had been three months and it had brought a lot... Vivian, a fellow teller, dropped a file beside her ...
  • A Journey

    Abdulwasiu ubaydah
    6 months ago
    A journey of many miles That will come, and stay for a while. A journey of hurts and pains But even sun shines in the rain A journey of love and perfection With u as my bone of contention ...


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