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    Debz Doks
    4 months ago
    Blood! Blood! Was all I could mutter as I sat there trying to clean myself up even though I felt dirty inside. After keeping myself all through school, this was what I got rewarded with; RAPE! The sce ...
  • About Hannah

    Victor Adakole
    4 months ago
    Hannah didn't understand what was unfolding before her eyes. Her parents had grim faces, while the couple sitting across from her looked so refined and elegantly dressed that the bench they sat on loo ...
  • Cast In Stone

    Victor Adakole
    4 months ago
    I love my parents. I'm here sitting and trying to concentrate between watching the TV and using a side eye to spy my parents who are playing love play on the three sitter cushion. You see, my daddy ju ...
  • Everything Stew

    Fortune Jachi
    9 months ago
    How are you? How was your first time? Was it anything like the ones you heard of, watched, played back in your head when you were alone? Did it have that pain that only spiced it, confused as to how ...
  • Goose Bumps

    Rachael Asikpo
    11 months ago
    Something roused me from sleep. I keened my ears and listened, with my breath held and fear balled in my throat. One, Two, Three seconds...There was nothing. Absolute silence except for the rustling ...
  • Goose Bumps 2

    Rachael Asikpo
    11 months ago
    I hurtled out of the room and down the corridor! Feeling my way along the walls, legs wobbling under me, my heart thumping hard against my chest. The lights were out but moonlight filtered in through ...
  • Irony In Life

    Okechukwu Princess
    3 months ago
    None of these men are good looking, though I've never actually cared. Eight down, two more to go and then I'm done for the night. The cold wind raises another girl's mini skirt at the edge of the stre ...
  • Libaries

    Oluwatobi Opemipo precious
    10 months ago
    In my night— i hid hollows, scribblings of unseen nails, secret of my father's moans, unhappy childhood. ...
  • Little Timi

    Emmiasky Ojex
    10 months ago
    Aunty Ronke smiled to herself, an explicit urge in her, a certain kind of feeling, dangerous.Not really common but not rare either. A burning thirst yelling to be quenched, she walked slowly towards h ...
  • Rape

    Jason Joshua chigozie
    9 months ago
    A very horrible crime Rape.....loss of innocence Rape.....didn't have a choice Rape.....Nobody heard my voice Rape.....memory of the past Rape.....hope it crosses my mind erases out of my memory ...


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