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  • The Dark Smile

    George Josephine Andrews
    14 months ago
    Three days gone before the incident and I till don't know how is happened,how I met myself in my fathers pool of blood in my room, knowing fully well that it was another attempt of rape. I could not j ...
  • Goose Bumps

    Rachael Asikpo
    16 months ago
    Something roused me from sleep. I keened my ears and listened, with my breath held and fear balled in my throat. One, Two, Three seconds...There was nothing. Absolute silence except for the rustling ...
  • Everything Stew

    Fortune Jachi
    14 months ago
    How are you? How was your first time? Was it anything like the ones you heard of, watched, played back in your head when you were alone? Did it have that pain that only spiced it, confused as to how ...

    Balogun Abdulbasit
    14 months ago
    Have you ever thought A time like this will come Where Homosapiens With high intelligible traits Will behave like unintelligible beings Where harassment, rape and physical abuse will become a nor ...
  • My Rape Story

    Victoria Nelson
    5 days ago
    Everything was different about daddy. He was much quieter these days and the look on his eyes was the one of fear and shame and maybe a little anger. I guess he hated himself for everything he ha ...
  • The Story In My Head (II)

    Emmiasky Ojex
    16 months ago
    I look down and I don't recognize myselfI tried to push my legs to go fasterbut I guess theirs was faster than mine Pushed to the wall of a filthy buildingAll I heard was ripplesI knew I've been caug ...

    Shedrack Akor
    13 months ago
    A learned writer defines rape as having sexual intercourse with a non consenting female with knowledge by the accused that his victim was not consenting. Both the criminal code(applicable in southern ...

    Oduwaiye Opeyemi Abdul-Qadr
    8 months ago
    "Even if rapists should be pardoned, it definitely shouldn't be, especially in this era when sex can be gotten cheaply (prostitutes) or can even be earned from (sugar mummy)." ~A friend. It breaks ...
  • Rape

    Jason Joshua chigozie
    15 months ago
    A very horrible crime Rape.....loss of innocence Rape.....didn't have a choice Rape.....Nobody heard my voice Rape.....memory of the past Rape.....hope it crosses my mind erases out of my memory ...
  • Libaries

    Oluwatobi Opemipo precious
    15 months ago
    In my night— i hid hollows, scribblings of unseen nails, secret of my father's moans, unhappy childhood. ...


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