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    Basit AJIBADE
    6 months ago
    IS EDUCATION THE CURE TO POVERTY? This simple but critical question can only be answered when we know the meaning of education and poverty, for the sake of this article I will stick to the basic dict ...
  • How Tolerance Died

    Edoziem Miracle
    5 months ago
    It would take me less time than it took to spell ‘tolerance’ to spit out my scorn for that word. Tolerance is defined as my mother getting up at five, every morning, sauntering off to go w ...
  • Poverty And A Man

    Falana Idowu Zion
    4 months ago
    With hungry heart and dreadful faceHe walks on the street looking for a gaze He staggers like a drunken man with a pitiful smileFor he's hungry like the dead and thirsty like hellWishes and plans drie ...
  • It Is A Crime To Be Poor Here

    John Chizoba Vincent
    2 months ago
    IT IS A CRIME TO BE POOR HERE The other day I was listening to Olamide’s song “Poverty Die”. The chorus got me, it went into my veins, to my bone marrows; and I remembered how bei ...
  • Childhood Memories

    Ene Ogaba
    6 months ago
    Empty plates at the dinner table, mama's constant yelling at Papa, little Tomi crying ceaselessly, these were the scenes that played everyday for the 15years I remember of growing up. Sometimes when p ...

    Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu
    2 weeks ago
    For days now, I have been thinking hard on how the poor people pray daily to escape poverty, spending days, night in the religious center instead of working hard to escape poverty. Their religious lea ...

    Emmiasky Ojex
    4 months ago
    Tell it to the mountainstell it out loud that the world might hearWax up the steep and rugged hills, journey the valleys and fountainstell them! oh tell them now that they are near‘that there li ...
  • A Pauper At 58

    Joshua Avoaja
    5 months ago
    A Pauper At 58 Down the street, in abject poverty, lives a man, frail, too weak for his years and wretched. History tells us tales of princes becoming beggars, the wealthy becoming wretched, owing t ...
  • Al Majiri (beggars)

    Rahma O. Jimoh
    6 months ago
    A poem AL MAJIRI We are humans too With spirits and souls Like yours, ever yearning For comfort and solace We are humans too Even if humanity hauled us Into depending on others and Our em ...
  • Primal Justice

    Rachael Asikpo
    7 months ago
    The little boy sat by the overflowing dumpster, wailing. His shrill, small voice, a croaky nuisance adding to the chattering from the market women hawking their goods. He sat slouched against the dum ...


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