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  • From A G Perspective

    Dare Ojuoye
    21 hours ago
    Excuse me sir Or may be ma Spare me you time a For this history ain't mine Cos where you saw crime He saw a dime But you don't even mind The gold has got you blind Compassionate lust, you en ...

    Adeyemo Eyitayo
    6 days ago
    Nature Of Learning Learning starts with yearning, Yearning for knowledge, Knowledge as sharp as a sword's edge. I stop learning, I start dying. Learning starts with determination, Determinatio ...
  • Hope Against Hope

    Obinna kalu
    2 weeks ago
    Hope The past does not exist. We keep it alive by recreating it's memories. The past is dead. The heat destroyed it but its debris picked up, form parts of our today and tomorrow. Tomorro ...
  • Certainly

    Aj Oti
    3 weeks ago
    I am the boy who will die tonight. You see, if you're stuck in the same world as me, then you're doomed. Because you're the one who will have to watch me drain slow Now while I'm gone, Your ...
  • The Day

    Kolade Olawale Kabir
    5 weeks ago
    TITLE: THE DAY On the day you hung yourself to the brown ceiling fan in that room, you became a story of sad memories, You became the fuel igniting the fire cooking sorrow in the heart of your f ...
  • Reflections

    Philip Olamilekan Odeyemi
    5 months ago
    A boy looks down into water he sees the two folds of life right before him one, a piece of memories to lame to walk, to fragile to see dawn and the other a glimpse of the number of times he will run - ...
  • Minstrel

    Oliaku Wisdom El Sabio
    6 months ago
    MINSTREL I am drunk, Under the influence of the ink I must act or in it I sink. Manifesting on the tip of my quill, is the violence of a meandering minstrel I do not know where to go, but ...

    Florence Sylvester
    7 months ago
    And I cried. I cried a lot. And then I laughed and laughed and laughed Until my eyes were little-spring-droplets Like morning dew on lush green leaf. I felt it inside me, Howling like the ghouls ...
  • Couldn't Escape Death

    Katongo Mumbi
    6 months ago
    My legs are fleeing. My heart is racing! As my feet are about to fail me, my eyes are left gathering all the tears I've been saving. And as my foot dashes against a rock, I had no clue that the very ...
  • The Timid Little Boy

    Iyiolaoluwa Neil
    7 months ago
    Run was the word I was given so I stuck to it. Flee was the culture handed down to me from my progenitors, while the mantra my mates were taught was stay and fight. I saw a good venure and admired it, ...


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