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  • I've Heard Of People

    Emmiasky Ojex
    2 days ago
    I've heard of peopleI've heard a historyGone;Thrown away by its own people I've heard of AfricaA car so freeIt sheds its own skinTo cloth itself foreign I've heard of#balantain#GuineaBissauI've hear ...
  • 'Paper' The Ocean.

    Chinonyerem Great Ikedichukwu
    4 days ago
    Paper the ocean of the outrush Of man's idea Made of mere pulp To pop the ideas of old To children of the world An urge you create in their hearts To procreate and compose sweet words But s ...
  • The Love I Live By

    Chinonyerem Great Ikedichukwu
    2 weeks ago
    Ointment for love the maker poured on you For in you he poured out ideas of the new Fire wide and starring to shew ye as a star For without ye the globe endures scare Wither and thither you go t ...
  • The Invisible Global Battle

    Chinonyerem Great Ikedichukwu
    6 days ago
    The game of blood Intertwined with mystery Complex Monopoly Scrabbling of the innocence Of persons Cries of suckling babies Mixed feelings of joy and hate Lost in complexities of calculations ...
  • My Pilgrimage With God

    Chinonyerem Great Ikedichukwu
    5 days ago
    My PILGRIMAGE with GOD; High and low I go Towards the hilltop I long Never sick of travel Quick still at the North Hill In my pilgrimage I shall win Nothing can stop me Even the bondage of my ...
  • Unleash The Me Inside

    Chinonyerem Great Ikedichukwu
    2 weeks ago
    Fired by the guns akin to this realm elevated by the arsenal's of terror The pains 'focates deep to stir error In my soul I commute to whelm My sorrows Men long for the glory That tarries next ...
  • My Universe

    Pelumi Shotayo
    2 months ago
    If the winds could talk What would they say? If they could whisper into my ears They'd cry They'd sob for humanity They'd weep for the whole of mankind. What about the clouds? What would they ...
  • Happier Days

    Pelumi Shotayo
    2 months ago
    The younger days Wild, free and happy. Like Daisies in the wind Bright-eyed fellows Without a peep into the future Bubbles in the air Wide smiles say it all The happiest of creatures. Withou ...
  • Certainly

    Aj Oti
    8 months ago
    I am the boy who will die tonight. You see, if you're stuck in the same world as me, then you're doomed. Because you're the one who will have to watch me drain slow Now while I'm gone, Your ...
  • The Day

    Kolade Olawale Kabir
    9 months ago
    TITLE: THE DAY On the day you hung yourself to the brown ceiling fan in that room, you became a story of sad memories, You became the fuel igniting the fire cooking sorrow in the heart of your f ...


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