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  • 'Other' Wins

    Precious Diedemise
    15 months ago
    Win, Win and Keep Winning Often times, the perception we have about ourselves is based on what we see in others. Growing up, I had an esteem that made me feel inadequate. I was caught up in the ...

    Tatenda Takavarasha
    17 months ago
    Every day a star is born i begun beaming on September 17 1992 in a drought torn Zimbabwe when my assignment to occupy and fulfill my assignment on this earth begun .They say i was a chubby baby that n ...
  • A Letter To The One He Kept For Me

    Mukami kuria
    14 months ago
    Hi love, As I write you this you are probably watching today's news broadcast or maybe taking a late dinner.I hope you are happy, I hope your day had good things to look back to as you wind up your d ...
  • A Letter To The Twelve Years Old Me

    Nana Hauwa
    13 months ago
    Dear Nana, I know you can't wait to grow up,you can't wait for everybody to stop treating you like a child,you can't wait to be a senior in school,you can't wait to stop feeling so helpless like you ...
  • Adaw Sine

    ROXELLS muliana
    15 months ago
    sorrry to disapoint you guys but i just wanna say thank you to those who read my works. now i will only be seen by subscribers. you can subscrbe after reading pretty demon 1-3. and my other poems . if ...
  • Biological Clock

    Emediong Ebong
    15 months ago
    Dear Diary,I cannot promise not to do something nasty to the next person that tells me; "you better pick a man now that they are flocking around you, very soon nobody will look at you again". When wi ...
  • Coconut

    Ikoyo Providence
    16 months ago
    I could hear the banging noise on the door, each bang set my heart racing with tears dripping from my eyes "why is momma taking her time?" I moaned slowly "not again!" "Now will you open the door.. ...

    Emediong Ebong
    12 months ago
    Dear diary, I came across a write up about how we are supposed to marry people we are compatible with and then I read the scripture that says that God gave Abraham a helpmeet SUITABLE (emphasis mine) ...
  • Contemplations

    Rachael Asikpo
    16 months ago
    Contemplations: The old man in agbada was winking at me. I tried to ignore him, since scowling at him was yielding no result. He probably thought I was another one of those young girls he could decei ...
  • Dawn Comes

    Mukami kuria
    6 months ago
    Happy new month y'all😃 To be happy is all I want for this month. September was so harsh on me. It was stormy, it was rocky and it was dry. I was stressed, exhausted and lost. I don't want to say I ...


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