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  • Nature

    Aniekeme Moses
    5 days ago
    In the quite of the night, when the universe is dancing to the rhythm of natural forces, when the wind starts swaying her hips across the the earth causing trees to turn their necks towards her direct ...

    Etimbuk William
    PRESENT I felt the cold morning breeze blew on my skin. I opened my eyes to a beautiful sunshine ray piercing the slightly opened window of the beautiful exquisite Archi Rossi hotel we have stayed in ...
  • Letter To Grand Mom

    Dana Perilo Paul
    2 weeks ago
    How great your company is? Sweet as the morning 10'o' clock sunshine. Always on time when I break my school time, Grand ma' I LOVE YOU. Busy as you are, early you rise, As the birds chirp on tr ...
  • Love That Never Was

    Nyaruri Paul Okinyi
    2 weeks ago
    At first I saw you , My heart zonked down, Glittering it was but all was passing wind, Accounting for my broken heart, From precious love , to painful feelings. Thought you were an Eros Angel, ...
  • Namkpu

    Onyekwelu Ebederobinson
    2 weeks ago
    namkpu this is a poem for history often marred by lies and deceit. in a far away land called namkpu,two lovers from two communities fell in lover with eachother,but their culture differs and cannot ...
  • Make Me Flower

    Olatide Oluwadamilola
    2 weeks ago
    I'm a being not a man I live among the greens which is all about my existence I grow among the wanted and the unwanted I am of different kind and I could be of different colors I am attractive, be ...
  • Love

    Maryam lawal
    2 weeks ago
    My heart is chained with bitter With my felling scared and shudder I turned and off I went sobbing With the inner of my heart itching My inside was sad when I settle in But my face with a smile a ...
  • Love 2

    Maryam lawal
    2 weeks ago
    To me it was a standing still of time, the stepping out of the sordid Turbulent stream of life, in which I had been drifting on to the bank Of peace. And happiness there shall never been a period in ...
  • Can't Remember Home

    Dare Ojuoye
    2 weeks ago
    Life is like you and a oar in stormy waters I am on troubled waters, Lethe of where I came from Eyes on the price, see the troubles from a distance I will settle when I get to shore Ignore the mes ...
  • The Handprint On My Heart

    Mukami kuria
    2 weeks ago
    I saw you when I wasn't looking, your bright beautiful eyes and perfect smile captured my attention and there, was my first mistake. My soul found you absolutely enchanting.i was hooked!you looked li ...


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