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  • To Blind Love

    Ogonna Divine
    5 days ago
    To blind love. You now believe love is blind -at least to you. It hurts as it ignores. The ignited feeling is nothing more than a dwindling light. The sparking stars, a projection of a fading da ...

    Basit AJIBADE
    3 weeks ago
    Lush green leaves, Deep green stems, Varying browns trunks, Robust Ìrókò of the South, Massive Baobab from the North, Which of his blessing will man deny? For God so love ...
  • Love On A Walk Way

    Annah Atane
    3 weeks ago
    My cinnamon skinned lover lives in a one-room apartment, Where we meet as often as we wanted to, Somedays he whispers sweet nothing in my ears while I smile like a lottery winner. Though I always f ...
  • Dream Girl

    Jason Joshua chigozie
    3 weeks ago
    Come, my dream girl, to my bed and naked be. You are damn beautiful and soft like the red rose. I think that human eyes, they will all agree Quite high your gait, your charm, your stunning pose. A ...
  • Keep Breathing

    Lady Hippie
    5 months ago
    There will be days that would be rough When you wake up feeling you're not enough There will be days you'll hate the world When you feel empty, you wanted to mourn Things won't always go the way ...
  • Aftermath Of The Coup (Episode One)

    John Michael
    4 months ago
    On that fateful day, at about 4:00 am, i was about starting my morning devotion when i heard a hard knock on my door. I was wondering why would someone knock on my door at that hour of the day. An ...
  • The Girl In The Bubble

    Jude Umoren
    4 weeks ago
    It's evening as I watch the sunset wave goodbye Before fading into oblivion as darkness takes over the sky Few moments later, the sound of chirping crickets keeps me company I find peace out here ...
  • Breathe

    Lady Hippie
    5 months ago
    Breathe. Don’t give up. Never lose hope. ...
  • The Turning Point

    John Michael
    3 months ago
    Bamidele was an orphan who was brought up by his grandmother. He lost his mother at birth and his father at the age of five. He always admired the students in their colourful school uniforms, but he h ...
  • A WOMAN IN MY MOTHER & Other Poems

    Okolo Chinua
    2 months ago
    A WOMAN IN MY MOTHER I grew up to know a woman in my mother, She was the woman who would cover me in her arms, When people hurled stones at me, Even though I was wrong. I had watched her get ...


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