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    Egboka victory
    5 months ago
    LION SON The Mmadu family got the news too. "Soldiers deployed to Sambisa forest return on Monday. At Abuja airport." The tiny voice of the news reporter sang from Papa's old radio. Like every f ...
  • The Big Cat

    Aniekan Andikan
    7 months ago
    In the dog-lion fight, it was initially a game of intimidation and no one knew this better than the dog who had earned the nicknameBravestby reputation. He had gone to the battle field with all amount ...
  • The Lion Attitude

    Daniel Ajayi
    7 months ago
    The budded of trees Wails for the king inborn Heaven knows it- Dealt a blow on earth Furious vampires stem From the very spot of birth To challenge the gods of heresies Mightiest offender of ...


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