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  • A Call To A Life Of Integrity

    Odutayo Tolulope
    13 months ago
    I liken a life of Integrity to a life of holiness. It's a life that God has called us as the body of Christ to live. We have been called to the ministry of reconciliation and righteousness according t ...
  • Bimbo My Love

    Archwealth gates
    15 months ago
    The epitome of beauty, she walks majestically like a new bride ready for marriage. Her mouth is a vulcano that spit up sweetness like its said ' nobilliy' cant be bought with money my lady is ...
  • The Scorpion

    Reginald Chinuwa
    13 months ago
    Your life's a strange one,For you're an embodiment of a war And your reticence refusesTo be reminded Of the colours you miss, Yellow your childhood friendThe colour you hide, Pink your ever-abiding ri ...

    John Chizoba Vincent
    3 months ago
    WHEN LIFE FEELS UNBEARABLE... Start living and believing again. Start longing and craving again. Renew your faith. Recreate yourself and allow new ideas flow into you. It is not easy anywhere and t ...
  • Life

    Archwealth gates
    15 months ago
    The pedagogy of life is a continuos process. All ages run the race in lifes marathon. we pummel hard and yet we remain in the same spot like a clock that travels into generation without leaving ...
  • Despair

    Archwealth gates
    15 months ago
    On my my study table is a manuscripts of year's gone by.Not even a year's has passed without moving round,finding ways to my problems,looking for solutions like a wind turbine. To me it's reality,but ...
  • How To Reduce Belly Fat And Stay In Shape

    Aliyu Yusuf
    13 months ago
    HOW TO REDUCE BELLY FAT IN 30 DAYS (TIPS FOR LADIES AND MEN) If you are reading this article I want you to encourage your friends and families too to read because it is very helpful for everyone. Thi ...
  • Before You Leave... Live.

    Oko Agi Nuel
    15 months ago
    BEFORE YOU LEAVE... LIVE. You don't know how important a second is until your nose rise against the very air that is sustaining you. Then you would beg that your nose and the air be friends again, ...
  • I'm Not Feeling It

    Booky Glover
    16 months ago
    I should be happy. It is a new year, yaaah! But I'm not feeling the excitement. I woke up feeling my brain's empty and my achievement in the year gone past nothing. Maybe I should allow a few more d ...
  • Memories

    Egwunwankwo Chizurum
    15 months ago
    random#1 i was seated in my dad's office, it was a busy day, i've been on my toes since morning and i'm tired. he walks in and i notice his presence...who wouldn't?he was tall, fair skined, had this ...


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