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  • The Secret Of Secret Place

    Victor agbo
    2 weeks ago
    THE SECRET OF SECRET PLACE 1 Secret - adjective : known about by only a few people , kept hidden from others like secret information/ meetings/ talks - places - position /point / area / ; a partic ...
  • The Irritating Soap-Foam Stained Clothe Hanger's Lesson To Me

    Chinomnso Gracelyn
    4 weeks ago
    So, on this certain day, I wanted to use a hanger but noticed the dirty soap foam that had dried on it. this irritated me and dissuaded me from using the hanger... Again, I finished using my orange c ...
  • Next Destination Happiness

    Nancy omorojor
    4 weeks ago
    Amaka has always felt unhappy and unfulfilled most of her adult life. Even when it seems like she has landed some reasonable amount of happiness, it still doesn't last for long. Years ago she was so ...
  • A Woman That Loves Me And A Woman I Love, Who Would I Choose?

    Anih Chidera Abraham
    3 months ago
    Someone asked me between the girl I love and the girl who loves me, who would I choose. I know the answer is easy: choose the one who loves you, right? But... But, I don't know, maybe I was b ...
  • The Language Of Music

    Great Ahams
    5 months ago
    THE SUCCESSFUL LANGUAGE OF MUSIC Music lessons Life is an unpleasant sound if not lived well(noise), and a pleasant sound well lived purposefully and successfully. What your favorite music? Hmm don ...
  • Free Bitcoin

    Opaleke Olaide
    4 months ago
    Reliable source to get your free Bitcoin Bitcoin is always the leading crypto currency among others, many people have been investing in it and making it big. We brought ...
  • The Pain In Marriage

    Samuel Anjolaoluwa
    5 months ago
    It wasn't really what I expected. It is more than what people said She lamented, nobody knew what she complained of. She kept talking for what felt like forever. She just married Before then, peopl ...
  • Falling In Quarantine

    Emmanuella Offiong
    4 months ago
    Quarantine!!! 2020 hasn't been the easiest of years but it is a new month and we are going to make the best of it. Most of us have had it rough these past months emotionally, physically and otherwis ...
  • Plague

    Samuel Anjolaoluwa
    5 months ago
    The world was in disarray Wailing😭,pain, death, Suffering.... Young ones died The older ones..sick🤮 It has COME Ohh!!! The end is here This were the words of people. Minds already prepared fo ...
  • "Why"

    Samuel Anjolaoluwa
    5 months ago
    Is it my fault that I'm a girl Is it wrong to be a girl child Why does everyone make female children feel like they are less important Why must there be preferential treatment Even parents treat m ...


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