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  • Good Friends

    Chinomso Anyim
    2 weeks ago
    Friends come and friends go But good friends even when gone leave their foot prints on our paths of time. Good friends are those that can peep through the curtains of our heart and see the aches our ...
  • In-de-pen-dence 🇳🇬

    Obilor oluebube Charles
    3 weeks ago
    Octo-First In-de-pen-dence 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 Naija is Fifty-Nine Like teens ready to date When we live in hate Who would bring us in love Let's invite the saints for interventio ...

    Earnest Oyebode
    3 weeks ago
    Looking back through time to my first cry, When I was innocently ignorant and didn't Know why I existed, or why anything else did, A time when all my thoughts were as a kid And up until now, You'v ...
  • Off To The Land Of Gratitude

    Olatide Oluwadamilola
    2 weeks ago
    Before, behind, above and below are four words that can't be toiled withExtreme is another word that is far beyond my utterancesIt's crazy how we make unspoken words spokenIt's amusing how words meant ...
  • Nigeria As A Country

    Victor agbo
    3 weeks ago
    When we mourn the heroes of the old The story of Independence I was told At 59, we can't boast of good income Each day, we still believe in the power of sit at home It is an anticlimax situation ...
  • Emotional Cancer

    Ogbe Samuel
    2 months ago
    I am sickI am suffering from a dying bodyAnd a broken soulThere is a hole inside my heartAnd it's killing me softlyI don't know how to express this painful feelingIt's hard to understand from the outs ...
  • The Black

    1 weeks ago
    In our land we are maltreated Every youth is now a suspect The blacks in black are the insect They never give a damn about respect Violation of Fundamental human rights By those established to pr ...
  • Home Coming

    Okoye, Eucharia Nnedinma
    4 weeks ago
    Choked have my nostrils become Blocked have my ears become Tell dust and honk that they should begone! My feet are heavy My eyes are itchy. Weary my body is Drained! With these wandering feet, ...
  • Xenophobia - Hatred For A Brotherman

    Author Enobong Ukpabio
    2 months ago
    XENOPHOBIA - Hatred for a brotherman Extreme hatred for me cause I'm foreign, But forgotten we're brotherman created from black dust, You said I'm not worthy to live in a house with you, Yet, yo ...
  • Nature

    Aniekeme Moses
    4 months ago
    In the quite of the night, when the universe is dancing to the rhythm of natural forces, when the wind starts swaying her hips across the the earth causing trees to turn their necks towards her direct ...


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