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  • Insecurities

    Gomolemo Tapiwa Ndaba
    INSECURITIES You dont have to constantly point out my insecurities or remind me how puberty has taken over my face and my body,I get it. I have known myself my entire life my forehead,chubby cheek ...
  • Cursed

    Abasiama Udom
    CURSED That your sneeze is a curse in this time, when garri no longer fills a cup to cost 100 Naira. That your sneeze is a curse I tell you in this time when the virtues of fasting are upheld. ...
  • If I Miss This Appointment.

    Victor Elekwa
    2 months ago
    Several years ago, a preacher from a distant town accepted a call from a church in Leeds. Some weeks after his arrival, he had an appointment that made him board a bus to another part of the town. Whe ...
  • Breathe

    Lady Hippie
    3 months ago
    Breathe. Don’t give up. Never lose hope. ...
  • Life

    Anyaene Chisom
    3 months ago
    Life is reality, not a dream wake up and grow or in slumber you waste all hands on deck,but don't be in a haste Hard work pays and always remember slow and steady wins the race Life is nature n ...
  • Keep Breathing

    Lady Hippie
    3 months ago
    There will be days that would be rough When you wake up feeling you're not enough There will be days you'll hate the world When you feel empty, you wanted to mourn Things won't always go the way ...
  • I Shall Soar

    Daniel Adamu
    4 months ago
    "I SHALL SOAR" I'm like a mustard seed on your palm, yet you drawn me a line to the lions pride to full the cup of your pride, making my returning home a story for the ghost. I always try my ...
  • Broken Yet Standing

    Yakubu Daniel
    3 months ago
    With your words sweeter than Berri you bury me in the glum, How could I stop that tender voice? that rhythm that sounds in the veins of my heart?? I can't help but let the rose flower wrinkles you ...
  • Writers' Block

    Frank Olunga Khange
    2 months ago
    Writers' Block Starring at a blank page, The mind is clouded, The hand too heavy to write, Nothing is right, A doubting soul, Yet I am giving my whole, The writers' block. No rhyme, No fl ...
  • The Lord I Serve

    Frank Olunga Khange
    2 months ago
    The Lord I serve The Lord I serve, Will never allow me to starve, In plenty He provides, Under His wings I'm protected, Through the blood I'm defended, The Lord I serve. He is merciful, Hi ...


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