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  • Choices And Strange Things We Became

    Uchendu kelechukwu Njionye
    2 weeks ago
    Once I stumbled on four cross road Each bearing features of; A hungry sea A troubled beast Ghostly fate and Mermaids feet. Once I stood on a crossroad weaving feelings of; Floating on a tree ...
  • Writer's Miseries And Nightmares: Emotional Breakdown

    John Chizoba Vincent
    2 weeks ago
    WRITER’S MISERIES AND NIGHTMARES: EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWN The most electrifying and interesting part of a writer's life is to hold his or her hardcopy published book on his or her hand, to read o ...
  • Dear Arch-angel

    Worthy Andrew
    4 days ago
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  • Chronicle

    Uchendu kelechukwu Njionye
    2 weeks ago
    . There are times solitude becomes magnetic & silence invite her foes to dinner. What becomes our peace when whirlwind chooses our abode to mate? We barter our homes for some glimpse of peac ...

    Grace Ken
    2 weeks ago
    GRACE From the Greek word Charis Bestows favor even on the undeserving Not willing to know what the past is Brings happiness to those not seeking. One of the most talked abou ...
  • My First Pitch

    Gloria Edukere
    2 weeks ago
    Just looking at the crowd Sends shivers down my spine My throat gets cloacked Their eyes stare without waver Silence fills the hall Side talks... Whispers... Chuckles... Selfie sounds... M ...
  • Mmadubuchi Andrew Agbo

    Victor agbo
    4 weeks ago
    Days has run dry,still the date of his burial and mouths are filled shouts of predicaments and inner touches . Where everybody looks mute and bevy of oneself, on a thousand stripes we wait attentively ...

    John Chizoba Vincent
    3 weeks ago
    WRITING IS NOT A CHILD’S PLAY Writing is not for lazy minds, it is not for those who cannot think beyond where they are or what they see. It is not for those who cannot think outside the box ...
  • Love

    Obilor oluebube Charles
    2 weeks ago
    No matter how dark it is, the hand always knows the way to the mouth. Darkness in this sense speaks of a challenging situation whereas the hand speaks of love in the affairs of life. The proverb t ...
  • Sine Qua Non

    Oyeniyi Joshua
    4 weeks ago
    Shall a nine months of pregnancy Ever be compared to students' tenancy? For the expectancy Who knows that the sine qua non for a good delicacy Involves endurance, tolerance, perseverance and deter ...


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