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  • A Long Night

    Rachael Asikpo
    7 months ago
    “GOAL!” Akpan blared in my ears. My shoulders dropped as the first wave of defeat and shame washed over me, like cold sweat. I looked down at my slip and the tears blurred my view. I loo ...
  • Aliens In Africa

    Alex Lawless
    2 weeks ago
    Chapter one Who are we? On the west coast of Africa, the southern part of Nigeria, a young boy had grown increasingly fascinated by the world and the beauty therein. Every nig ...

    Precious Obiabunmo
    5 months ago
    Chioma is the only child of her single mother who works as an auxiliary nurse at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital. She is twelve years old. After school, she goes to her friend's house, Ada to wait ...
  • Blue Jeans

    Sunfred M
    2 weeks ago
    The blisters on his hands are testament to the hard shift of work he put in today. Despite the constant abuse from his mother that he is a good for nothing son, Simon knows he is a hard worker. He get ...
  • Broken Bodies (1)

    Joy Nwankwo
    6 months ago
    1997, Lagos Nigeria He needed to get home as soon as possible. He was to be inducted tomorrow, and he was yet to get any sleep, but more important than sleep was the fact that he was yet to know how ...
  • Broken Bodies (2)

    Joy Nwankwo
    6 months ago
    Cindy was ashamed and disappointed in herself. It had taken her two days before she realized that she was about to be the next victim of the doctor killer. Two whole days. She was so blinded by her ...
  • Broken Bodies (3)

    Joy Nwankwo
    6 months ago
    Nelson’s hands shook from exhaustion as he slowly made his way back home. He knew he needed to rest, but as Dozie usually joked, there was enough time to rest when one dies, but for now, there w ...
  • Christie's Right Eye

    Gabriel Bright Uwem
    6 months ago
    CHRISTIE'S RIGHT EYE ''My eye!'' she moaned in pain and then collapsed on the lawn with her two hands glued to her right eye. She screamed so loud that her voice cracked. she cried in great pain''Wha ...

    Okolo Chinua
    6 months ago
    The air had a pungent smell.The entire area was in pitch darkness and the clanking of metals could be heard. My eyes opened slowly as I took in the surroundings. I was surprised to find myself ...
  • Colour Dark

    Adeniji Kayosola
    5 months ago
    Colour Dark Kayosola Maybe or maybe not, the truth is something we will never know. Either if she had refused or failed her exams we would be singing a different melody today. It's now all in va ...


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