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  • After The Last Supper

    Aniekan Andikan
    5 months ago
    'Hmmmm. This Bros J dey make too much sense sometimes. But this time, he don miss yarn. He don miss yarn well well!' Judas was venting to Peter. 'How can he say na one of us go kpai am?' he continued ...
  • Aliens In Africa

    Alex Lawless
    4 months ago
    Chapter one Who are we? On the west coast of Africa, the southern part of Nigeria, a young boy had grown increasingly fascinated by the world and the beauty therein. Every nig ...
  • Aliens In Africa Chapter 2

    Alex Lawless
    4 months ago
    Chapter Two Who am I? In the morning, loud drums and trumpets of initiation festivities woke the young prince, he opened his eyes to the inevitable task ahead. Hurriedly he aros ...
  • Bigard '98

    Charles Igwe
    4 months ago
    It was the start of a revolution. It was the beginning of an era. Do you think you know this tale? Perhaps most of you think you do. I, however, will prove you wrong. So forget history, forget what ...
  • Happy Birthday Burden Bearer.

    Oguntoye Olorunjuwonlo
    8 months ago
    Welcome... This piece was written during the Christmas period in my journal. Hope you guys like it. Enjoy! This day it was said before us generation; "That a son will be born to us in coming gener ...
  • Hatred: So Weird An Emotion

    Uduma Umeh
    5 months ago
    She would sit all by herself, this beautiful woman I know. Depressed... Despondent... Suicidal... But wondering: "Why does my Mom hate me with so much insistence and conviction?" "Why has she ...
  • I Want To Be A Doctor

    Sam Kajo
    2 months ago
    It was a career week at Annabel's school and her dad asked her, "What do you want to be after your secondary education?" "Medicine!" Annabel replied. "It has always been my dream to be a doctor. I ...
  • Series Of A Hard Striker

    Author Enobong Ukpabio
    2 months ago
    Series of a hard striker Yes, So even guys with multiple lovers too can one day be a single guy with no one to say HI to from a stressed out day. Life of a single brother, Yes, single BROTHER bu ...
  • The Broken Piece Of A Woman

    Lois famous
    4 months ago
    Love is a beautiful thing when it's newly-found.Every woman needs a man who loved and cherished her. This is a story of a pretty lady called calista from a Small Town who found love at the platter of ...

    Smart Felix
    2 months ago
    According to legend, the Calydonians were among the first warriors to inhabit the earth. They ranged from a mighty family and later accumulated a lot of prestiges as sailors. Once while travelling on ...


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