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  • Stranger Danger

    Comfort Onwe
    2 days ago
    Chapter 1 / Seat Number 37 " .... Now I hunt dividing your numbers. Watching from that dark place, cataloging your sins, I am the ghost of retribution. You may forget but you are not innocent..." &m ...

    Covenant Friday
    4 days ago
    My father, a man of valour, a man of integrity, a man of prospect and a man of values who sook for the solace of those he calls his. He refuged the lost, fed the needy, gave hope to those who longed f ...
  • Change Shall Come In My Life

    Maryam lawal
    2 months ago
    Stranding over the window was a young teenager,she was tall ,dark in complexion and was wearing a cloudy mood. Stream over stream of teardrops are flowing down her cheeks. She was peeping through the ...
  • Series Of A Hard Striker

    Author Enobong Ukpabio
    2 months ago
    Series of a hard striker Yes, So even guys with multiple lovers too can one day be a single guy with no one to say HI to from a stressed out day. Life of a single brother, Yes, single BROTHER bu ...

    sheila muyela
    5 months ago
    FROM MUM It's not the thickness of my kinky black hair, not the richness of my chocolate coloured skin, definately not the pretty people that I get to call kin, not the gap in my teeth that makes ...

    Efeh Flora
    2 months ago
    He run as fast as he could facing the road that leads to the stream where his elder sister went to get water for home use, he run fastly with a weary face not stopping to greet the elderly people he ...

    Debby Onyechefu
    7 months ago
    Like a dream, I saw a grain of sand vast as the stream, I couldn't tell where land ended and sea began. Above my head the wind seemed to kiss the sky, and I couldn't stand the chirping of the cricket ...
  • Not Like Yesterday

    Nechendubuisi Ndubuisi
    8 months ago
    I love him I know I do but keep denying it Because I have to be the good girl everyone except me to be Even though i keep pretending but my blushing Face keeps been real Love sounds a lot like hi ...
  • My Old Wounds

    Emakpor Oghenerume
    8 months ago
    Scene 1 Light on door open Akoni feeling frustrated enters into the house as he saw his mother sitting down Akoni: mada ow yuh duh todeh( how're you today mother) Mother: Tank God you'r ...
  • Foretell

    Charity philip
    8 months ago
    PROLOGUE I woke up with a twist and pain in my arm, that was when I decided to look around my room, I was so happy to see the red and purple curtains again that ran from the high ceiling to the floor ...


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