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  • Christie's Right Eye

    Gabriel Bright Uwem
    11 months ago
    CHRISTIE'S RIGHT EYE ''My eye!'' she moaned in pain and then collapsed on the lawn with her two hands glued to her right eye. She screamed so loud that her voice cracked. she cried in great pain''Wha ...
  • Dancing With Priyanka

    Segun Olulana
    9 months ago
    Few weeks after induction into the pastorate, I made it a point of duty to call on the brethren in my flock and to get to know them. It was easier to visit the sisters. Especially the ones that brough ...
  • Friends

    Archwealth gates
    10 months ago
    Beyond the waters i nagivated. over mountains and steeps i ascended, couple of times. Believe me when i say true friends are hard to come by. Friends isnt just what we use to represent clos ...

    Lawrence Ruth
    10 months ago
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    Uduak Akpan
    6 months ago
    EIGHT YEARS AGO CHAPTER ONE Just like always, the laundry room was crowded, messy and noicy and fill with laughter or high pitch tune of argument. Most often than not, the seniors were t ...
  • Frienemies Part 1

    9 months ago
    Frienemies #1 oh! What a wonderful combination...friends plus enemies..who knew friends are the worst type of enemies?? Look at me, smoking and drinking at the school bar, more thinner than before, I ...
  • Good Friends

    Chinomso Anyim
    2 weeks ago
    Friends come and friends go But good friends even when gone leave their foot prints on our paths of time. Good friends are those that can peep through the curtains of our heart and see the aches our ...
  • Grave Fields

    Osuagwu Gracious
    9 months ago
    1 Though Pete pleaded, the spade came down on his head. At first, he was still more surprised at the impact of the strike than the blood streaming down his head. The whole world felt so ...
  • How To Cease Being Addicted To Social Media And Take Charge Of Your Life

    Icheka Ozuru
    4 months ago
    If I had a check for every time I have been asked, “Uncle Jimmy, how can I stop using social media so much?”, “Uncle Jimmy, my grades are suffering. I either skip class or sleep thro ...
  • Letter To My Dearest One.

    Lawrence Ruth
    4 months ago
    Edward Young once said, "A friend is worth all hazards we can run" At first I didn't believe this until I met you my dearest Obi. I also think now, I'm not flabbergasted by the words of Nicholas Grimm ...


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